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    Days of Our Lives - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Days Of Our Lives'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Not Really Part of the in Crowd?

    Tuesday, March 18 2008
    Chelsea admits her feelings to an unconscious Bo and family stays gathered to support Bo and Chelsea's surgery.

    Dr. Jonas tells Hope they've only a few hours left. He tells her anything left unsaid should be said now. Kayla comforts Hope and when Shawn arrives, Dr. Jonas tells him they've very little time. Victor thinks there is something else that can be done. Hope promised Bo would live and begs Dr. Jonas to help. He will see what he can do and tells Lexi and Kayla they've got to buy some time.

    Max and Stephanie arrive at the hospital, arguing. Max needs to be there. He can't lose his brother, especially after he lost his dad. Steph thinks he needs a breather but he needs to go that extra mile, he says. His parents were his life saver. Stephanie says he's her life saver and reminds him how he has been there for her. He makes her proud! They hug.

    Kate holds Chelsea's hand while Chelsea apologizes to her about not listening to her advice not to drink. Kate jokes that Chelsea got her stubbornness from her and they agree it doesn't help. Kate thinks Chelsea can use this time to think hard about what she's about to do. She worries that Chelsea could die and asks if she is doing this for Bo's approval. Chelsea says it's not what it's about. Kate calls her brave and goes off to get her some water. When she leaves, Chelsea rips out her IV. A nurse comes in to find her bed empty!

    Marlena finds John hanging out alone, in the hospital waiting room. She asks why he's hiding out. He retorts, "Not really part of the in crowd?" He admits he's concerned for Bo as a fellow human being but she thinks there is more to it. He tells her not to push it but she grins and tells him she'll push it so hard one day that the real John will show through.

    Lexi comes out of Bo's room to talk to Roman and asks that he round up the troops and give them some space. Dr. Jonas needs time to think. The family reluctantly agrees to leave the area and Lexi thanks Roman and promises to keep him posted. Nearby, Steph reassures Max that they'll call if there is news. She refuses to leave him. Kate comes across them and tells them they've found a donor - Chelsea. Their happiness turns to worry when they find out about Chelsea's drunken binge and how Chelsea's trying to get the alcohol out of her system before they perform surgery. Stephanie feels bad.

    Dr. Jonas and Kayla escort Hope out of Bo's room and Dr. Jonas confesses he has nothing. He's frustrated and doesn't want Hope and Kayla to get a journal that she showed him earlier and each doctor runs off. Outside the room, Hope tells Caroline and Victor that the doctors need a little space. Hugs ensue. Nearby, Philip comforts Roman and he says though he and Bo are half brothers, it never felt that way. He thinks it was because they were brought up differently but wants them to be more of a family and says luckily, he and Shawn have gotten over their issues. He asks what Roman thinks of the new John. "Not a whole hell of a lot," he admits. Neither does Philip. Nearby, Marlena and Belle and Shawn discuss John and how he sometimes acts like the old John. John comes upon them and they ask if he has any ideas. John seductively tells them, sure but it's nothing that he can say in front of Isabella! Belle is disgusted and asks him to act more like her father, while Marlena rolls her eyes and wonders why he continues to try to shock her.

    Kate, Stephanie and Max arrive at Chelsea's bed to find it empty. The nurse has no idea where she has gone. An angry Kate stomps off and finds Roman to explain what happened. Shawn and Belle are alarmed and an angry Shawn assumes that Chelsea did this on purpose. Roman tells Steve about Chelsea and they discuss finding her. Hope, Victor and Caroline are upset with the news but agree to stay there while the others search. Hope goes to check on Bo. Marlena thanks John for helping her look for Chelsea. She's happy he's there and finds it a comfort. "Just having you nearby lifts my spirits," she says. "We were that good, huh?" John asks. She tells him they were even better and that's why this is so hard on her to see him do things like declare war on the Kiriakis family. He says he'll do what it takes to gain control. Maybe he's overcompensating; he says but asks her not to judge. Philip comes upon them and says they've not found Chelsea yet. Kate comes to Philip and asks after his health. Philip says his new leg has taken some getting used to but he's okay with it. Kate thinks he's so matter of fact about it all and is proud of him for it.

    In the lab, Lexi and Dr. Jonas keep searching for help while Kayla brings Dr. Jonas the study from the journal she read, hoping it'll help. Lexi finds something!

    Chelsea arrives in Bo's room. She lies down beside him, crying and apologetic. She has been thinking of the day she found out he and Billie were her parents and wishes she'd have acted differently. She apologizes for being a brat and explains her feelings when she found out the truth. She cries as she tells him the Bensons were great but she has had the most amazing parents and wouldn't trade it for anything. She says he's been there for her even when she didn't deserve it, so this is her turn to do the same for him. Hope finds Chelsea and bumps into Dr. Jonas. They watch Chelsea and Bo and Hope admits no matter how much Chelsea misbehaves, you can always tell she loves her daddy! Dr. Jonas thinks that's obvious and smiles. He holds a syringe up and asks if she believes in fate. They go inside and tell Chelsea the family is looking for her. She apologizes and Dr. Jonas says they think they can buy some time. Lexi and Kayla take Chelsea off for another blood screening while the doctor administers the drug to Bo. Nearby, Lexi takes blood from Chelsea and they hope that there is still time. Lexi tells Steve what's going on and Victor finds Steve and congratulates him on Kayla's pregnancy. They agree second chances are important and they hope Bo gets one, too.

    Bo wakes up and finds Kayla staring at him. He tells her she's freaking him out and asks for a drink. She refuses him. It's too close to surgery. They reminisce about his first motorcycle and how Caroline blamed her for his interest because her cool, tattooed, ex-boyfriend, Roy, had a motorbike and Caroline felt Bo got the idea from him. Hope comes in and snuggles close to Bo. They kiss and Dr. Jonas says heart and respiratory is hanging on but glucose is not great. Hope takes Dr. Jonas into the hall and asks how Chelsea is. Hope is sure she'd never let her father down.

    Max and Steph visit Chelsea and she apologizes for worrying them. She just wanted to see her dad. She explains what's happening and hopes they've got time. Max knows she didn't do this on purpose but she feels guilty and afraid, anyway. Stephanie suggests prayer to help them cope and they join hands and pray to God. A nurse comes for Chelsea and tells her it's time to get her to surgery! Lexi runs into Bo's room to let them know Chelsea's blood is clear. They prepare for surgery!

    Marlena tells John that he and Bo were close. He thinks maybe he hasn't changed as much as she thinks.

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Caroline says, "If anybody can beat the odds it's Bo and Chelsea."

    Kate says to Chelsea, "Your courage is amazing." Chelsea admits her fear.

    Hope tells Bo, "Your whole family needs you. So you fight. I love you Brady."

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    Posted by nanaof8 at Tuesday, March 18 2008 05:32 AM

    Great update Chrissi-- I haven't posted in a while because my security keeps throwing me out of this thread. I hope I have it fixed now.
    This is what I have been looking for in this show. Great suspense, family coming together in a crisis, and some of the best acting of any soap.
    My favorite family is the Brady family. Hope and Bo are the power couple of Days and I hope and pray that nothing will happen to either of them. Their children are learning valuable lessons from this power couple and are doing this in real life ways. I leave each episode in anticipation of the next and am starting to have that old warm feeling about all the characters--well, not Ava.
    Keep up the GREAT work writers, and, Chrissi, no one could do a better job of updates and spoilers than you!!!!!!!
    IMO Bo is going to be ok, and, even though Shawn and Belle are leaving, I will be optimistic that their characters will return. The show needs all the Brady family to continue in the way that it is right now. The older Bradys will be easier to lose in time because in real life the older ones have to leave at some time or other.
    I just wanted to take this oportunity to express my feelings about this soap. Loving it more each day!!!!!
    Today's show will be suspenseful, hearwarming, and just plain wonderful from the update I just read. Can't wait to see it.
    I am hoping that some of the old posters will return and make this board as exciting as it was a few months ago.
    Till after the show.
    Love to all and God bless!!!!!!!!

    Posted by gapeach76 at Tuesday, March 18 2008 06:08 AM

    Nana - I couldn't have said it better. This sounds like a wonderful episode. I just know that everything is going to be okay and when Shawn, Belle & Claire leave his dad and sister will be on the road to recovery.

    I am also happy to see Phillip acting like a real friend (1/2 uncle) and brother (1/2) to Shawn and Bo. We need more family interaction between them.

    Posted by day2day at Tuesday, March 18 2008 06:13 AM

    Iget SO frustrated with Chelsea - Then I absolutely LOVE her. She is quite and enigma and keeps everyone on their toes. (I think Rachael Melvin is an amazing young actress. I'm anxious to see the head to head with John and Philip over their "business" dealings. I'm hoping that John will come back to his OLD self before too long. What ever bacame of that disc that had all his memory on it? Did Rolf take it? Is it still in the mansion somewhere? Someone needs to get that disc and restore John to being the "real" John. It is hared to see him being so cold and distant!

    Posted by nanaof8 at Tuesday, March 18 2008 06:32 AM

    Good morning Gapeach, Day2Day, and Stefanos_1_true_love,
    I think all of us agree that the show is better each day.
    So happy to be able to chat with all of you again. With the show being better each day, maybe this thread will continue to grow with Day's ratings--I really hope so.
    Yes, I agree that Chelsea is a wonderful young actress and is able to carry out her s/l with so much reality.
    I am looking forward to so many great things for and with the Bradys and bringing a few of the "days bad guys" to more interaction with the Bradys. The Bradys can handle each one of them. Family, love, and power rule the Bradys and I love every minute of it.

    Posted by nanaof8 at Tuesday, March 18 2008 06:43 AM

    Gotta go for now. Company coming for luch. Hope to get some good posting going on this afternoon. This place could be really popping again with the show getting so much better. Let's try Please.

    Till this afternoon,
    Love ya!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Chrissi at Tuesday, March 18 2008 07:11 AM

    Hi gals,

    Sorry Lisa, I don't know when Stefano's on next. When I hear, I'll post in the comings and goings or spoilers. Likely spoilers.

    Nana! Hey, great to see you. Odd about how it's throwing you out. I've never heard of that. AOL sometimes gives users a hard time. Grr! Thanks for the feedback.

    Day2Day I'm the same with Chelsea. I love her and then she drives me batty. It's a great character and she plays it well to be able to make us love and hate her. LOL The disc is behind Stefano's portrait, if I'm correct. I didn't watch during that week when Matt wrote for me (booohooo) but I read that in his update.

    I have to admit the hospital scenes are getting to me. I'm a little tired of them. I'd really like them to show someone else as well like oh, I don't know, Sami, EJ, Tony, Anna... just to break the monotony.

    Posted by MyGirl at Tuesday, March 18 2008 07:19 AM

    Well we might as well post here. The message board is ruined it is over run with name changing and obvious ones at that. Every thread is being turned into an Ej adoration fest and if you post other wise they get nasty.
    There is nothing fun or friendly about that message board right now. It is sad that a few are allowed to ruin it for everyone and that is what is happening.
    Bryan will be back on screen soon we have that to look forward to but alas the name changing will over run the board with bashing on that too!.
    I want to see more of the power plays between John and Kiriakis and Id like to see Tony step in somehow. Interesting position he is in he helped build the empire in Salem.

    Posted by Megan Nicole at Tuesday, March 18 2008 07:59 AM

    Good morning all! This looks like an awesome show! I am so glad that Chelsea is going to get a chance to be the "hero." She sure needs to contribute something to the Brady Family to feel like she is "part" of it and saving Bo's life is the best thing she could hope to do! I think it will make her feel more confortable being a Brady. I love Max and Steph! They are so cute together!! I am so happy that the writers decided not to throw Max in jail and that he and Steph can build their relationship!!

    It would be nice to see Sami and EJ. I am very excited about the show, but a couple of scenes outside the hospital wouldn't be all that bad. What is happening with Ava? She is bound to be planning some attack on the Bradys. Kayla or Hope?? I can't wait to see! And what is going to happen between John and Victor?? I love Victor and can't wait for him to get down to John's level! This show is getting so good!!

    Posted by Dakota 4762 at Tuesday, March 18 2008 08:23 AM

    I haven't posted in awhile but seeing Chelsea and Bo today looks like a tearjerker episode.

    Great to see you guys...nanaof8, gapeach 76 and Megan Nicole!!

    I am wondering how much emotion that John is able to feel. He is lurking around the hospital...interesting!!

    Posted by Dakota 4762 at Tuesday, March 18 2008 08:25 AM

    MyGirl: ITA. The Message board on the Days board has turned into a mess. It is no longer fun to post there.

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