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    Good bad, right or wrong, they loved each other.

    Friday, February 08 2008
    Bradys hold a memorial service, EJ and Sami share a moment and a mysterious woman follows Steve.

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    Posted by jamesscottfan at Friday, February 08 2008 12:33 PM

    has anyone else noticed the fact that now that we know john is colleen's son, and that belle is her granddaughter, and colleen is also shawn's great aunt that belle and shawn are now related????? is that right? cause that's kinda gross lol

    Posted by jamesscottfan at Friday, February 08 2008 12:35 PM

    has anyone else noticed the fact that now that we know john is colleen's son, and that belle is her granddaughter, and colleen is also shawn's great aunt that belle and shawn are now related????? is that right? cause that's kinda gross lol

    Posted by momof2angels at Friday, February 08 2008 01:21 PM

    I loved todays show!! It was soo sad though:( I loved that they had John see his Santo and Colleen meeting each other in the afterlife! I love how Sami and EJ are getting close..I'm sooo sad that Belle and Shawn are leaving the show:( They are the cutest couple!! I think this will upset alot of people! Oh and I heard the mystery woman is Steves ex..I'm soo excited Kayla's pregnant!! I'm happy Steph and Max had their kiss today!! Soo cute!!

    Posted by suzrocks at Friday, February 08 2008 01:34 PM

    Another touching day, but John's behavior is starting to sicken me. Enough already. It's just distasteful and disappointing to the fans if you ask me. For such a touching storyline, he is just ruining everything. Today will be another tear jerker, but unfortunately I won't get to see this episode. Looks like Bo & Hope are having the same symptoms. Did they both get tested or just Bo? I don't remember Hope being tested. Also looks like Phil is moving in on Chloe. That's hard to comprehend after his devotion to Belle just weeks ago and finally accepting they belong together. I guess now that Belle is being written off, the writers are scrambling for this new love connection for Phil. Honestly, I'm not liking Chloe at all. I'd rather see him with someone else and her off the show. I can't believe I'm going to miss a tender moment between EJ and Sami. And I love those so much. EJ had some good statements today, and looks like Sami aknowledged them wholeheartedly. Good news for us EJAMI fans. But, alas, Lucas won't be gone forever... so, what does this mean? Hmmmm. Well, I'm a busy bee today... so this is probably my only post. I'll see my usual buds in the lounge. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    Posted by autumnscarlett at Friday, February 08 2008 01:57 PM

    OMG. I loved the 2/8 episode as John saw his two parents come back together in the after life At the same time Sami and Ej come together. Please writers keep it coming. I am glad Sami and Ej named their son Johnny. I thought it was also very touching to see Ej with Allie. Please no more Lucas. Let the Ejami love story begin.

    Posted by Darling89Formula at Friday, February 08 2008 03:21 PM

    It was so cute seeing Allie on a sleeping EJ's lap! EJ's words were so true, very well said. I thought it was sweet that he referred to diapers as "nappies".
    John is behaving like a total jacka$$. I think he's coming around, but he doesn't want it to show to everyone. I recognized that particular form of behavior because I was like that as a teen. Feeling one way and acting the opposite, not wanting family to notice that I did care, using anger against them in behavior. Anyway, he needs to grow up. That was wild when John saw his parents reunite in the afterlife. I cried so much today.
    SO CUTE that Steph gave Max a stuffed horse - every night in shining armor needs a horse - aw!
    Wow! How did Colleen get creamated so fast?
    I was grossed out to see everybody reaching into the urn and scattering Colleen's ashes. I've never experienced that, so I really haven't got a clue about the ashes.
    Bo's eulogy was perfect.
    Phenomenal episode today!!! Excellent!!!

    Posted by everlena1973 at Friday, February 08 2008 03:34 PM

    I am at work and I have not seen todays episode yet. I can't wait to get home tonight and watch! I have to say that I still love Sami and Lucas together. I think that is where Sami's heart really is. I want to see those to end up together once and for all. I guess it does not hurt to have another stunning man in your life, while the other is on a prision vacation (even if "Will" was the shooter).

    Posted by katieboosmom at Friday, February 08 2008 05:06 PM

    jamesscottfan - Yes, John is Colleen's son and yes, Belle is her granddaughter. But Shawn is not Colleen's biological great nephew. Remember, Bo is not biologically Shawn, Sr.s son, he's Victor's, so technically, Bo & Shawn, II, are not related to the Brady's in anyway. Bo just so happened to be giving the Brady name at birth, but it came out later that he was Victor's son with Caroline.

    Posted by katieboosmom at Friday, February 08 2008 05:18 PM

    HOW DUMB CAN THESE WRITERS BE??????? The whole point of the vendetta (or to end it, I should say) was for E.J. and Sami to marry. Don't you think that they should have kept Colleen alive, for at least a month or two, long enought for her to fly to Salem, or have E.J. & Sami fly to Ireland and meet each other. It all started with Santo and Colleen and supposedly ended with E.J. and Sami

    Remember, Marlena cremated John and he is still alive. This was an awfully fast cremation with Colleen. Don't catholics have to go through some type of burial guidelines? Don't they have to be interred or entombed and are not supposed to be "scattered"? Certainly someone as religious as Colleen was supposed to have been would have followed these. How much you want to be that she's still alive?

    If I were Sami and EJ, I would have one more parternity test done, while Stefano is still incapacitated. This way, maybe it would prove once and for all who is the father.

    You would have assumed with checkups, Hope would have had blood tests done as well. Why would Bo have a blood test for the police dept. and not Hope? Anyway, they probably do have something, but it's something curable, but that will be dragged out, just like every other story line!!!!

    Posted by heavensangel at Friday, February 08 2008 06:06 PM

    Coleen left a letter to be read and it states that she wanted to be cremated. A comment was made today I believe to be said by Marlena that she was surprised that Coleen's last wish was to be cremated and this isn't the norm for a devoted catholic that she was.
    Could be right maybe she didn't die, however I did read that Coleen (Shirley Jones) would only be on the show till the 7th ...but that doesn't mean the writers couldn't bring her or a replacement back..

    I believe both Hope & Bo had to have blood work done before they left for Ireland Hope also had blood work because of the police dept.

    I have tried to find something about Bo leaving the show Lexi & Kayla have both mention that his illness is deadly....I hope Bo isn't leaving will be sorry if this is where the story line is going could be the end of many many viewers...

    Since Belle & Shawn will be leaving the show and talk about the up and coming plane crash could this be how they leave.......if so another sad sad story line

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