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    High bilirubin and low alkaline phosphatase?

    Tuesday, February 05 2008
    Bo is told he's quite ill and needs more tests, Victor saves Chelsea and Billie's butts and Colleen tells John she's his mother!

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    Posted by doollover at Tuesday, February 05 2008 07:06 AM

    Good ol' DAYS! Loving every minute....although, I still FIRMLY hate that Belle and Shawn are out. I so Love them.
    Hope John gets back to normal soooon. But, least he finally knows mommy and daddy(dearest)...
    Miss you Billie, GOOD LUCK! And its great to see Bo getting a real storyline...he and Hope are important to this show....its about time that is being noticed.
    Keep up the good writing....maybe the scab writers outta stay!! BEEN GREAT!

    Posted by suzrocks at Tuesday, February 05 2008 07:13 AM

    Tess, I'm proud of you... I couldn't do it. I came here to do it, but I just had to read it!! Dang!!! This is the last time I'm going to do it, for a couple of reasons actually... First of all, I won't have access to read it during the day any more... and second I don't want to ruin the excitement any more. Of course, probably I will only have the willpower because I won't be able to see it during the day any more... lol.
    That being said, Good morning ladies!!! What a day, huh? Poor John. You have to really pity him after all this. How painful.
    And, I don't understand what Bo's illness is???
    GO VICTOR!!!! I love that guy!!! I'm glad he helped. I hope it sticks. I sure will miss Billie, but at least she's getting a happy ending. I just hope things work out for Chelsea, because Bo is now ill and it looks like she's going to be disowned by her friends. That girl can't catch a break, can she? She & Shawn are both cursed, aren't they?
    Still waiting to see what the future holds for SHELLE. So glad they are working things out!!!
    Dakota, you are so right... I don't get why Sami & EJ didn't get to go to Ireland. I'm disappointed they won't get to meet her. I think she was a key to a lot of things for them. As I said yesterday, seems the changes in the writers have chosen a different direction for their relationship... total disappointment!!! They built them up all this time, only to fail!?!? I don't get it!!! Sami's attitude lately is just off the charts. Obviously she loves Lucas, but she doesn't act like a woman in love at all in my opinion. I'm still holding on that Will is the shooter, and this is why Lucas plead guilty... so the investigation would end before that was discovered. JMO. I guess the truth will come out soon and he won't do his full sentence. Just wonder what will happen between EJAMI while he's away. Doesn't look promising. Stupid writers!
    Moma, I agree... Billie will be a tremendous loss.
    Good Morning Gapeach, Deadwood & anyone I might have missed. Hard to keep up.
    Hope everyone has a Great Fat Tuesday!!

    Posted by day2day at Tuesday, February 05 2008 07:16 AM

    I'm glad to see so many loose ends being tied up! I read somewhere a while back that John was going to be Colleen's and Santo's son - Yiikes! Poor John being THAT related to Stefano! I hope he cools his heels and doesn't actually kill some innocent person before he is brought back to his senses(by whatever means). Glad to see Crawford go - wonder what Victor has on him. As for HE going to need a liver transplant? Who will sacrifice a body part this time?

    Posted by speechless at Tuesday, February 05 2008 07:16 AM

    I can't wait to see this episode!
    Dakota I also hope that John will gain some sort of memories of his past and gain some emotions so he can truly have closure before his mother dies!

    It is so unfair thst Chelsea may get kicked out of the sorority for doing the right thing! The girls should embrace her..I hope Stephanie stands up for her friend.

    Lastly I am not thrilled Bo has this health scare (I doubt they will kill him off) but I think it will be a great s/l for him and Hope! I can't wait to see the emotional scenes to come...BRING BACK BILLIE..I HATE TO SEE HER GO!!

    Posted by moma at Tuesday, February 05 2008 07:17 AM

    Sorry some of ya'll gotta work today. My town has rolled up all the storefronts and laid out the party carpets, booze cups, party hats, naked ladies (guys in drag!!!) as well as all the fun. The BIG EASY is partying like NOBODY'S business today!!! HAPPY MARDI GRAS EVERYBODY!!! YA'LL COME WHEN YOU CAN THE CITY HAS ALL THE FUN YOU'LL EVER NEED at this time of the year!!! The food!!! The costumes!!! THE FUN!!!!!###!!!!
    Yeah I'm staying home today.... 52 years is enough for me!!
    I'm like someone else said..."sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the show!!!" Trouble though in paradise... with the citywide party it won't be on locally till 1:30 on Wednesday MORNING!!!!!! Yikes that's a long time to wait!!! If it wasn't for Chrissie's blessings I'd be climbing the walls!!!!
    Yes I agree it's time Bo gets a storyline. I pray they don't deep six him like they're doing Billie and Coleen's characters!!!!!!

    Posted by speechless at Tuesday, February 05 2008 07:20 AM

    Suz, It's messed up how the writers built up our hopes for an EJAMI relationship only to have it appear to crumble. The writers are evidently LUMI fans. The scenes yesterday were touching but Lucas is Sami's past EJ is her future. I do hope that Aly is EJ's thoguh and maybe that will bring the much needed sparks back between EJ and Samantha.
    I holding out hope....

    Posted by moann73 at Tuesday, February 05 2008 07:34 AM

    Hello everyone, I have been watching this show literally my whole life & still can't get enough!! I can't believe Colleen is John's mother! Wonder how Stefano will react to John being his 1/2 bro!! How long will he be kept in his "coma" state? I'm going to miss Lucas. I just hope that Sami doesn't forget how much she really loves him! And that she remembers even tho EJ is HOT, he's still a rapist & a Dimera! Good luck to Billie! She's married to "Frankie"(Billy Warlock) in real life!

    Posted by Tesstellthetruthalready at Tuesday, February 05 2008 07:35 AM

    gapeach and's hard to come here and not read the updates, but I end up enjoying the show more if I watch it without reading the updates...I kind of miss the days when I used to watch the show without spoilers and daily updates...before I discovered this whole other world of soaps on the I always know what to expect when I'm watching, takes the fun out of it for back after the show to post

    Posted by steviejo at Tuesday, February 05 2008 07:41 AM

    AAAHHHH - I am a little SLOW today...nevermind..VICTOR is Shawn Douglas' grandpa...well played writers!

    Posted by nicoler76 at Tuesday, February 05 2008 08:59 AM

    I so wish that the old John was getting this information. He had been trying to find who he really was for years!!
    The John that I know and love would absolutely be on Cloud 9 that he is actually a Brady!!

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