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    Why in the name of God are you doing this?

    Monday, February 04 2008
    Lexi tells EJ Allie's ill and Kayla's pregnant, Shawn Sr. meets his sister, whose life is threatened and Kayla sits Bo down with some bad news.

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    Posted by suzrocks at Monday, February 04 2008 11:04 AM

    I need to stop reading the spoilers... they are starting to ruin the excitement for me and messing up what I could be saying in the daily comments.
    So, an EJAMI fan's perspective... Well, I'm disheartened because I think it's obvious Sami's heart belongs to Lucas and even if she and EJ do hook up while Lucas is away, once Lucas is free I think she will run back to him. Question is, if she hooks up with EJ while Lucas is away, will Lucas be able to forgive her? It reads that he has requested she not do this, so that would be an issue. I think, with EJ and Sami getting so close and closer all the time, the hook up is bound to happen. Though us EJAMI fans may get what we want, which is the hot hook up between Sami & EJ, I can't say it's going the way I wanted it to. I wanted a long, drawn out and believable romance to occur. I suppose there's too much water under the bridge for that though. Bummer. I agree, I think they should've been in Ireland too... to get a real sense of their heriatge, their story...etc... since they are the spitting image of Colleen & Santo. It was almost like the writers were going in the direction of EJAMI but did a complete 180... probably something to do with writer changes, strike...etc... Very disappointing for a lot of fans I'm sure.
    Since we all know Belle & Shawn are leaving the show, I must say it was good to see them making peace and looks like there will be a happy ending for them at least. I'm glad for that. It also looks like the writers are setting it up for Chloe & Phil to hook up, or is that just me?!?!? Wish we could get some news on Brady.
    Well, again... since I've read spoilers through the 15th my comments could be tainted and I don't want to make any problems... so I'm not going to comment on John's actions or Bo's condition or the Theta gals... though I really want to.
    And yeah, what ever happened to patient/doctor confidentiality? Ugh! But I must admit, it's been obvious Kayla (the actress) has been pregnant for weeks. So, no spoiler necessary... I think we all saw this coming. Wish I was more interested in their story, since it seems to be a large part of the show... but still, nothing about Kayla or Steve sparks my interest.
    Hope everyone is having a very Happy Monday... aka Lundi Gras for you southern folk!

    Posted by annavolz at Monday, February 04 2008 11:11 AM

    Why was Belle and Shawn fired?

    Posted by dedee at Monday, February 04 2008 11:11 AM

    WOW! Now that's action, love the way CBS brought Colleen back, but what about John, I can't believe he knocked Marlena out! John is acting the bad guy, you bought him back, we all wanted him back, but as himself not as a killer, he is supose to be our hero on Day's. I hope there is a story line to why he is harming the great love of his life, the hero John Black would not do that.

    Posted by Tesstellthetruthalready at Monday, February 04 2008 11:30 AM

    suz, I know what you mean about the spoilers...I need to stop as well, but I'm addicted! Shawn and Colleen's reunion was cut so short...they rushed poor Grandpa right out of there..geez, they could have let them enjoy their time for Lexi, I don't think Dr/Patient confidentiality even exist in salem! Lexi couldn't wait to tell someone, she couldn't call Kayla on her cell phone?? I haven't read enough spoilers to know if John is gonna follow through with killing Colleen, so I wonder about that...Marlena should have been more cautious while dealing with John...glad to see Belle and Shawn working things out...hopefully they will get their happy ending...I was kind of expecting more of a story from Colleen, so that disapoints me...I just wonder how much more she'll have to tell in the next couple of days?

    Posted by dedee at Monday, February 04 2008 11:36 AM

    If Colleen tells John she is his mother, than since she said she never married, she was alone after Santo, than I think Santo was Johns Father, which makes Stephano and John brothers. OOOOOh this is getting good!

    Posted by Chrissi at Monday, February 04 2008 12:40 PM

    I'm really frank in my spoilers. And yeah.. they're addictive but sometimes it's worth it not to read them for a few days. Haha strange that I'd say that.

    Hey did you know that *I* was surprised as you were when John hit Marlena like that, in the 2nd last paragraph? I yelped!

    Posted by aussie-gal at Monday, February 04 2008 01:54 PM

    Hey all, Greatbear & everyone else: I e-mailed you spoilers!!

    I'm still not sure what Chloe's deal is. I don't even think they're bringing Brady back to the show so why is mentioned. I'm confused. What's the deal w/ him.

    On the other hand, I'm so glad Kayla is pregnant. Spoilers were correct! Love spoilers! I'm the type that can't wait until it happens and want to know beforehand....hehehe

    Poor stupid EJ McRapist. Now, he's falling in love w/ one of the babies born out of rape. You freakin CREEP!!!! I can't wait until it's revealed that both babies are Lucas'. EJ has high hopes of Sami falling in love w/ him. What a joke!!!! PATHEITC STUPID IDIOTIC EJ!!!!!!!!!! Need I go on....?

    OHMIGOD: what is going on w/ John? For him to whack Marlena....geez louise! That was shocking to me. And the look on his!!! Stefano really needs to die, he's too evil for words!

    Posted by touch the sky at Monday, February 04 2008 02:25 PM

    tell me is hope sick or what

    Posted by Megan Nicole at Monday, February 04 2008 02:43 PM

    touch the sky - Bo is the one that is supposedly sick. Lexie did some tests on him and sent Kayla and Steve to give him the bad news. I don't think there is supposed to be anything wrong with Hope.

    Posted by bellaboo at Monday, February 04 2008 02:45 PM

    Deedee I said weeks ago that John was Colleen's son and
    that Stefano knew along time ago who John really was,his
    half brother. That is why Stefano has been trying to destroy John for so long so he wouldn't find out whe he really was.I think years ago Stefano found out that Colleen
    did't really committ suisde,and also found out that she gave birth to Santo's child,John!!!!This whole thing took place in the 1950's.Even though we are getting answers,
    about the vendetta and it is a good s/l,it ticks me off
    that the writers have aged Colleen and Shawn Sr. about 20yrs,but left Stefano younger!!!!Shawn S should only be in
    his mid to late 60's,Colleen in her 70's and Stefano late
    60's. Shawn Sr should be still vibrent and healthy and so
    should Colleen!! Now she supposed to be in her 90's and little brother is an old frail man in his 80's,and veggieman even though he is in a drug induced catatonic ,
    state,with anew kidney is still vibrent. What gives Chrissie, why did the writers do this? For me it sort of
    spoils the whoe reunion and vendetta wrapup for me.Also I
    didn't know that the Catholic Church,took in 40 year old virgins to be novices. 50 years ago that is how old she would be,kind of old don't you think???? The writers as usual didn't do their homework and they didn't do their math!!!!!Chrissie please comment on this and if you can let the writers know!!!!I love Shirley Jones,but I'm diappointed that they aged her Charactor and Shawn Sr so much.

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