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    For all the days of his life

    Friday, February 01 2008
    Colleen explains what she's been up to all these years, the Bradys welcome Claire back and Lucas confesses to attempted murder.

    At the Aubin B&B in New Ross, Ireland, Colleen tells everyone, "It is I, in the flesh as any fool can see!" Hope and Shawn don't think it's possible but Colleen says the wrinkles have changed her. She is proud to know that Samantha is the spitting image of her when she was young! Marlena tells her they've read the letters to Santo and Colleen reminisces about them. She longed for Santo's strong arms around her but had to settle for his words. While his love held him to her, it also tore him from her at the same time. She says what she did was a disgrace to the church, God and her family and that's why she left her habit on the cliff and ran and hid. She did it in order for Santo to go back to his wife and son, after he lied to her and dashed any hope for a future. She says she heard Santo never smiled since then and Stefano bore the brunt of his pain. "For all the days of his life," she finishes. She says she never loved again. Marlena tells Colleen that Stefano hated her for his father's heartbreak. Colleen knows and says she didn't want to be found out so she moved to another part of Ireland, changed her name and took work as a seamstress, then moved to South America and became a clothing designer. With the money she made, she hired help and grew an empire. With the money she made, she searched for relatives and found them in Salem. After finding out what Stefano had done to them she took some responsibility and tried to help. Marlena doesn't blame her. Bo calls Stefano evil and Colleen agrees. She asks for their forgiveness for taking Claire and calls to Crystal, who brings Claire to them. Everyone hugs and kisses Claire and tells her how much they missed her and Colleen smiles as she watches. Unnoticed, John takes out the knife he stole earlier and stares Colleen down. Marlena reminds John that Claire is his granddaughter and asks him to go to her. He does so and Bo berates Colleen for kidnapping Claire but Colleen says she had to protect her and felt the same about Brady Black. Chloe's eyes grow wide and suddenly everyone is quiet. Chloe yells at Colleen to tell her where Brady is but Colleen doesn't know. She wonders if Chloe does, but Chloe denies it and runs off crying. Colleen says they can only pray that no evil befell him, and she sits down to rest. Marlena tells John that Brady's his son but he is disinterested. Outside the room, Chloe sobs for Brady and when Phil tries to comfort her, she pushes him away.

    At the pub, Max tells Nick and Chelsea that he doesn't feel bad for Ford. Chelsea is sorry Max got involved but Max replies that there is nothing they can do now. Chelsea reminds them that Crawford said he wouldn't press charges against her but he didn't say anything about anyone else. Max thinks the autopsy will prove that Ford fell and wasn't hit. Stephanie wishes her parents were there but they're in Ireland and though Nick feels the truth is out and they can now move on, Stephanie doesn't trust Crawford. Just then, Crawford makes an appearance. He looks beaten down and lets the group know he came from the morgue after seeing Ford's ravaged body. "It was sickening," he says and he has had a change of heart. He's pressing charges. Max is angry that he's changing his mind but Crawford explains that an autopsy won't tell him anything and says Ford's body is broken and defiled. Max counters that Ford defiled sorority girls but Crawford retorts there is no proof. They argue about what type of a future Ford could have had and Stephanie tells Crawford they didn't want Ford to die; they wanted him to stop raping girls. Crawford wonders why then, did they lure him over to the Theta house. Chelsea stands up for what they did and calls Ford arrogant - just like his father. Crawford is going to the DA and will press full charges against Chelsea no matter the autopsy outcome. "May you rot in hell for what you did," he says, and then storms off.

    Kate and Billie arrive and comfort Chelsea, who is sick of defending herself for something she didn't do. Kate tells her Crawford is the one who needs to be afraid. "I know exactly how to handle this. Come with me," she says, and takes her from the pub. Nick leaves and Steph thanks Max for sticking up for them.

    At the safe house, Sami notices that Allie is crying and feels feverish. She worries that her daughter has the flu. Lucas calls from jail and hears Allie's wailing and immediately worries. He wants to know what's wrong with her but Sami comments that he can't help her anyway, because of something stupid he did for her! As EJ enters the house, Sami yells to Lucas that this makes her feel like she wants to hate him! She is angry that the man she loves isn't with her right now. Lucas is happy to hear she still loves him but they continue arguing until Sami notices EJ in the room. She hangs up and accuses him of eavesdropping. EJ comments that he lives there too and tells her their situation has changed, somewhat dramatically. He tells her about Stefano's condition and how he's no longer a threat. Sami is floored when he tells her that Tony, Lexi and him decided to let Stefano rest. "In an inexplicable coma?" Sami asks. EJ tells Sami he regrets following in Stefano's footsteps. She tells him he can't change the past but EJ says he can be a better man for her and her children. They can go home, he tells her. She receives a call from Lucas again but puts him off. He asks her to visit - with Allie so he can say goodbye!

    Lucas is brought to Roman's office and wants to confess. Abe is shocked. "I did it. I shot EJ in the back. I was trying to kill him," he says and doesn't want a trial. Just time served. A stenographer arrives and Luca tells them everything. Abe and Roman want to know why Lucas is doing this and Lucas tells them there is no use in fighting this - Sami knows he did it. He didn't trust her and is now paying the consequences. He knows it'll be rough but is hoping someday he'll get off with good behavior.

    Chelsea, Billie and Kate arrive at Victor Kirakis' mansion and after greeting Victor, they tell him about what happened with Ford Decker and Kate says Chelsea is still in trouble but did nothing wrong. Victor says, "Oh well we can't have that. Consider the matter taken care of." He picks up the phone, makes a call and says the deal is done. Chelsea is shocked. She tells him Max is involved and helped move the body but Victor hasn't many friends at the police department. He doesn't think that Max will do time, since he has no record.

    Billie and Chelsea arrive back at the pub and tell Max and Stephanie that Victor made a call and fixed everything for her but Max didn't get so lucky. He still has to go to the police station.

    Victor has Crawford Decker to his home and tells him there has been a misunderstanding…

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Lucas tells Sami it's over. He pled guilty to attempted murder.

    Bo tells the gang they've got to make sure pop sees his sister! "He's in for one hell of a reunion."

    John tells Marlena, "I told you I'm not going to hurt anyone, especially not that helpless woman."

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    Posted by Amy_logue at Friday, February 01 2008 06:09 AM

    I bet John remembers that Colleen is his mother, that would be a twist. Can't wait to find out.

    Posted by suzrocks at Friday, February 01 2008 06:35 AM

    Steph said her parents were in Ireland??? Did she mean Chelsea's cause Steve & Kayla were just in Salem yesterday!?!?! I totally knew Decker wasn't going to keep his word!!!! I'm glad to see Kate stepping in. She has some good resources to help Chelsea. YES VICTOR!!!!
    Is Sami as stupid as Belle now??? Does she want EJ or not??? When she speaks to him she's spiteful as if she doesn't want him, yet she puts Lucas off like he's rubbish. What's the deal??? Is she over both men or wants both or just one or what??? She's driving me nuts. I want to slap her! I wish the writers would just get it right with Sami already!!!!
    I haven't seen today yet, but yesterday John seemed pretty set on killing Colleen. Her story was a little off from what I expected. So, no one... not even Santo knew she was actually alive. Interesting. I'm ready for A LOT more details though!!!
    Good morning everyone!
    If any of you are fans of the show "LOST" I put a message up in the Lounge (under soap boards, scroll down to the lounge and click on it... then look for "LOST fans unite") if you're interested in chatting about it, see you there!

    Posted by Rebeccab at Friday, February 01 2008 06:49 AM

    Yes Kayla/Steve are in Ireland to tell Bo the bad news.. Yes I love the show Lost and I watched it last night.. I bought all season's so I'm happy to see it back on again...I love it now that Victor's back! and Claire is reunited with her parents but I felt sorry for Philip, he looked sad.. I just love Sami with EJ.. I just want them together... Sorry Lucas but you can rot in jail..

    Posted by Rebeccab at Friday, February 01 2008 06:53 AM

    I don't know why Lexie didn't want to tell Bo the truth about his health so maybe she wanted Kayla to tell him because she's his sister...and Steve's going there for support.. I just wish we knew what the illness was like now.. He doesn't look sick.. I just love Bo/Hope, Steve/Kayla and EJ/Sami and Belle/Philip...

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, February 01 2008 06:59 AM

    Yeah, remember, yesterday Roman asked Steve to do him a favour for one of Lexi's patients? Steve and Kay headed to Ireland to do the favour. You'll see what it is in spoilers.

    So happy Vic and Kate are back!!! And where is old man Brady?

    About Sami :

    Sami's feelings for Lucas and EJ have nothing to do with the other. This is what people seem to be confused about. They compare how she acts with either man but you can't do that because it's two different relationships. She loves Lucas, is in love with Lucas and sees EJ as the father of her son and wants to make sure he's healthy. That's all we see.

    People of course will perceive Sami's slight worry for EJ's health as something more because they have hopes that TPTB will put these two together but we all need to be honest and look at these relationships Sami has with both men.

    Just because she's angry with Lucas doesn't mean she's not still in love with him. Remember, she said she was twice this month. You can still be angry with a spouse and love them.

    She's angry that Lucas did something to take himself out of her and her children's life, she says. She's angry that she'll be alone, without him to help her bring her babies up. That is a valid reason to be angry and she's angry he didn't trust her, she says. That I don't get. Who the hell would trust their spouse to marry another person? I'd have kicked her to the curb but hey. I deal in reality, not soaps. I'm sure the rest of you would too!!

    So Sami needs time to be angry. I think they'll have her be angry for a while. I'm not sure if it'll kill her love for him or not. Lucas is supposed to be in jail a few months and gone off screen as we know. Now, I don't know if the writers are planning on taking this time to get EJ and Sami together. I think if they are, it'll take a while, but I really believe that if Sami were to find out my theory that EJ isn't Johnny's father, she'd kick his arse to the curb. It's obvious from the way she treats him.

    So I do not think Sami loves EJ at all. I don't see that and haven’t seen her feelings for him for about a year or something. Maybe less. She has called him on raping her a few times lately. She treats him like crap. Today, she tells him he can't change the past, see how she looks at him with disdain! Yesterday she said she didn't like the fact that she had to be there with him and wanted to be with the man she loves - Lucas!

    Now I'm not a Lumi fan. I'm not an Ejami fan. I have never been a huge fan of any couple. I just like the show and to be entertained. I love Sami, Lucas, EJ and the rest of them. I just calls it like I sees it! So what I am not sure about is how this confuses people. It's cut and dry to me. She loves Lucas, not EJ. Why should she be slapped when she has done nothing to deserve it? She's not stringing EJ along or anything.

    I want to know where people are seeing that she has feelings for EJ other than to ensure he's safe for their child. I truly do, because I don't see it. She has done nothing at all lately to show she cares for him in that manner. She's not even cordial. She treats him like dirt.

    Curious to see how the next few months will work out for the two.

    Posted by Tune2Days at Friday, February 01 2008 07:12 AM

    Well Im not seeing this chemistry between Sami and EJ..unless chemistry is a stink bomb..
    She shows contempt for him.."stuck" is not a good thing..
    An his total flip flop on Stefano isnt doesnt even ring true..he was supposedly off somewhere being a race car driver..thn comes to Salem as a grown man..not a child..and shot John and forced himself on Sami (his words I call that rape). He was always all for Stefano and Stefanos favorite son and he loved being just that!
    I hate the writing on this!

    Colleen didn't show the slightest interest in John.
    If he was her long lost son wouldn't you see a look? Something? She never even spoke directly to him.
    Come on..if they make her least write it believable.. *sigh*

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, February 01 2008 07:24 AM

    Remember not to post possible spoilers in these comments! Even if it turns out that what we all think is true - that Colleen is John's ma, she may not know it! And you're so right, Tune. EJ is suddenly saying he didn't know his father was that bad, yet WHO taught EJ to be bad? Duh, Stefano? The writers need to clue in on this one because it's about as believable as Santa.

    EJ was involved heavily in the black glove crimes, as Stefano wanted him to be. At Stefano's bedside, EJ told him that he screwed up his life, made him force himself on Sami… why on earth would any normal son do that for a parent, unless he had been manipulated since birth? Nobody! An evil DiMera. Not saying he's not trying to go straight. I don't know if he is or isn't yet. Verdict's still out on that one.

    Posted by Tune2Days at Friday, February 01 2008 08:02 AM

    Th way I recall..Ej shot John on his own..he told John he was doing it for the family and how it would be so good to Stefano. He never said Stefano told him to. Stefano has paid thugs for that stuff. Same as the plan with Sami Stefano never said rape. He is arrogant and looks down on women he expected Ej to win her over and her to become another Dimera conquest.
    So Ej made his own choice in that car it wasn't Stefano!

    Chrissi I know you are too young to remember Tony when he first arrived in Salem. Stefano hadn't been on the scene yet. Tony was like a true mob bosses son and mafia Don.
    There was no Andre back then that happened about 5 years alter. So everything Tony did was on him. He committed rape he set up murders. He was a true Dimera himself. No Mr Good guy! The same stuff he is now spitting on Stefano for.
    Stefano wasn't around Tony was alone in Salem for awhile...
    So there ya go..
    Im hoping the writers will use Colleen's return to out some of those crimes..including John being shot..
    I also think them having EJ confess that it was an opening for them to make the babies..children of love..
    That will right some of the wrongs..
    Still haven't seen todays show but after yesterdays show..if John is Colleens son..I don't think she knows it.. but then if she doesn't why protect Belle...? hmmmm


    Posted by suzrocks at Friday, February 01 2008 08:26 AM

    Sadly I must admit, it's still very clear Sami doesn't love EJ and at this point I don't see it changing. I just don't understand why she's being so hard on Lucas if she really loves him??? I could say more, but I don't have time. Good points Chrissi & Tunes. What's with the Passions hater???

    Posted by Megan Nicole at Friday, February 01 2008 08:53 AM

    What is up with the pasions hater??? lol

    I hate to admit it - because I thought that there would be sparks by now between Sami and EJ - but you are right on the money Chrissi. I hope that with Lucas gone - voluntarily gone now - that EJ and Sami hook-up. Ya - Lucas said he shot EJ, maybe he did, but he didn't have to confess to it!! He could have at least stretched it out to trial and let Sami help him out. Instead, he bailed again on her. Now she knows that there is "no hope" for them and he is going to go off to jail for a long time. What is she supposed to do?? Well - EJ is there and he sure wants to make her happy - there was a time that she liked him. I hope the writers take this time to get them together. It is going to take some work though!

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