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    Nobody is going to stand in my way!

    Wednesday, January 23 2008
    Billie appeals to Nick, Chelsea and the Theta girls vote, Marlena promises to help John.

    Nick grades lab reports from his Brain and Behavior class at the pub until he's interrupted by Billie who demands he talk to her about what he knows about Ford. Nick refuses and she reminds him Chelsea already has a criminal record. Nick says he's Chelsea's boyfriend, not her conscience. Crawford Decker walks into the pub with Dean Lochlan, Just as Billie asks, "I want to know what happened to Ford Decker" Crawford overhears and asks Nick tell him where his son is! The Dean tells Billie that the police will arrive to investigate at Theta House today and if they find out there was a cover-up, they're both fired and criminal charges will be pressed! After the men leave, Billie again appeals to Nick to tell her the truth but he lies for Chelsea again.

    Max arrives at the Inn with breakfast. Steph wonders why her parents aren't up yet and cringes when Max jokes maybe they had a late night! Stephanie ignores her phone vibrating when Chelsea calls and Max makes her laugh. She feels good to laugh but says she doesn't want Max to put his life on hold for her. He explains he's living his life. He thinks she should rest and offers to help her with her books or mail. Stephanie becomes emotional and tells him she thinks about what could have been between them. Max tells her they've plenty of time but Steph can't think of a future with any boy right now. She mentions she's not going to Theta House today because the sisters are voting on whether or not to keep Ford's death a secret. Max wants to go and calls her brave and strong. Steph worries about Max's part in this mess and Max tells her this isn't just about him. Steph knows they'd have to go to trial, which means she and Cordy will be humiliated by recreating the rape. Max holds and comforts Stephanie while she cries. He encourages her not to allow the others to take away her rights the way Ford did, and make her vote known.

    Chelsea goes into Theta house to find Carmen, Cordy and Morgan and another girl discussing their winter break. Chelsea stops them and tells them about the police searching their house because of Crawford Decker. She explains they uncovered one of Ford's contact lens. The girls are surprised and Chelsea goes on to say that this is far from being over. The girls tell Chelsea that she got sloppy and they panic. Chelsea tells them to stay calm. She wants to tell the truth, but they give her flak. They don't want to come clean, and remind her they made a pact not to tell the truth. She tells them about how horrible it was for her parents when her brother died and even though Ford was a horrible person, he was human and deserves a proper burial for his family. Morgan doesn't care about his family and wants to stick to their story. "Ford deserves nothing!" she cries. Chelsea says it's not that simple and thinks the police could find more evidence, and will put on the pressure until one of them cracks. She suggests they vote on it. "Majority rules." Chelsea gives each girl one playing card. If they place the card face up, they spill. If they place it face down, they keep quiet.

    Bo arrives at the hospital and greets Hope, who worries about Claire. Bo says they'll get through it. Hope admits she wants back on the force, fulltime! Bo is surprised but she tells him she wants this world to be a better place for their daughter and is a good cop. She says top priority is finding Claire. Bo thinks they can't help but find her with all the Brady's on the case! Hope ponders who her partner would be and Bo becomes a little jealous! Hope teases him and he admits he is jealous but not romantically jealous. He likes to see her brain work and will miss that! Billie arrives and interrupts the two. Hope leaves to see Marlena while Billie tells Bo that their daughter is in big trouble.

    Marlena heads into John's hospital room and confesses she doesn’t give up so easily. She tells him, "I'm stubborn enough to think I can break through the wall around your brain." Dr. Carrington has a way to work on him to regain his memories, she says and when the doctor comes into the room, she isn't happy he's going to shoot John full of sodium pentathol (truth serum). He does so anyway and John must answer Carrington's questions. John tells the doctor his name but says the name John doesn't feel right. Marlena pounces on that and tells him he has a different birth name. John doesn't know it but mentions his mission. When Marlena asks if it's from Stefano, John becomes agitated. She calms him and he is given a sedative.
    Marlena follows Dr. Carrington out of John's room and tells him that John's memory was wiped clean but his reaction to Stefano's name means that traditional therapy could help and suggests he take John off medications. He says if he can be certain John won't become violent, he'll consider it. He also has another idea. He wants to move John to the psychiatric ward and doesn't think she should be treating him. Marlena balks at the thought but the Doctor explains that they don't have all the tools available to treat John. He's starting paperwork right away to move him, he says and is impressed with her professionalism but says she can only consult. He says he'll be in touch before he leaves and Marlena comments quietly, "Like hell you will."
    Marlena goes back to John and holds his hand. She knows he's in there she says and calls them a team who will fight together. Hope arrives and asks if she can help. Marlena says she can't and tells Hope they're moving John to the psych ward and that she can't treat him. Hope notices Marlena has a 'look' on her face and asks what she's going to do. Marlena's not sure but says she'll get to John. She promises to be careful and says she'll help if needed. Once Hope leaves, Marlena stops John's sedative and wakes him up. She asks him about his mission but he falls asleep again. Marlena promises to snap him out of this. She says, "Nobody is going to stand in my way!"

    Back outside John's room, Billie explains what's going on with Crawford Decker, Nick and Chelsea. She's sure they're lying to her about something and tells Bo she is certain Chelsea's in the middle of everything. Bo agrees and remembers Chelsea talking about parents missing their children over the holidays and says she was looking over her shoulder. Bo assures Billie they'll find out what's going on with Chelsea.

    Back at Theta House, the majority of the house rules that they tell the truth about Ford's death.

    Outside Theta House, Max drops off Stephanie and gives her something for good luck. She enters the house and Chelsea explains what's going on with the vote. Stephanie is against telling the truth but Chelsea reminds her majority rules. Stephanie argues that she and Cordy will have to go on trial. Morgan is confused until Stephanie shares that she too was raped. Morgan and the others are shocked and saddened. Stephanie apologizes for confronting them with it this way but says she has found strength. She votes against telling the truth and all other girls follow. Chelsea thinks Stephanie's making the biggest mistake of her life. The doorbell brings Det. Sullivan and the Salem PD, who are investigating Ford Decker's disappearance. They ask to interview each girl separately.

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Nick tells Chelsea, "So you decided not to tell the police? That is a big mistake."

    Bo asks detective Sullivan, "The Alpha Chi Theta sorority... They're involved?" Det. Sullivan says, "Yeah, and I think they are all lying!"

    Chloe and Shawn are on a computer when Chloe thinks she has found the key to where Claire is.

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    Posted by david2jr at Wednesday, January 23 2008 07:11 AM

    I have to say letting Belle and Shawn go is a HUGE mistake, I hope they will re-cast them. They should let Chloe go, I am not happy with her since she came back, to me she has no real part, and if they let Belle go you know the story line will change to Phil and Chloe, there will be no-one else.

    I hop Chelsea comes clean even though the other girsl won't, she already has a record and she will loose Nic.
    Stephanie should know better than to do what she is doing especially with all her family has gone through, she has to know this will not work.

    Marlena is going to kidnap John and take him somewhere she can help him I can see that coming. GO MARLENA!!

    Posted by mjj1259 at Wednesday, January 23 2008 07:11 AM

    i don't think i would trust that DR he probably is working for Stephano that why he wants John drugged all the time.the girls are really in big trouble it is really stupid this part I never heard John call belle Tink it was always Izzybwhat are the writers thinking i have watched this show for ever and never heard tink

    Posted by suzrocks at Wednesday, January 23 2008 07:29 AM

    David2jr, Great comment! You are so right. And I suspect the same from Marlena!!! I just hope she doesn't get herself hurt in the process. I don't trust John at this point.
    Mjj, I'm convinced this Dr is going to wind up being one of Stefano's henchmen too!!! I do recall John calling Belle "Tink" in the past, though he used "Izzy" more frequently.
    I assume since they are letting Billie go, they are going to go the route of her being punished over this Ford junk and I'm really disappointed about that. They should at least let the character go with dignity. Billie is a great character and I do not want to see her tarnished. I really don't want to see her go, but I suppose there's no place for her any more.
    I don't like the end of Belle & Shawn either, though a lot of people do. Yes, they have been pretty lame characters lately... but I think they should work to correct that instead of getting rid of them. Both characters belong to very prominent families on this show & should be considered the future of Days. Without young & valuable characters like these, the future doesn't look bright if you ask me. I agree about Chloe. To me she is less valuable than Belle.
    I hope in their separate interviews, the girls each individually tell the truth about Ford... especially Stephanie. I know it will be hard, but much easier than the consequences if they continue to lie. I have to say I'm very concerned for Max in all of this though. I just think he is going to wind up in the most trouble of all!!!
    Hope re-joining the force will be a good thing. She needs a good storyline. I really like her a lot. Glad the writers are listening to the fans on this one at least!!!!

    Posted by Megan Nicole at Wednesday, January 23 2008 08:02 AM

    Good morning all! I bet that Chelsea tells someone about Ford! You know she wants to - and I hope that it is Bo - so that she can get over it and move on. Nothing is going to happen to her - we all know how the Salem PD works... I hope that Max doesn't go down for the whole thing though!! He is sucha great guy and he and Steph were finally starting to hook-up!

    I think Marlena is going to bring John around and I hope that it is soon!! She is very forceful when she wants to be! And the fact that Stefano brings a response makes me think he is not as "deleted" as Stefano wanted him to be!!

    Posted by Rebeccab at Wednesday, January 23 2008 08:14 AM

    I was happy that Chelsea and the other girls were going to the police until Stephanie came in.. I think they should tell the truth despite what Step wants... I'm not happy with Belle/Shawn leaving either, what will happen with Claire?? I just love BO/HOPE together...I also heard that Billie's leaving too,well she never really had a story.. I can't wait to see Lexie back! and Victor too....

    Posted by suzrocks at Wednesday, January 23 2008 08:20 AM

    Hi Meg, Yeah I think it's time to put this sorority storyline to rest... but I dread what this means for Max. I really like him and love how he & Steph are getting closer.
    Obviously, the question now is... how to get the disc with John's memory on it? Looks like that's what is needed. I worry Marlena is setting herself up for either pain, danger or both trying to do this on her own.

    Posted by ies1104 at Wednesday, January 23 2008 09:07 AM

    hey chrissy, are they going to recast shawn and belle? I hope so. just when dool looks like it's getting good we get this new. yes shawn role was weak but's because of the writers. they made him a whinny and weak.

    Posted by sharonschaller at Wednesday, January 23 2008 09:49 AM

    I am very sad to hear that Billie is going to be leaving the show. This not acceptable. She is a good actress, and Chelsea needs her mother. Why did Chloe come back? She sucks and I really don't like her character. Get rid of her, not Billie!!!!!!!

    Posted by artistah at Wednesday, January 23 2008 10:11 AM

    Does Marlena have any other facial expressions other than sappy?

    Posted by suzrocks at Wednesday, January 23 2008 10:49 AM

    Love the new comments & the new commentators!! ALL of you are SO right!!!!!

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