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    Stephanie's flashbacks reveal she was raped.

    Wednesday, November 14 2007
    Sami tries to comfort EJ, Kate offers Lucas something he has to refuse and the sorority sisters gather to do Ford in!

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    Posted by BrookeWow at Thursday, November 15 2007 09:37 AM

    Do you think Sami is still in love with EJ or not JamesScott1Fan

    Posted by JamesScott1Fan at Thursday, November 15 2007 09:42 AM

    BrookeWow OH YEAH SHE IS!!!!!!!!!!!! No doubt about it! And how could she not be!

    Posted by BrookeWow at Thursday, November 15 2007 09:45 AM

    But in the spoiler they are telling that Sami continue to pretend to EJ

    Posted by JamesScott1Fan at Thursday, November 15 2007 09:49 AM

    Yeah! But that's what all of EJAMI fans have saying. That we think she is juts acting like she is pretending,but she really isn't. And she is in denial and doesn't want to accept her feelings. That is why she is seeing Colleen! Because she knows Colleen is speaking the truth and that she is right! She is just afraid to admit it. But she will soon enough. Even though it ain't soon enough for me and the rest of us EJAMI fans!

    Posted by BrookeWow at Thursday, November 15 2007 09:51 AM

    Ah okay thc.I just love EJAmi they are so cute together

    Posted by JamesScott1Fan at Thursday, November 15 2007 09:54 AM

    I know!!! Aren't they!!! YEAH!

    Posted by thyma at Thursday, November 15 2007 09:54 AM

    hey jamesscott1fan @ Dakota4762: It's been a busy week for me,working full time,being a mom, wife and holding down the fort as my husband works full time too so sorry if I miss you guys with posting. I'm on my way out again but I give you a brief update.....Stefano calls Tony to the hospital and asks for his help with EJ as he's lost the will to live. They argue instead and Tony tells Stefano that he has only himself to blame. Kate goes to the hospital and Stefano asks her to speak to EJ as they were once friends. Kate goes in but doesn't get thru to him. EJ tells her that his father is the only one he can count on and asks to see him. When Stefano goes in EJ asks him for a favor. Stefano is thinking that he wants to get the best care and will give him anything. EJ asks his father to get him a gun to end his life...SOOO sad. Meanwhile Lucas is talking to Philip about getting his gun back and the susupicions around their mom, Lucas possibly shooting EJ. Sami is in the apartment visited by Colleen telling her to admit her feelings as well as telling her that Stefano would be forever greatful to her for saving his son. Sami is aware of this but is confused. Colleen asks her if she is scared because once she says the words she know that it will be true. Tony does not end up going in and visiting EJ but I think he wants to as he looks through the window but is upset with his father. He tells Stefano to take a good look in the mirror of himself. Kate calls Sami and tells her that EJ is dying. Sami tells Lucas that she has to go out and do some errands and if he could watch the twins. When she gets to the hospital Stefano asks what she is doing here. She asks how EJ is and if she can go in to see him. Stefano just stares at her and Kate nods for her to go in. Sami goes in and see EJ broken and I think asleep. She says his name. EJ slowly opens his eyes and looks at her...he then tells her to go back to Lucas, he's the one she loves. She says....what if he's not and EJ stares at her. AWWWW That's the end of the episode so I hope to hear the big words today. Hope this helps. I'll try to come on later but I have to work tonight and I won't be home till late. I might try and come on in the afternoon after I watch Days if I have time and give you guys the scoop. See Ya!

    Posted by JamesScott1Fan at Thursday, November 15 2007 09:58 AM

    THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH THYMA!!!! YOU ROCK!!! It REALLY helps that you see it a day ahead and can tell us what happens!!! I LOVE it! See ya later!!!!

    Posted by BrookeWow at Thursday, November 15 2007 10:00 AM

    Coming back i have to watch Days right now

    Posted by thyma at Thursday, November 15 2007 10:02 AM

    Oh yeah... Morgan goes in to testify against Ford with Chelsea and some of the other girls as Cordy won't because of the shame and blaming herself as well as shaming her family. Ford's dad questions Morgan and turns her words around of course and because they can't prove that Ford tried to rape her and drug her ( another guy at the Hallloween party said it did not look like a possible rape to him), Ford gets the charges dropped. Chelsea decides it's payback time and that they are going to let everyone know on campus what Ford is. Sorry and See ya later

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