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We don't serve pigs!

Tuesday, November 06 2007
Stephanie has more flashbacks, EJ demands to see his son and has a surprise for Sami, and Nick gets a special invitation!

Max and Stephanie tend bar at The Cheatin' Heart, where we see banners that read, 'Save The Earth'. Everyone is wearing a 'Save the earth ' tee. Stephanie tries unsuccessfully to make drinks, and she and Max make a bet on whether or not she can tie a knot in a cherry stem. She does so and Max gives it a go, but when Morgan walks into the bar, Max ditches Steph to find Morgan. "The bar's all yours, gorgeous," he says before heading to Morgan.

Morgan tells Max she's feeling embarrassed for driving Ford home and helping him to his room. She is upset that she didn't heed Max's warning and berates herself for misjudging Ford. Max says he's happy she didn't get hurt and is incredulous when she says that people are gossiping about how Cordy led him on. Max is disgusted.

Elsewhere in the Cheatin' Heart, Nick tells Chelsea he has been invited to an embassy ball that's thrown in his honor from the Ambassador, (Dee and Artemis' father). He invites Chelsea, who replies with a kiss. Jett interrupts their kissing to tell them they may end up getting away with rape. They gasp and Jett explains that Ford's got a Lawyer with connections and the Dean will be pressured. He worries that Cordy won't have much evidence and their defense is slim since they can't prove that Morgan was attacked, or who drugged her. Jett admits that Billie is worried they won't be able to stop him. Chelsea and Nick agree to encourage Cordy to go take Ford to court. Jett tells Nick that he was impressed at how Nick treated the kids, and Chelsea tells him she's impressed with him more and more each day. They start kissing passionately!

Ford enters the Cheatin' Heart, belligerently demanding a beer from Stephanie. Stephanie says, "We don't serve pigs." Max comes to the rescue and threatens Ford to get out or be thrown out. Max tells Stephanie to take off from the bar early while Chelsea tells the crowd that they can take some free gift bags and that they're goal is to bring consumption of energy down next year by 10%! Cheers are heard all around.

At the apartment, Lucas and Sami hold the babies and discuss how EJ's pressuring Sami for a divorce. They go over the vendetta and that Sami feels she needs to end it and Lucas admits he doesn’t know how to let her go. They snuggle on the sofa when a knock is heard and they find EJ at the doorstep, with flyers for possible honeymoon destinations. He says they can get a nanny to come along with the children, which doesn't sit well with Lucas, who plays along. He reads the flyer but rips it up, saying the sun would be bad for the babies and Sami's fair skin. Sami smirks and EJ ignores him and demands to see his son but Sami says they're sleeping. He shows them a court order and demands to see Johnny. He tells him he had to resort to this after the 'Brady quarantine' debacle. Lucas says he's not going anywhere and Sami says, "You're not taking my baby. Have some common sense, let it go." She nervously tells him she's just trying to get past the last 48 hours. EJ tells her that this is enough and that her future is across the hall and there is no lingering.

Back at the room above the pub, Shawn is in shock when he finds that Belle wrote the letter to Salem PD stating all Shawn's misdeeds. Close to tears, she explains she couldn't risk losing him, after losing her dad. Shawn is angry that she killed his career, but Belle says she regretted it as soon as she mailed it. "I didn't want you to die," she pleads and Shawn tells her he did this for her. "You're not going to lose me." He says passionately. She admits she didn't come to him sooner for fear he'd hate her. Shawn says there is nothing she could do that he couldn't forgive. He hugs Belle while she flashes to having sex with Philip. Shawn asks Belle to set a date to marry, right away. Belle is taken aback and though she's not having second thoughts, she says she's not sure the timing is right. Shawn asks them to marry at Thanksgiving, and says they can honeymoon in Salem, because they're short on money. Belle grins but flashes back to Hope agreeing to keep her secret.

At Bo and Hope's place, Bo grabs his coat and is ready to go after Philip but Hope yells at him not to do anything. She worries about what Shawn will do with faced of the knowledge that Belle slept with Philip. Bo asks how she found out and Hope explains that she figured it out on her own and that Belle blames the loss of her father to the moment of weakness. Bo is angry and upset and wants to tell Shawn but Hope again reminds him that if he does, Shawn will assault Philip and lose his chances at getting on the Salem PD. Bo is angry with Belle for her betrayal but thinks they need to tell Shawn. Bo goes to call Shawn but Hope stops him. She's certain that Belle isn't going to make the same mistake twice, but Bo's not so sure. Hope reminds Bo that they've come close to losing each other and have made a lot of mistakes along the way. "In other words, keep my mouth shut," Bo says, knowing it won't be easy.

Later, Shawn invites Hope and Bo to their room and tells the two that he and Belle are marrying at Thanksgiving. Hope and Bo are speechless and don't appear happy. Shawn is curious about their reaction!

Back at Sami and Lucas' apartment, EJ tells Sami that the church has had a cancellation for a wedding and they're to be man and wife - tonight! Sami's jaw drops.

Stephanie watches Morgan and Max while she dances at the Cheatin' Heart. Ford arrives back at the bar and watches her dance, from the door. She appears unhappy as she flashes back to Ford in his bed, where he's removing her clothes and pinning her arms above her head.

Next on Days Of Our Lives:

Belle says, "I'll make him happier than anybody else ever could." Hope replies, "That's exactly why we've decided not to tell him." Belle is shocked to hear Bo knows!
Shawn asks Bo to come out and tell him what's on his mind.

Phillip means business when he tells Kate, "Belle isn't Shawn's wife and I intend to make sure she never will be!"
Stefano tells Lucas, "If I wanted somebody dead, they would be!"

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