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    Round one to the Bradys!

    Friday, November 02 2007
    Ford is ready to strike when Max saves the day, Lucas finds out Johnny's EJ's son and EJ barges in on Steve and Kayla.

    In Cordy's room at the sorority house, Stephanie and Chelsea comfort a sobbing Cordy who says she barely remembers where she was during the rape. She is certain Ford drugged her.

    In Ford's room, Morgan starts to feel the drug setting in and stumbles into the bathroom while Ford suggests she could have the flu. While she's in the bathroom he looks at his drug stash and grins, "Or not." Later, she's passed out cold in his bed and he stares lasciviously at her body and tells her she's hot and knows she wants him.

    Back at the party, Max flashes back to Ford trying to drive drunk. He worries to Nick that he should have gone with Morgan and races after Ashley when he sees her run past. When she turns around, he can see she's sporting a bruise on her lip and asks what happened. She runs off and he follows. She admits Ford got physical but she handled it. Max encourages her to call the police and reminds her there is a rapist on campus.

    Inside Cordy's room, Cordy says she awoke almost naked in a strange bed and she knew what happened - Ford had raped her. She refuses to allow Chelsea to call the police. Stephanie's face falls and she flashes back to a guy removing his shirt and getting intimate with her. She asks Cordy to help stop Ford from doing this again. Stephanie angrily leaves the room in search of Ford.

    Steph finds Nick outside the room and he explains that Morgan drove Ford home. She panics, and tells him Ford raped Cordy. A shocked Nick says he has no choice but to tell the police as he's staff, and when Chelsea comes out of Cordy's room, she finds out Morgan is alone with Ford. She asks everyone if they know where Ford lives. A frat boy tells her Ford has a web site with a webcam pointed at his room. It may help recognize his room!

    At the mansion, EJ goes off to see Kayla and Steve and John while Stefano wants to drink to the DiMeras new addition. Kate's not in the mood for a celebration, she says. He confesses how he wants John to grow up in Italy. Kate wonders if he has spoken to Sami about this and Stefano says Sami's job is to be on the arm of EJ, but he and EJ will see to John's upbringing. Kate doesn't see Sami allowing any of this to happen.

    At the Inn, Steve talks to the babies while Kayla is on the phone with Bo wishing him a happy birthday! Steve and Kayla get playful when Steve takes the baby powder and starts flinging it at Kay, laughing. Kayla screeches and yells playfully for him to stop it! Soon, John starts to cry and EJ appears outside the room. After hearing the baby cry and Kayla's yelling, he bashes down the door! Steve grabs him and tells him he has no right to break in. EJ yells that he was worried about his son and shows Kayla the results of the DNA test that read he's John's father. Steve tells EJ tonight isn't the night and Kayla tells EJ he has no idea how to care for or love a child. "So why don't you just get out of here." She says.

    EJ arrives at the mansion angry and tells Stefano and Kate that Steve and Kayla wouldn't let him see the boy. Stefano calls a judge to get a custody order.

    At the Brady home, Hope and Bo celebrate with Ciara. Belle and Shawn aren't going to make it to their party because Claire has the sniffles. Hope is sad that she can't make his party something special, but Bo says he just needs them! Hope gives him a scrap book that she made with photos of them and Bo is thrilled with it. Hope takes off her robe and shows him a gorgeous negligee she has on and tells him she's his next gift! They start kissing until Kayla calls to tell them about the events with EJ bashing down their door.

    In Santo Domingo, Lucas finishes massaging a sleeping Sami and finds the letter from EJ, with the DNA results. He flashes back to the day the twins were born and how EJ spotted the difference in the twins when Sami wakes up, he accuses her of lying to him but she tells him it's a nightmare to her and she wanted one more night together. Sami asks him to treat Johnny as his own but Lucas reminds her that EJ's gong to teach John the DiMera way. She yells that they'll teach Johnny the Brady/Horton way but Lucas counters that their daughter will be jealous of Johnny and he doesn't want her to turn out like him. Sami says they'll help their daughter avoid their past mistakes and thinks Johnny will grow up to be a wonderful man like him, because he'll be there to help him! Lucas worries EJ won't allow him to come around Johnny. Lucas worries about Johnny's life and hopes he doesn't end up like Benjy (dead), Lexi (locked up) or Tony (stranded). Sami asks for his help, trust and belief that she can stop the vendetta.

    Back at the sorority house, Stephanie begs Cordy to tell her where Ford lives, but she has no idea. The ladies in the sorority house watch the online blog and see Ford preparing to rape Morgan. Max jumps up as they all panic and one frat boy says Ford lives in Sebastian Hall.

    The two run off to save Morgan.
    Stephanie comes out of Cordy's room as Ford throws a shirt over the camera. Stephanie appears to be upset.

    At Sebastian Hall, Morgan starts to wake up almost naked. Ford tells her to go back to sleep and when she passes out, Max barges into his room, saving Morgan! From the sorority house, the others listen, relieved that Morgan is safe, but Stephanie appears to still be deep in thought and visually upset.

    Max, Billie, Morgan, Ford and Jett arrive at the sorority house, where Cordy's parents ask what's going on. Ford is in cuffs and yelling that Morgan just had too much to drink. Chelsea asks if anyone was attacked by Ford and Cordy identifies Ford as the campus rapist, "And he raped me," she tells the room. Camera pans again to Stephanie who appears to be deep in thought. Ford denies raping her and Cordy spits in his face. Her parents take her to her room. Chelsea screams at Ford, telling him they saw him on the camera. Stephanie tells Max to take Morgan to the campus clinic.

    Later, Morgan has been taken to the clinic and Max asks Stephanie how she is. She's just worried about her sisters she says and tells him to go be with Morgan.

    Cordy tells Stephanie that because of she and Chelsea, she has decided to stay on campus! Stephanie is thrilled and they hug, but Stephanie flashes back to some scene with her lying on the bed while a guy takes his shirt off. (Similar to Morgan's rape scene.)

    Stefano and EJ arrive at Kayla and Steve's Inn with their Lawyer and find a health official dressed in a white decontamination suit refuse them entry to the room as it's quarantined. Inside the room, Steve and Kayla stand quietly by the door, listening. Steve says, "Round one to the Bradys!"

    Hope and Bo are making out on the bed when Kayla calls to explain what's happening. After the call, Hope and Bo make love.

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Bo tells Shawn if he has one more battle it could cost him the future he wants."

    Kayla says, "Lies are what destroy love." Hope replies, "Sometimes the truth can be just as deadly!"

    Phillip says, "Look at me Belle! Tell me to my face the man you want is Shawn."

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    Posted by Samanthafan at Friday, November 02 2007 06:45 AM

    Today episode sounds interesting.Is Bo birthday.Happy birthday.I just love bope together.I hope that Morgan will be okay.Ford don't touch this beautiful lady.I hope you die now.What's wrong with Stephanie.Someone raped her??

    Posted by Dakota 4762 at Friday, November 02 2007 06:46 AM

    Todays show looks great!! Finally, Ford is going to get his. I think all the girls should smack him hard across the face while he is helpless in handcuffs. He needs to feel what his victims felt. I feel bad for Stephanie. We didn't get to see this happen to her until they showed it as a flashback. When she said Max will never want to be with me again-after this, I felt horrible for her. She obviously felt so dirty and violated and almost in a state of disbelief. This Ford guy thinks because he is rich, he can get away with anything. They should lock him up for good.

    Posted by stacybezner at Friday, November 02 2007 06:51 AM

    OK> WE SORT OF LIKE EJ because he is so-o-o cute but he could be a good DiMera and stop killing people (my money is on him for hiring JOHN'S KILLER ). This campus story is a lot like an episode on veronica mars. I hope we don't lose sense when the writers strike. passions is messed up enough. DAYS NEEDS NORMALICY. I don't think the half corpse stefano can take baby JOHN. This is as dumb as when VICTOR WAS THREATENING SAMI. WHEN DO WE GET CHLOE SO THAT CUTIE PHIL HAS HIS LOVE BACK. WE KNOW THAT BRADY DEFECTED TO ANOTHER NETWORK. BESIDES, Craig and NANCY'S CHILD IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HOOK UP WITH John's kid. We need for everyone not to be related on this show.

    Posted by Dakota 4762 at Friday, November 02 2007 07:39 AM

    Hi Moma:
    I read your comment from last night this morning about wanting EJ to be a good guy only. If you look at the dynamics of EJ's personality from his childhood, you will see that he never had a solid role model (other than Stefano) to understand what love is. His understanding of love is to control and possess what he believes should be his. He truely believes that he has to do these things to get Sami to LOVE him. In his own way, he does believe that he loves her. The writers show the confliction in him by having him go back and forth with these behavior patterns. He is familiar in getting what he wants without begging for it.

    Posted by Dakota 4762 at Friday, November 02 2007 07:43 AM

    This seems to upset alot of viewers who want EJ to be a good guy only.

    Posted by lrr352 at Friday, November 02 2007 07:51 AM

    What is up with the Italy trip and why afre they trying to take Sami's baby there. Sounds like Stefano is going to be on the run again.

    I am glad they found out that Ford is the rapist on campous ok now what is going on with Stephanie who raped her is that why Jermey left the show. I hope that Step and Max can be a couple.

    Posted by achap22 at Friday, November 02 2007 08:08 AM

    It was nice to hear Steve mention the Pocketman. The quarantine was a bit much...ha!

    Posted by grneyedgapch at Friday, November 02 2007 10:40 AM

    Is the baby girl EVER going to get a name. They were really quick to name the boy but seem to be taking their time with the girl. BTW having EJ has Johnny's dad is just WRONG! Three DNA tests, three different results. That's soapland for ya.

    Go Max!!! Glad Ford got his. I'm coming around to Morgan and Max being together. Better Morgan than Steph who didn't want Max until he got tired of her games and hooked up with someone else.

    Posted by angelica427 at Friday, November 02 2007 10:41 AM

    The whole two babby daddy thing is too much to swallow! I know it's a possibility of that occcouring. But, just let Sami and Lucas have more than 5 minuets worth of happiness in their lives. And what's so difficult about getting rid of the DiMeras' ?? There are only Stephano and EJ. That's only two people. And how many Bradys are there???? About 1000??(lol). Seriously though. Enough is enough already!!

    Posted by Teiralinda at Friday, November 02 2007 11:03 AM

    Ohh...(looking into my crystal ball!) I see Sami making a deal with Stephano.....she gives EJ the baby boy John to take to Italy and raise (exit one son to return a few years down the road..Stephano actor is leaving the show -his contract obligations are up) and SaMi gets to stay with Lucas and raise no name baby girl. Kate will be go between as she and Stephano will "be in touch in Italy" and she will keep all informed on son Johnny.

    As for Morgan/Ford/Steph/soroity crapo - get rid of that storyline and that bunch including Nick/Chelsa/Steph etc - lame rich people with no good storyline between the lot of them.

    Chloe/Phillip with his son by Mimi...maybe. Let Shawn and Belle go away to Alaska or something.

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