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    Too Late

    Friday, September 28 2007
    Chelsea and Stephanie become pledge sisters, Steve vows revenge for Benjy, Shawn reveals what happened to his sister.

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    Posted by collinmamahot at Monday, October 01 2007 10:21 AM

    whats going on with sammi an ej getting married? why? isn't she married to lucas? isn't that wrong?
    i agree the writers are running out of things. this vendetta is getting old. e.j. an sammi just don't make since. what about belle an shawn an phillip? i mean come on. give us something worth watching. i've watched this show since i was little with my sister an i really love it but it needs something new

    Posted by lrr352 at Monday, October 01 2007 10:34 AM

    i agree that ej and sami don't make any since...i guess when she marry him they will find out the truth that santo tried to force collen into being with him and the reason she died was his fault and not the brady's

    Posted by collinmamahot at Monday, October 01 2007 10:35 AM

    i think it's horriable that the writers would even put sammi an e.j. together after the rape an everything else. i mean come on. RAPE is no joke. they shouldn't make light of it. women everyday in america are rapped an it takes time to get on with there lives. it's no joke.
    then didn't e.j. an kate have a thing together? i mean the storey lines are crazy.
    dool needs some new babies an love in the air. NOT SICK LOVE LIKE SAMMI AN E.J.

    Posted by Greatbear100 at Monday, October 01 2007 11:12 AM

    Well the confusion continues today October 1st, is Stefano calling shots or is Andre acting on his own? Andre's actions make no sense with what Stefano claims to be arranging, ie ending the vendetta via the marriage between Sami and Elvis which calls for the safe return of Roman as a first step. If Andre is acting on his own there must be no commuinication between Stefano and him I would assume and find that hard to believe that Stefano has no way of reaching Andre or anyone in his organization when he really
    wants to. If he runs a world wide crime syndicate the death of Bart could not have been that much of a loss could it? Andre returning Roman with a bomb around his waist to Sami and EJ alone at the Pub is not a peace offering in any sense. So the saga continues....................

    Posted by Greatbear100 at Monday, October 01 2007 11:19 AM

    Now EJ know the truth about Santo lieing to Coleen about his wife being dead and this puts a different spin on what appeared to be a love story. What will Sami think when she learns about Santo's lie? Santo's wife being alive and in good health makes it seem that the past was a nightmare and not a romantic misadventure. Santo now appears to be evil and he lied to make Coleen commit adultery and brake her vowes to the church and God. Will Sami see all Dimeras as liars from the get go now and decide to not marry EJ< I hope!

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