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    Too Late

    Friday, September 28 2007
    Chelsea and Stephanie become pledge sisters, Steve vows revenge for Benjy, Shawn reveals what happened to his sister.

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    Posted by grig at Friday, September 28 2007 03:13 PM

    I have a question ..... are the writers the same ones that write for Passions. If they are, I hate Passions with a passion seriously. That is the worse soap on TV and now it looks as though they are having Days with the same stories as them. It looked as though Days was going in the right direction, but now it is going backward ---- what's with all these teenagers? I thought Days was having a problem with a budget. Some of the new storylines are stupid and senseless. Why were they needed - Las Vegas for one. And finally I cannot believe the writers would have Sami do this even for a Vendetta. I think EJ is behind it all with Stephano's help to get his little boy anything he wants. I thought Sam was smarter than that. Oh well, after all these years it's time to stop watching.

    Posted by grig at Friday, September 28 2007 03:19 PM

    Oh, I forgot ....... it looks as though Kate is the ring leader in this saga with Sami and EJ. Kate needs to be taught a lesson once and for all. Now that would be a terrific storyline and then poof, send her on her merry way. I can't stand her.

    Posted by jeh63 at Friday, September 28 2007 03:37 PM

    After watching today's show, they lead you to believe that Colleen jumped off the cliff? Do you think this is what really happened?

    Posted by EBAM at Friday, September 28 2007 04:30 PM


    Posted by moma at Saturday, September 29 2007 03:47 AM

    I didn't get to read the re-cap till now.... I watched the episode yesterday.
    Good job Mod Matt, although some things were missing. Hopefully Chrissi will fill the rest in Monday.
    Folks the reason the "youngsters" get "airtime" in the summer is so that the vets can get some much needed rest. They deserve it; we enjoy them all the rest of the year!! After all ... we all like vacation time....RIGHT????
    Back to topic...
    Benjy death scenes broke my heart, I was crying right alongside Steve. Yea he's "going off the reservation" on this.... I WOULD TOO!!! You don't mess with anybody I love either!!! GO GET ANDRE ....STEVE.... SIC 'EM!!!!!
    Stephanie and Chelsea were kinda boring today with this pledge stuff. The writers could have come up with something better here....JMO!!!
    You guys are right THERE HAS to be more to this Coleen storyline. If this is it I will be highly disappointed with the writers.
    Mr. Sheffer has a lot of cover up with the "Santeen" saga.
    Hopefully Mr. Sheffer and Mr. Scott can fix it....right now Sami leaving Lucas even to end this "vendetta" seems bogus.....She fought so hard to marry Lucas cause she adores him. The writers are getting her right on that....NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT..... She LOVES LUCAS!!!!! (sorry Ejami fans.... have to make due with Santeen)
    If Sami does this I know this marriage won't last and I hope the writers make it PERFECTLY clear to the viewers that Sami is doing it under duress. I know E.J. will never have Sami's heart...that belongs to Lucas. Now if Lucas isn't "written" to be a big jerk.... this ending could potentially be a real good storyline for the Christ!! mas viewing season.....

    Posted by Greatbear100 at Saturday, September 29 2007 06:46 AM

    Lucas' mother apparently again is going to hook up with Stefano to help split up Sami and Lucas. I guess she will never give up no mater what she is put through. We see a glimmer of hope that she will be redemed and might have a chance with Roman and then she gets involved in an anti-Sami plot with of all people Stefano. I guess Kate is never going to find a better role on DOOL than that of a meddling mother who does not really have the happiness of her children at heart. With her past you would think she would be compassionate after all if her past was held against her she would allways be shunned as she shunns Sami. The scenes between kate and Roman were sweet and there was a glimmer of
    what life could be for her if she would give up on this hatred of Sami. Could her hatred of Sami actually be self hatred turned outward? Her guilt over her own past focused against Sami instead of turned inward into depression and self loathing? This would explain how strong her feelings against Sami remain no matter how much it destroys her relationships with Lucas, Roman, will and others she wants to be close to.

    Posted by Greatbear100 at Saturday, September 29 2007 06:51 AM

    It seems the Collen/Santo Saga is going to drag on for who knows how long before we know everything. The suicide was anti-climactic with just her robes being found at the top of the cliffs. It would have been much more powerfull to see her run off the edge.

    Posted by Greatbear100 at Saturday, September 29 2007 06:56 AM

    How could Tony be a Brady? This happen over 50 years ago and Tony was born more recent history. I think in America and something to do witha gardner as the new story is being told? It is confusing these days but I know it has no connection to Irelans and Santo too long ago. But I think he is John's half brother?

    Posted by Greatbear100 at Saturday, September 29 2007 07:03 AM

    Roman has to be found soon or he will be dead from lack of air. My question is who is calling the shots Stefano or Andre acting on his own? I would like this brought out some how to us viewers if not to the cast by a conversation between the two men. Stefano denies everyhting to the Brady's but that does not mean he is not still telling Andre what to do and who to do it to in order to get what he wants, after all, he has said Andre has been a good soldier and real son for over 20 years for him to turn on Stefano now seems highly unlikely.

    Posted by bodylady at Saturday, September 29 2007 06:59 PM

    I have watched Days since it started and I absolutely HATE what they are doing with Sami and EJ. He RAPED her for heavens sakes! He almost killed Lucus and John and all the other stuff he has done...How could you put Sami and EJ together, and any way, why would Sami and EJ's getting married stop the vandeta? Stefano DeMara will not stop until he has what he wants and his son wants Sami, so thats why he is doing this vandetta thing. Sami is stupid anyway. I always liked her but now, i'm fed up with the whole Days soap. I am going to stop watching this soap and all my friend and neighbors are going to also, just to much stupid stuff going on...Nobody in their right mind would marry someone who raped them...GEEEEEEEEEEsss....

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