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Pandemonium in Salem!

Monday, September 17 2007
Kate is forced to trap Roman, Marlena gives Sami advice about her feelings for EJ and the funeral brings surprises for all!

Sami paces her hospital room, afraid for her sister and Shawn's lives. EJ comes into Sami's room and offers his help in finding Shawn and Belle. Lucas thinks Sami's crazy when she accepts EJ's help. Lucas says he won't let her obsession with the vendetta to allow EJ in on this family business. This causes Lucas and Sami to argue and when EJ tries to interject, it further angers Lucas, who throws a punch. Sami's guard hears the commotion and runs inside to stop the fight. EJ refuses to leave and reminds Lucas that he has saved both of their lives a few times now. He's growing weary of the lack of trust and says he considers Sami his friend. Lucas asks EJ to admit he's in love with Sami and EJ pauses before confessing. "Very well. The truth is, I do love you Samantha. I probably always will," he says quietly.

At the pub, Andre tapes Kate's call to Roman. She whimpers as she tells Roman that she has seen Andre lurking outside the Brady Pub. He asks her not to move and says he'll be right over. After they hang up, Andre tells Kate she has done a good job at setting the trap.

Inside the freezer, Belle is concerned for their lives when Shawn suggests bombing their way out of the freezer with a molotov cocktail!

Hope and Bo race to the pub after they can't find either Belle or Shawn on their cell phones. They arrive at the ransacked pub, and start yelling, "Shawn! Belle!" They hear a blast come from the kitchen area and Bo goes to inspect while Hope calls for back-up. After the explosion, Shawn and Belle scramble on the floor. They're crushed when they realize that the door didn't budge. Belle extinguishes a small fire and they are saved when Bo and Hope unlock the door. The EMT is called and Shawn is taken to the hospital with ghastly burns to his back. Hope tells Bo that Andre was holding Kate and Roman, so Bo calls their cell phones. When neither answer, he realizes his brother and Kate are in serious trouble.

At the funeral home, Benjy signs that he wants to pay his last respects, but when he wheels himself to the casket, he pulls his gun and shoots Stefano in the chest! Everyone screams and Marlena and Tony rush to the casket. Marlena is shocked when she finds a pulse on Stefano and doesn't understand how this can be. Stefano's eyes open and he panics when he realizes he's in a casket! In shock, he starts yelling and jumps up, wanting out. Abe comes to him, and tells him he's staying put. He explains the situation as Benjy is taken to the psych ward by Marlena and Lexi. Stefano tells Abe he is supposed to be recuperating, not used as bait to flush out Andre. The lights go out and Stefano asks what's going on. Abe explains that he's in for it, after stealing part of Benjy's kidney. Stefano denies any such doing. Abe tries to get the funeral procession going. He calls to Willie to see if he's ready. Willie tips his hat. Since the room is darkened and they're standing many feet apart, Abe can't tell that it is actually Andre tipping his hat!

Abe notices Shawn Sr. still at the funeral home. Shawn refuses a ride from Abe, but wants to talk. He starts telling Abe a story of long ago… Shawn says Stefano had this beautiful red toy truck "He asked me to play. I wished I'd said no..." he says sadly and says he felt like he had to have it. Ringing of Abe's cell phone stops the conversation and Bo tells Abe tells him what has been going on at the pub and that both Roman and Kate are missing. Before they hang up, Abe tells Bo that his father's in rough shape.

Back at the hospital, Kate calls Lucas from a payphone. She says she's in terrible trouble and needs his help. Lucas takes Sami's clothes with him and heads for the door. Before he leaves, EJ offers to come with him, thinking Andre could be setting a trap. Lucas doesn't want his help but Sami orders EJ to help. "Your wish is my command," he says. Sami asks him never to tell him he loves her again.

Outside Sami's room, Lexi gets ready to leave for the cemetery while Marlena says she's happy to have a chance to be with Sami! Marlena goes in Sami's room and finds Sami crying. "My life is a mess." she blubbers. She says she loves Lucas but he doesn't understand why she's spending time with EJ. "But EJ does," Marlena says and she remembers a time when she tried to deny her feelings for someone else. Sami says it's not like that. "I love Lucas more than anything." Marlena says she knows this but it doesn't mean she can't have feelings for someone else. Sami flashes back to the night she and EJ read the letters and he kissed her. She continues to cry, and Marlena says she has turned out to be the kind of woman she has always thought she could be. She says she realizes she's affected by her past and the betrayal she felt over her own indiscretion with John. She says it may have made her find the kind of love that she thinks will never fail her. Sami says that Lucas won't fail her. Hope interrupts the two and asks Sami if she has heard from Roman. She hasn't and panics. Marlena yells at Sami to stop when she screams at Hope to tell her grandpa to get over the past and tell them what he knows.

Lucas and EJ arrive in a dark alley and find a naked Kate, hiding behind a garbage bin! She angrily tells them that Andre took her clothes and left her here! EJ gives her a robe and slippers and tells her she looks absolutely fabulous! EJ says he'll go back to the hospital to tell Samantha what's going on, but Lucas yells at him to leave his wife and mother alone!

Flashing back, Stefano and Shawn play with Stefano's toy truck. Shawn is surprised to hear from Stefano that his mother is alive and well in Italy. Colleen and Santo return and Santo asks if he can get him a brand new lorry, just like Stefano's. "No thank you," Shawn says. Shawn Sr.'s breathing becomes labored as he reminisces.

Kate and Lucas arrive at the cemetery and tell Bo and Abe that Roman's in danger. She explains what happened and then Bo takes a call. He hears Roman say, "I'm taking Andre down tonight. Don't move until you hear from me." A concerned Bo relays Roman's words to the others, while Andre shuts off a tape recorder and kicks Roman's half nude body.

Tony stands outside looking though the lot of cell phones for Roman's. "This one's for keeps," he says as he dials.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Steve looks worried and says, "Something's not right. How could this happen?"

Max tells Steph, "We need to talk. It's important."

Lexi asks Shawn, "You are not going to give up on her are you?" Shawn tells her he loves her and refuses to give up. He admits he doesn't trust her.

Philip tells Belle, "Whatever we had, it's still there between us. It's always there."

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