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    Days of Our Lives - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Days Of Our Lives'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Someone With My Face

    Friday, August 03 2007
    More details of Colleen and Santo are revealed, EJ's drunken fantasies lead him to make a decision, Tony and Andre have a duel to the death.

    At the pub, Sami can barely believe that Bo and Hope suspect grandpa Shawn of killing Colleen. Julie and Doug arrive with Marlena and John and a new batch of freshly translated letters to go through. They sit down around a table and Julie begins to read.

    Flashback. Colleen meets with Santo on the moonlit beach. Looking in his seductive eyes, she prays to God for strength. She stands and begins accusing him, a married man, of making indecent advances. Staring off, he tells her that his wife died three days ago. He wishes that he and Stefano could have gotten back to say goodbye in time. Turning to Colleen, he tells her that if he lost her, he could not live. She moves away from him. This isn't right, she says. He tells her that God would never ask a beautiful woman like her to sacrifice herself and her passion. She claims that she can live without passion. He asks her to kiss him one last time then, just to prove that she feels nothing for him. He pulls her into a kiss and then tells her that she has a decision she has to make: Back to the church, or stay in his arms. 'I felt nothing,' she says, walking away. He picks her wrap up from the beach and offers it to her. When she turns to him, she tells him to toss it to her. He claims the wind would steal it away and begins to tease her with it. She becomes angry, telling him that he is not as irresistible as he believes and asking him to do as he promises. He tells her that he doesn't chase women and he takes his vows seriously, but now he is free of them. She asks him again for her wrap, but falls into his arms when she reaches for it.

    After the letter is read, Marlena asks Sami why she seems so sad. She claims that she is only sad because Colleen's life fell apart; no matter how much things change for women, they always seem to be led by their hearts. Julie continues to read, revealing that, as Colleen struggled with Santo on the beach, he fell off the ledge and she had to pull him to safety. She begins to cry after he almost died. He promises to respect her decisions now and asks her to walk away and never look back.

    In the mansion, Stefano is sorting through his mail when Rolf offers him a shot of morphine. He refuses the painkiller; he doesn't want to live in a fog, he just wants rest. As he closes his eyes, Tony peaks in through the open window. When he steps in to grab the morphine, he hears Rolf and Bart approach. He jumps back out and Bart picks up the needle, wondering if it could kill the pain in his foot. Tony leaps in and wrestles him to the ground, grabs the needle and jabs it into his father. Stefano wakes, but is dazed as Tony tears open his shirt and grabs the key around his neck, the key to ending the vendetta. 'If you do this, I will destroy you with my own hands,' Stefano threatens. Tony tears the key off of his father. Stefano grabs it back and hands it off to Bart. Tony grabs a sword from the wall and demands the key back. Bart swallows it. Tony is furious and threatens to cut Bart open. Suddenly, Andre walks in, taking the other sword off the wall. He tells Tony that he loves having his face. As their swords touch, Tony tells him that he wants his life back. They taunt, parry, thrust and fight before Tony trips Bart into the path of Andre's blade.

    Bart collapses on the ground bleeding and calling for Dr. Rolf. Stefano snaps out of his haze and tries to figure out what is going on. He spots his loyal henchman Bart on the floor and asks who did this. 'Tony?' 'No, someone who looks like me,' Tony says. Andre explains that it was an accident. Stefano climbs out of his chair and sits by Bart's side as Tony slips out the window. Andre runs after him as Stefano calls Rolf and asks Bart what happened to the key. 'I took care of it boss,' he says, dying in his boss' arms. Andre returns and says that Tony was searching for the key when he arrived so it must still be there. Stefano commands him to search before looking down and thanking Bart.

    On the pier, EJ sits alone, drinking and wishing that he could get Lucas out of the picture. Soon, Lucas arrives after a call from EJ. He wanted to talk to him 'man to man'. EJ tells him that his marriage to Sami is over. Lucas taunts him, reminding him that Sami set him on fire. EJ only smiles, pulling a gun and shooting Lucas in the chest before taking another drink. But this was merely a fantasy. In reality, EJ is only getting more drunk and angry. He continues his fantasy, imagining Sami crying over Lucas' dead body. He finds her there and promises her that they will find who did this. Until then, he will help her raise the babies. She starts to kiss him passionately. 'Samantha, Samantha,' the drunken EJ repeats to himself until Kate interrupts his sorrow session.

    She needs him to snap out of this and come back to work. She has money riding on the company he seems to have abandoned. Slapping him across the face, she berates him, telling him to act like a man. He grabs her by the throat and threatens to throw her in the water. As he screams, he pushes her away, furious that she hit him just like his father did. He tells her to go off and start her own business. She can't do that though, not with her track record and Lucas reporting them to the authorities. Frustrated, he lets it slip how much he wants her son dead. She laughs: She can't believe that he imagines that would change anything between he and Sami. EJ starts to fantasize about being in bed with Sami. She tells him that she knows his heart and he will be a wonderful father. 'I have never been happier in all my life,' she says. In reality, EJ starts to talk to himself, finally deciding that Lucas' life has to end today.

    Next on DOOL:
    Stephanie breaks the news to her parents that she is moving out.

    'Lust seals our fate,' Sami tells Lucas.

    Kate kisses Stefano.

    Pointing a gun at him, Bo needs convincing that Tony is who he claims to be.

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    Posted by DAYS-GUIDING at Friday, August 03 2007 11:26 AM

    Days is getting better and better and kate ill kiss stefano?

    Posted by Bananisen at Friday, August 03 2007 11:28 AM

    Days is great but how low can Kate really go

    Posted by Cars at Friday, August 03 2007 11:30 AM

    I hoped that E.j will throw kate in the water lol

    Posted by lrr352 at Friday, August 03 2007 11:42 AM

    EJ & Kate both should have falled in the water...I am glad that Sami didn't kiss EJ and it was all a fanatsy

    Posted by achap22 at Friday, August 03 2007 11:50 AM

    I love EJAMI & SANTEEN!!! I can't believe how anyone can deny EJ & Sami being the next super couple, it was awesome. It's about time Kate got her's, EJ should have thrown her in crazy hair & all. I'm gonna miss Bart, he was funny.

    Posted by at Friday, August 03 2007 12:23 PM

    Great update, Matt. I hate that they let go of Steve Blackwood as Bart. I LOVE Bart!! He's so cute and bumbling!! He provided a great comedy relief. I'll mourn him until they at least bring Vivian back!

    PS. Read my new spoilers... Kate and Stefano! Woohooo. (Don't post about it here though!!

    Posted by gbean at Friday, August 03 2007 12:28 PM

    Maybe Lucas can be shipped off for 'work' Kate and Stephano now thats an evil couple I like. Didn't she have something going with Victor at one time. She does sleep with powerful men- in this case -son now father. I hope she gets preggers wouldn't that be funny. Maybe Lucas will have to leave the country or be put on an island, the one Tony was on has two hot chicks for him to hang out with LOL. EJ and Sami will end up together some how todays 'Lust' comment from Sami makes me really think so.

    Posted by redflowers2001 at Friday, August 03 2007 12:33 PM

    Eventhough I love EJ, I've spent way too many years waiting for Sami to be with Lucas. EJ needs another woman to be with. Please not Kate, again!

    Posted by DAYS-GUIDING at Friday, August 03 2007 12:43 PM

    i love all the storyline in days of our lives

    Posted by mscelina at Friday, August 03 2007 01:16 PM

    I didnt see alioops comment, its usually the most informative...

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