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Face To Face With Stefano

Wednesday, June 06 2007
Stefano thinks that Sami is Colleen Brady, Willow is pronounced dead and Nick gives his statement to the police, but lies!

At the beach, Nick explains to the police officer that Willow's death was an accident, but the officer tells him that he has to take him in, because there are signs of a struggle. Nick makes a call to Chelsea to let her know that something happened to Willow, and he's in trouble.

Chelsea meets Nick at the Salem PD and launches into the story about how Willow called him and asked her to meet him at the beach. He's clearly upset and talks quickly as he tells Chelsea that the police don't know about the brush, and he knows he shouldn't have went there. Chelsea asks him to calm down, and he takes a deep breath and tells Chelsea that Willow's dead. Before Chelsea can comment on it, Roman interrupts the two to get Nick's statement. Nick says it all happened so fast and tells Roman that he and Willow were at the beach. Willow started teasing me, taunting me, and then she fell…" Roman asks, "Just like that?" Nick says that Willow tripped but he didn’t realize that she was hurt. "Then I said something to her and she didn't respond." He goes on to say that when he noticed Willow had no pulse he tried to get her back by giving her CPR. Roman doesn't buy Nick's story, and tells him so. This prompts Chelsea to stick up for Nick and belittle Willow's choices and past occupation, so Roman tells her to shut up! He asks Nick to explain why he was alone with Willow at the beach, and Nick explains that Willow wanted to borrow money from him, since he had given her money before. He says he met her to let her know that he wasn't giving her any more cash and says, "That's when she started provoking me, and we struggled a bit…" Roman stops him and says that he needs to put Nick's statement on tape. Roman gives Nick and Chelsea a moment to say goodbye, so Nick quietly tells Chelsea that he buried the hairbrush in the sand at the beach and gives her directions on where to find it. Chelsea agrees to find it, and he tells her to throw it into the lake when she finds it. "Done," she tells him as they hug. Nick brings up Jett and tells Chelsea that Jett's confident attitude was the reason why Nick felt as though he could stand up to Willow. He also says he's concerned that Chelsea will fall for Jett. Chelsea says that she doesn't have feelings for Jett and that Jett doesn't have feelings for her, since he is engaged. This calms Nick some, and Chels leaves, as Roman ushers Nick into his office.

Nick tells Roman that he felt sorry for Willow because she was pregnant and alone. He says he had lent her money before, but never thought that she'd ask for that much money. Out of the blue, Roman asks, "So how long were you two sleeping together?" Nick is taken by surprise and tells him that he wasn't sleeping with Willow. Roman shows him a lease and asks why he was leasing an apartment out to her!

(The first part is a repeat of yesterday,) Once Sami leaves her room, EJ stands up and says that he feels a lot better, so the police officer asks him to be on his way. EJ takes off after Sami, and once he finds her, she says, "That was quite a performance!" They leave the hospital.

At the DiMera mansion, incense burns as Tony meditates on the floor, with a sword. His concentration is ruined when Dr. Rolf interrupts to tell him that Stefano is growing weaker by the minute. Tony is angered by the interruption and the news and says he'll hold the Bradys responsible if Stefano dies.

EJ and Sami arrive outside the DiMera mansion, and EJ makes the call to the police, pretending to be Stefano. He uses a fake accent (that sounds pretty good!) and tells them that he is having breathing troubles and needs them to come to his home. He hangs up the phone mid-sentence and when they return his call, he hangs up on them again, at Sami's insistence. EJ tells Sami, "You're something else, you know that?" He continues to compliment her, and we hear the ambulance coming. She asks EJ to focus or she'll do it all by herself!

Bart runs into the morning room, where Tony is preparing to relax and read a book. He tells Tony that 911 called and that they've sent an ambulance to the house. Tony rolls his eyes and thinks that if they refuse admittance that the ambulance will simply leave them alone.

When the EMT arrives at the DiMera mansion, Tony refuses to allow them in. As they argue, EJ tells Sami that they need to get in now, or get in the ambulance, because otherwise, they won't get to see Stefano, because Tony will have a guard set up at the hospital. Tony finally agrees to let the EMT into Stefano's room, and has Dr. Rolf take them upstairs. Outside, Sami and EJ agree to wait until the EMT brings Stefano out on a gurney. Their plans are intercepted by a gun wielding Bart, who tells them they're coming with him. Bart brings them into the mansion and Tony demands to see their cell phones. He finds a call made to the EMT on EJ's cell phone and says he's not surprised. He demands to know what EJ is up to, and EJ says he wants to ensure his father is properly cared for. Tony starts to tell Sami that EJ is developing a schoolboy crush on her, but he stops when he hears Dr. Rolf yelling at the EMT, as they take Stefano to the hospital.

"This man's in bad shape," they explain as they slowly wheel him out. EJ tells the EMT that Stefano needs care, and when Sami notices Dr. Rolf, she asks, "Aren't you supposed to be dead?" Rolf replies, "Yes, but it didn’t take!"

The EMT rolls Stefano out of the mansion while Sami and EJ make an escape through the back door. Tony swears, when he realizes that EJ and Sami are gone, and blames Bart for going off to snack while he was supposed to be doing his job.

At the Brady Pub, Julie finishes reading Santo's letter and Hope is surprised that the vendetta is about Santo's lover. Bo and Doug wonder who Colleen is, and they all agree that it's time to solve the mystery. Hope asks Bo to talk to Shawn Sr. about the past, because she didn't get anywhere when she asked about it. Bo says that Shawn Sr.'s getting a little grumpy in his old age and he jokes that he's a little afraid to talk to him about the feud, but he goes off anyway. Hope thinks that the secrets could lie in the tunnels under the club, so although Doug says that the tunnels are closed off, he makes a call to see if they can get into the club in order to go through the tunnel to look for evidence.

Bo goes off to the bar to ask his dad who Colleen is. Shawn Sr. says, "Never heard of her… excuse me." He leaves the bar. When he returns a few minutes later, Bo again asks, "I just need to know who Colleen Brady was." Shawn Sr. tells Bo, "Leave it be."

Bo returns to the table and lets the ladies know that 'Pop' doesn't want to come clean. Julie lets Bo know that Doug is making a call to someone in order to see if they can get through to the tunnel again. Doug gets off the phone and tells them they've got the go ahead.

Chelsea arrives at the beach and starts searching for the brush. She digs around at the beach and finds it and is ready to leave, when Bo comes across the beach, with a flashlight. "What are you doing?" he wants to know.

Sami and EJ make their way into the ambulance, ignoring the EMT, who tells them they can't be there. EJ lifts the oxygen tent from Stefano's face and tells him, "Father it's Elvis. I need to speak to you." He introduces Stefano to Sami and Stefano opens his eyes. When he sees Sami, he appears surprised, and touches Sami's cheek. "Colleen?" he asks. "Colleen, … you're alive!"

Next On Days Of Our Lives:

Marlena tells Belle that she thinks Belle should tell Shawn what's going on.

Chelsea tells Bo, "I just need to hear you say the words just once, that you believe me."

Stefano slowly gets the words out, "There can never be an end to the vendetta against them unless..." he trails off.

John tells Tony that if there is any blood spilled, it won't be from any Brady.