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    Days Recap: Crazy Cakes.

    Tuesday, August 12 2014
    Nicole is mugged, Sami wants a restraining order on EJ, and Kristen arrives in Salem.

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    At the DiMera mansion, Sami studies a painting. Johnny rushes in asking her to take them to a theme park with daddy. EJ walks in and it's uncomfortable so Sami tickles Johnny and cackles. She'll try to make it happen. He runs off happily and Sami assumes this was EJ's doing. He denies it and asks why the Jackson Pollock painting is out. She says she sold it for five hundred thousand dollars which makes EJ nuts. It's worth more than that and is part of their children's inheritance. Sami has plans to invest the money wisely. He gets back to the theme park idea and reminds her of the time they took a ride on a carousel. Sami says, "Yeah, but that was before you took a ride on Abby Deveraux." EJ reminds her they've faced worst crises than this. Sami harrumphs and leaves to get a restraining order on him.

    At home, Sonny reads Will's article about Sami, EJ, and Kate. He tells him it's well written, and amazing. They make out and Sonny admits he's worried that the article will hurt Sami. Will shrugs. It runs next week.

    At SPD, Hope flashes to dancing with Aiden and then to him telling her about his date with Jenn.

    At the hospital, Jenn gives Abigail a pep talk about looking for a job over the phone. They hang up and Maxine admits she's worried about Daniel, who never showed up at the St. Louis conference. Jenn's concerned. Maxine explains she called Chloe, who said Daniel texted Parker to say he's under the weather. Now Jenn knows something's up but wants to be left out of it so Maxine calls Maggie. Jenn debates calling Daniel but Hope calls, so she asks to meet.

    In the truck on the way to Salem, Daniel tells Kristen their stop is near the Salem Police Department. Kristen's eyes nearly pop out of her head. She glances at the box cutter and picks a fight. She agrees to back off if he lets her go. He knows she's lying. It's his mission to make "crazy cakes" pay for all the lives she has messed up. She starts to feign bawling and grabs the box cutter. She attempts to slit his throat but he snags the knife. The truck comes to a halt and Daniel falls. Boxes rain upon him. Kristen kicks him and he gets up and grabs her.

    Eric catches up with Marlena in the park and tells her he was reinstated as a priest but has lost his calling. He is considering leaving town. Marlena begs him not to and he tells her he hates Nicole.

    Nicole shows up on Brady's door and tells him Rome was a disaster. She fills him in on what happened and asks after John. Brady says he may never wake up and Brady just realized John did what he did because he loved him, not because he wanted to get back at Kristen. He takes off to the hospital.

    Jenn arrives at SPD and tells Hope about Abigail's affair with EJ and that Sami got her fired for it. Hope agrees to talk with Sami. Jenn wishes Bo was here. Sami used to listen to him. They worry about John and then Brady and Jenn updates her on her lawsuit. Jenn sings Aiden's praises and tells Hope about their date. Hope calls her a 'free agent'.

    Abby arrives at Will and Sonny's to see Arianna. Will feels bad that Abigail is having a tough time finding work. Sonny gets Ari ready and he and Abby pass Zoe on their way to the park. Will hands over a thumb drive to Zoe.

    In the park, Marlena wonders if hate's the only thing Eric's feeling for Nicole, just as she walks up. A thief runs up and grabs Nicole's purse and Eric goes after him. He gets the purse back and Nicole thanks him while Marlena gives a statement to a cop. They head to the station.

    Brady arrives at the hospital to see John but he's having an MRI so Maxine tells him to go home.

    Back at SPD, Sami asks Hope for a restraining order on EJ. Eric, Nicole, and Marlena walk in. Sami hugs her brother and asks if he became a priest again. EJ interrupts. Hope is told there's been an incident on a truck at Salem Inn. Behind him, Daniel walks in with Kristen in cuffs. Everyone gapes.

    At the square, Sonny looks pensive while Abby says she's partially glad the affair is out in the open. She'll be fine. At least nobody aside from family knows...

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    Kristen faces her enemies.

    Brady gets some shocking news.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by Spring is the best at Tuesday, August 12 2014 11:14 AM

    O/T - may Robin Williams and everyone, especially those of suicide rest in peace. I am praying for the family. Otherwise, I really think the media should let this go and stop the FOX NEWS ALERTS - that scare me already. This is not a FOX NEWS ALERT. It is sad, and I truly hope if any good comes out of this it will be the serious epidemic we have of depression and substance abuse in this country. I hope instead of the gory details of his death, Robin will continue to help those in need now as he did during his lifetime, especially for the troops overseas. Otherwise, I think the phirana media is just that - a bunch of vultures who cannot get enough of the blood, guts and gore, kind of like showing a car accident just for the ratings. JMHO! Rest in peace Robin and all of those who have died too soon, especially our children who are taken and killed. Soooooooooooooo sad, not leave his family alone and let them grieve. We only knew him because of his celebrity status. How many others have died today and families are grieving. Let his loved ones honor him and his work, personally and professionally! the show - it was great seeing Kristen in handcuffs at the police station. I think Will will regret his book and NO publisher shows up on your doorstep, grovels over your kid and makes you an offer you cannot refuse. As a writer, I know! You practically have to BEG them to even review your manuscript. Maybe Will can give me the name of his publisher. I would welcome her on my doorstep. LOL! Later!

    Posted by littleguysmom at Tuesday, August 12 2014 11:14 AM

    Good show and loved the ending. Everyone was there that Kristen has hurt one way or another. Lololol.

    Posted by Spring is the best at Tuesday, August 12 2014 11:14 AM

    meant to say NOW leave his family alone!

    Posted by Spring is the best at Tuesday, August 12 2014 11:17 AM

    Off Topic - As I was typing my comment, the news came on with yet another update on Robin Williams' death. The reporter asked if he had his clothes on. THIS !!!!!! is disgusting and I could not grab my remote fast enough to turn it off. Does ANYONE have ANY respect for the dead or family members anymore? I guess not!

    Posted by littleguysmom at Tuesday, August 12 2014 11:22 AM

    Spring the editor was from the magazine that Will was hired to work for, his first assignment was to write about EJ and Sami. I think Will wrote about all of Sami's wrong doings because of what Sami is doing to Abby. Sami is suppose to have a blow up about what Will wrote because he wrote the truth. Lolol. Can't wait until Sami reads the article.

    Posted by Spring is the best at Tuesday, August 12 2014 11:23 AM

    Sami is sooooooooooooo over the top. I wish Stefano would come back and put her in her place! When EJ asked about the pic of Stefano and Sami told him she sold it for $500,000, and he said it was worth $5 million, that reminds me of bankrupt Detroit not wanting to see their pics in the museum to fund the city and feed the people. LOL! I guess their pics and Stefano's must be good eating. A little blue cheese dressing and croutons and we're all set. LOL! I love Maxine, always have. Where is Abe? As usual, he's never around. Now that would be a love story, Abe and Maxine. The few times they have been together, they have rocked the screen. Later!

    Posted by Spring is the best at Tuesday, August 12 2014 11:24 AM

    LGM - do you have the name of the magazine? LOL!

    Posted by CoachJack at Tuesday, August 12 2014 11:27 AM

    One thing I'm glad of is that all over Facebook, I'm seeing statuses about Mr. Williams' death that include a plea to everyone reading to get help if they feel suicidal. I hope that his last act at least will raise awareness about the mental health crisis in this country. People are saying that he seemed off in his recent interviews and his PR person even said he was suffering from severe depression. If only those close to him had known how serious it was perhaps his life could have been saved.

    My heart goes out to the wife and children he left behind that now have to deal with the media frenzy. His wife asked that his family's need for privacy be respected and it is disgusting that some cannot listen to her.

    Posted by littleguysmom at Tuesday, August 12 2014 11:28 AM

    OT .. Robin Williams death is all over the media you should see that it's all over FB to article after article on Robin's death. Let the poor man rest in peace.

    Posted by Spring is the best at Tuesday, August 12 2014 11:28 AM

    COACHJACK - AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

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