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    Days Recap: No Fun City.

    Tuesday, July 15 2014
    Eve has a drink with Daniel, John's surgery doesn't go well, and Eve and Abigail have it out in a public way.

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    Posted by littleguysmom at Tuesday, July 15 2014 05:31 PM

    Ok going to watch some TV. So goodnight and God bless talk to everyone tomorrow.

    Posted by katsitko at Tuesday, July 15 2014 05:46 PM

    Abby had the right to object to Eve's stance on the royalties from Jack's book and perhaps movie (because the movie isn't made yet). What I thought was Abby's behavior while giving Eve 'a piece of her mind', was Abby acted in an extremely immature manner. She didn't impress me at all. Abby, go to the attic and stay there.

    JJ, on the other hand, performed his part talking to Eve in a much more mature manner. The guy is showing his character is growing up.

    Someone had asked where Sami got some of her pictures, I thought when she emptied the safe (from behind Stephano's portrait), that the photos were in a manila envelope EJ had placed in it. But then there was that package mysteriously delivered to the DiMera mansion. Was that package from Nick?

    I know it's inevitable, but I don't want to see Dan with Eve, and certainly not back with Judge Jen. I think Jen has a gavel Crazy Glued to her hand when it come to Dan, and anyone else who crosses her path. Jen must have gotten her gavel custom ordered from Julie. I would like to see Dan with Hope. Wishful thinking.

    I'd like to see the story line somehow cross Eve with Kristen when she blows back into Salem. That would be a nice battle of evil against evil. Ha! Anyway, I don't think John will be who she kidnaps. Anyone think Kristen might 'collar' Eric again? Just a thought. I hope its not Marlena because that's been done already. Please, no child kidnapping! Guess we will have to wait and see.

    Posted by bashfungirl_1 at Tuesday, July 15 2014 06:28 PM

    Hi to all, ok, thought Abby's chat with Eve was like a little kid trying to get her way with an adult, Abby being the little kid, saying 'shut up, just shut up' and trying to walk away or turning her back, then when she found out Eve wasn't gonna back down, then she slapped her...uncalled for imo but Abby doesn't act very grown-up as it is. Did like the way JJ talked with Eve tho, he seems more adult then his sister.
    This Teresa thing is really getting to me with her lies, making it up as she goes. Wonder if Brady will catch on since he was passed out. Think Abe caught teresa a few times coz he did mention it to her.
    Then there's Jen, always keeping her cool...and I do think she'd make a good nun, lol, hahaha!
    I did like Sami telling Ben all about it, what a great actress she is! Think I will miss her when she does go, EJ not so much. Never did like him.
    Ahh, the story (drama) gets heavier, with John not coming out of surgery so well. oh well, it's just a story we all like to watch. Just REAL glad it's not like that in real life, holy crap, can ya imagine!

    Posted by Squeakymayo at Wednesday, July 16 2014 03:26 AM

    I was never a big fan of Kristin but I'll be glad to see her and Theresa but heads. Theresa has absolutely no feelings for Brady, all she wants is his money and has no remorse about framing him for hitting John in the head. I hope Brady comes to his senses and has the marriage annulled.
    Abby is right about Eve and Theresa leaving Salem, people would be dancing in the street including me. Those two are really evil.

    Posted by Squeakymayo at Wednesday, July 16 2014 03:37 AM

    @ChiSox1 I agree with you about Parker, he surly was talking a lot on the other end of the phone. Really sounded like Dan was talking to an adult. At first I didn't have a clue it was his son.

    Posted by littleguysmom at Wednesday, July 16 2014 03:38 AM

    Good morning all and Happy Hump Day.

    @SqueakyMayo ITA the evil sisters should both leave, but I think we area saddled with them for a long time. Lololol.

    Ok I'll be back later everyone have a great day.

    Posted by Squeakymayo at Wednesday, July 16 2014 03:40 AM

    @Passionate-in-RI I think Sami said Nick sent the pictures to her at the same time EJ received them.

    Posted by bearigan at Wednesday, July 16 2014 04:44 AM

    Oh my word, did Theresa dig her grave or what? That girl has gone totally looney. I for one cannot see her be brought down and she will. Then I hope for writers to give us our original characters back. We talk about how it would be good to bring back some of our characters such as Phillip, Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Melanie but gosh I fear they would change their characters so much so that we would not even recognize them, cause that is what they have been doing best lately. So I guess maybe it is a good thing they are bringing all these new ones on being already dumbed down. I am just not like Eve either, not sure if it is the character she plays or her. She is wicked and personally I was glad to see Abigail give her some what for except for Abigail always seems a little more mousy than that. Boy goes to show you what can happen when a woman has got her wrath on and Abigail was seething.

    I think the new hair color for Sami was reason enough to make her character even meaner and dumber than she already was. Really, she made the comment she would bring Stefano and EJ down, we know that ain't gonna happen. Stefano probably already has the longest knife he could find and has already started entering her back with it, she is just so ate up with revenge she ain't got sense enough to know or she doesn't feel pain. She thinks she has it all figured out but my money is on the Dimera's and probably Kate as well. Some of Sami's actions IMO are out of character for her. For one I don't think she would have let the wedding even happen before. Again a screwed up storyline IMO. Abigail is trying to take responsibility for her actions knowing they were wrong and I think she realized that when EJ was making the back alley comments while he was over her sprawled-out body on the table in the storage room. Then she wanted to get to Ben first but was sidetracked by running into Eve and wicked Samanther got to him first, but I hope he is man enough to hear her side of the story since there are always two sides except when it comes to Sami and then there is only one. This does not mean that I don't like Sami, just sometimes wonder if she doesn't need some counseling from someone other than her Mama.

    JJ is way too trusting when it comes to Eve, but kudo's to him for trying to do the right thing and being so sensible.

    I think at this point, maybe Jennifer should be Eric's nun. What was up with him telling her to call Daniel and tell him the sordid details about Eve and the family mess.

    Posted by ceelo at Wednesday, July 16 2014 04:53 AM

    Posted by littleguysmom at Tuesday, July 15 2014 02:44 PM

    Your right Jomar Sami WAS married to Rafe when she had "grief sex " with EJ. Sami broke her marriage vows that night. When Abby slept with EJ, Sami and EJ wasn't even married yet and why does Sami going around and telling everyone that Abby slept with "HER HUSBAND " Abby didn't sleep with him on his wedding night and come to think about it neither did Sami.

    ej was married to Nicole when he had sex with sami .
    I for one will not miss sami when she leave the show.
    abby should tell her ej wanted me not you, and abby and ej sex was far far better then the sofa sex sami had with ej ..

    Posted by littleguysmom at Wednesday, July 16 2014 04:55 AM

    @bearigan I think Eric feels a little guilty of Jen's and Dan's break up because of him. Because Jen went to Eric and told him what she over heard Dan and Nicole talking about and that Nicole had this evidence all along. So maybe Eric is trying to Jen and Dan back together. At least if Jen told Dan what Eve is about he'll be on alert with Eve and her evil doings. JMO.

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