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    Days Recap: Love Is Not Deceiving.

    Tuesday, July 01 2014
    Sami and EJ's wedding begins, Daniel rejects Jennifer's invitation, and Eve meets Brady.

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    In Theresa's apartment, she tells Eve that JJ is a party boy. They realize they both dislike Jennifer. Eve invites Theresa to elaborate on JJ's problems. After, Eve says maybe they got off on the wrong foot - sisters should be able to count on each other. Eve mentions a little project which involves hard work, but the fun part is driving Jennifer up the wall. She thinks Theresa can push Jenn's buttons.

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady worries about a drunken text he sent. Daniel arrives and asks if he's cutting everyone out. Brady muses just Eric, his father, and Daniel - because he hates Theresa. Daniel says Theresa is a sociopath. Brady doesn't need his condescension and tells him to show himself out.

    At their apartment, Will and Sonny watch Rafe tell the baby how much her mother misses her. They discuss Sami and EJ's wedding. Will reflects that it was a happy time when Rafe and Sami lived together, but hopes she'll be happy with EJ. Rafe's skeptical. Sonny tells Rafe they're attending today because EJ's supported them. Rafe hopes their goodness rubs off on EJ, but doubts it.

    In the square, Ciara asks Sami if she can be her flower girl. Lucas looks on. Allie and Ciara go look in the store window and Lucas tells Sami their daughter wants him to go to her wedding. Sami is excited. Lucas wants her to promise there will be no surprises. He kisses her cheek - he wants her happiness. Sami says he's in for one hell of a show.

    Outside the DiMera mansion, Abigail tells EJ after today, she never wants to see him again. Ben arrives and he and Abigail admire each other. Inside, EJ tells Stefano's portrait that whatever he is up to he won't get away with it. "I learned from the best." Abe and Theo arrive. Abigail enters the room with Ben. After Abigail exits, Theo asks Ben if he's Abigail's boyfriend. In a room, Sami vows she won't cry. She finds the vows she'd written previously and flashes to making love with EJ, and then to finding the photograph. Abigail appears. "Are you alright?" Sami composes herself and invites Abigail to read the vows. Abigail encourages her to read them. Sami muses, "And you'll read the poem, Abigail." Downstairs, Will and Sonny enter. EJ booms that now all they need is the bride. They head outside and Abigail follows Sami downstairs. "You look beautiful." Sami takes a deep breath and the wedding march begins. EJ nods and Johnny goes to walk Sami down the aisle. Abe begins, Will reads, and then Abigail reads a poem about love not being deceiving. Abe asks if there are any objections. No one speaks. Soon EJ is saying, "I do." When it's Sami's turn she pictures EJ kissing Abigail and doesn't speak.

    Eve answers Theresa's apartment door to Brady. She introduces herself in a sultry voice. Theresa appears and says Brady is her boyfriend - and Eve is her much older sister, who was just leaving. After, Theresa complains to Brady about her parents telling her she was worse than Eve when she screwed up.

    At home, Jennifer flashes to Eve making a claim on Jack's book and becomes furious. She vows to Jack that she won't let Eve get away with this. Daniel arrives with a graduation present for JJ - a vintage guitar. Jenn hugs him and asks him to stay. Daniel doesn't see them being together again.

    In the square, Eve tells someone by phone she's waited long enough. "Go ahead." Daniel appears and Eve flirts with him.

    At the station, a man presents Rafe with proof of state tax evasion. The man says it was literally dumped on their doorstep this morning and the guy could do ten years. He wants Rafe to put the cuffs on himself since it's EJ DiMera.

    At the Horton residence, Jennifer is served.

    Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days Of Our Lives:

    Roman uses Giselle to make Marlena jealous.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by littleguysmom at Tuesday, July 01 2014 10:44 AM

    Thank-you Candi for the recap. Hope you have a great afternoon. Watching the show right now. Sami looks beautiful.

    Posted by newvet at Tuesday, July 01 2014 10:53 AM

    A lot going on here. Oh what does Sami have in store????? You know, I am getting so tired of Jenn I am almost going to be Team Eve.
    Theresa & Brqady have to stop this drug thing too. The writers are making this S/L seem like no big deal. A vial of coke here and there, not a big deal. It is a HUGE deal.
    I so want John back with Marlena, not Roman.
    And I do not buy EJ and not paying taxes. The guy is a lwayer and a DiMera for goodness sake.

    Posted by ladybelle at Tuesday, July 01 2014 12:07 PM

    If EJ gets arrested for tax evasion maybe this is why he fakes his death. Well too much didn't happen at the wedding so
    far. Maybe we'll have ore to come.
    You know I really think Daniel is taking this a little too
    far. I don't think he loved Jenn like he said he did She needs to move on. I can't believe Brady is so dumb. Daniel has a reason to dislike Teresa. What has he ever done to Brady? Why is R

    Posted by ScrubsAlltheWay at Tuesday, July 01 2014 12:09 PM

    I heard the EJ and Abby fantasy was pretty decent : )))

    I wasn't expecting anything for them today. And I also read EJ complimented Abby today and asked to remain friends?? I hope these recaps are legit. But yea, EJ doesn't have boundaries...but Sami should know this based off how they started.

    I want more wedding misery for Sami and EJ. Bring it!! I would even take her ripping into Abby to make this wedding miserable. I mean, it's only how many folks there? All of 4.

    : \

    Posted by ladybelle at Tuesday, July 01 2014 12:16 PM

    I didn't finish my post. Why is Rafe trying to get something on EJ. I wonder who gave those papers to that guy Kate,Sami
    or Stefano. Teresa does not like Eve, I guess she is just as conniving. Wake up Brady,she is bringing you down. How could Shane and Kim have two daughters to turn out like this?
    Sydney,Johnny and Allie were so cute.

    Posted by ladybelle at Tuesday, July 01 2014 12:20 PM

    ScrubsAlltheWay, I just don't want the kids to see something stupid going on.

    Posted by ScrubsAlltheWay at Tuesday, July 01 2014 12:23 PM

    ladybelle, I think the fantasy will be as far as it gets. I don't think the affair is coming out in front of the kids. EJ and Sami will get married and then the arrest happens but even there it seems like Sami is going to bat for EJ. She is still putting up the act.

    Posted by Squeakymayo at Tuesday, July 01 2014 12:55 PM

    I believe Sami had the information.She was carrying some paperwork with blue gloves on and and mean look on her face.

    Posted by ladybelle at Tuesday, July 01 2014 01:56 PM

    If EJ wanted to he could turn the tables on Sami. He could tell police about Nick and the river but he did help cover it up. They probably have a lot of stuff on each other. Yeah the fantasy was probably it. She still loves EJ. I just feel sorry for Jenn when she finds out about EJ and Abby. She has enough on her. If Trampy Teresa has Brady why don't she give up trying to mess with everybody else. Come and get her Kristin.

    Posted by littleguysmom at Tuesday, July 01 2014 04:05 PM

    Ok I'm back. Had to take a few hours and clean my carpet. Trip on my cat and spilled a whole glass of chocolate milk on it, so instead of just doing that spot I did the whole rug. Lolololol. Got two left feet.

    Ok now on with the show. Glad we did get to see the kids today and I hope tomorrow. Well it looks like Eve wants her money why in the heck couldn't she wait until after Graduation, she just ruined the night for both JJ and Paige. I hope Aiden fines a clause in that annulment that Eve don't get or touch the money that it all goes to the vets. Eve is turning into one greedy b!tch. Oh well guess we need someone to complain about. Lol. And Theresa telling her that bull about JJ, the kid has been clean for months, wish Eve would have found Theresa stash. Lolololol.

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