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    Days Recap: The Pride Of The Salem PD.

    Friday, May 16 2014
    Hope questions more suspects, Kate's shocked at something she's missing, and Allie has a nightmare.

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    At Daniel's, he threatens to tell Eric the truth if Nicole doesn't. She attempts to run out as Jenn and Eric arrive. They can cut the tension with a knife and Eric assumes it's about Nick. Daniel denies it and Nicole admits she was walking out. She asks for time alone with Daniel to sort things out. Jenn and Eric take a walk while Nicole attempts to reason with Daniel. She gets nowhere. He's worried about Eric but also about what it's doing to her to live this lie. They argue and Nicole comes up with a plan.

    Abigail and Ben kiss on the bench at the park. Ben breaks away. He feels like he's taking advantage. Abby gets a call. She has to go to SPD for questioning.

    At SPD, Hope asks if Kate owns a gun. "I do, doesn't everyone?" She reminds Hope she knows that. She didn't have it with her the night Nick was killed. If she had the last few times she saw him, she'd have been sorely tempted to use it. Hope's surprised she's admitting that on tape. Kate says why not, she didn't kill Nick. She leaves. Roman arrives and Hope says the lab's trying to reconstruct the bullet. He goes and Abby arrives. She's distracted by thoughts of Nick calling her EJ's w**** and tells Hope she felt like Nick tricked her into giving him Aiden's name to use in the custody battle. Hope shows her a photo of her with Ben and Abby admits Ben came between her and Nick arguing. She says she felt threatened by Nick.

    At the DiMera mansion, Allie runs off to play a video game while Lucas tells Sami he brought Allie to the child psychologist. "I think she's okay now." Sami worries she will never be okay. Lucas says not to press her about it and worries about Will. Sami doesn't think Will did it but that's not why Lucas is worried. He says goodbye to Allie before leaving.

    The hitman and Sonny watch EJ look at the spot Nick collapsed in at the Horton Square. The goon's about to approach EJ when Sonny walks up, rattled. Sonny says Hope questioned him about Nick's murder. He brings up the new custody agreement and is glad something good is coming out of Nick's murder.

    At the Brady's pub, Will flashes to Sonny having Victor's gun on him and Marlena encourages him to open up. He only tells her he feels guilty because he feels relief and gladness he's dead. Marlena thinks that feeling is understandable. Later, Kate meets Lucas. They discuss how Allie's shut down. Kate says she was "grilled by the pride of the Salem PD" and told her if she had a gun the last few days she saw Nick she might have offed him. Lucas looks nervous and he starts panting. Kate doesn't notice but when she leaves, he recalls deleting Nick's text.

    Will arrives home to Sonny. They're alone. Sonny says he took the gun back - after he was questioned by the police. Will freaks. He admits he confessed to have threatened Nick before his murder. Will reassures Sonny, reminding him that since he put the gun back, they can't tie anything to Nick's murder. "They can't prove a thing." They agree they'll get through this together, and start making out.

    Marlena arrives at the mansion. Sami asks her to care for Allie while she goes out. Sami feels this is her fault but Marlena calls that hogwash. They head into the great room where EJ and Allie are. Allie's quiet. Marlena tries to get Allie to engage but when EJ mentions how tired she looks, Allie worriedly yelps, "I don't want to take a nap!" Later, Sami calls and EJ says Allie fell asleep in Marlena's lap. They hang up and the hitman follows Sami through the square to the park and grabs her. Later, Allie has a nightmare.

    In the parkette, Jenn tells Eric she can tell Daniel's furious. They speculate about what the argument's about.

    At the club, Abby tells Ben his name came up with Hope.

    Back at Dan's, Nic calls Eric and lies that Daniel was moping about having a bullet wound she caused. She asks him to meet her at her place. They hang up and Nicole says she'll tell Eric tonight.

    Kate arrives home and notices her gun is missing.

    Jenn returns to Daniel's and they agree not to discuss what happened. They start kissing.

    At home, Nicole takes off her engagement ring as Eric arrives.

    Salem Spoilers for the next Days Of Our Lives:

    Someone gets surprising news.

    JJ's date with Paige doesn't go as planned.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by littleguysmom at Friday, May 16 2014 11:25 AM

    Ok now Kate's gun is missing. I'm going to watch the show again later. There were parts that I missed. Tonight my grandsons have their spring concert so I'll probably be on later tonight.

    Posted by littleguysmom at Friday, May 16 2014 11:27 AM

    Bearigan hope you and hubby have a great weekend.

    Posted by littleguysmom at Friday, May 16 2014 11:38 AM

    Chrissi thank you for the recap wishing you and the staff will have a great weekend. Be waiting for your blog to be up later.

    Posted by everlena1973 at Friday, May 16 2014 11:38 AM

    How many people have guns, my goodness!!

    Posted by newvet at Friday, May 16 2014 11:45 AM

    Weird, never done this before, write something down here. I have watched this show, B&B and Y&R forever. Miss All My Children and As The World Turns. Does anyone remember Edge of Night? HA!
    Allie did it, she is the one who shot Nick. Probably took Grandma Kate's gun and thought it was cool.

    Posted by ldiablo at Friday, May 16 2014 11:48 AM

    How delusional can a person get? The fauxNicole doesn't see the errors of
    her ways. As long as she is happy nothing else matters. The bigger fool
    is Dr. Toodamntrusting. Thinking that the snake fauxNicole will do the
    right thing and confess to ex-father Eric. Please keep an eye open for
    low flying pigs. Instead of giving Eric the chance to choose between her
    and the church. She choose for him? Instead of clearing his name with the
    church and the town. She choose for him! Instead of giving the police the
    evidence to inprison both psycho K and Dr. Chay-kaka. She burns it and
    lets them walk scott free. What a fool Dr. Dan must of felt like to trust
    in the snake fauxNicole. He give her a chance to come clean but she just
    played the Gabbi Hernandez card and denied, denied and denied! LGM oops
    that was me taking Ms. Kates gun. I was just doing some squirrel hunting!
    ************* off topic ************************

    I want to send a special thank you to spring is the best! Thru her and her
    marvelous book. I contacted the right people and joined a group to become
    a caretaker for ferals cat colony. I am due to go on 5/21/14 to Oak park
    for a meeting for TNR. After the meeting I will be able to get the babies

    Posted by littleguysmom at Friday, May 16 2014 12:02 PM

    @ldiablo GOOD LUCK with your meeting your one in a million for taking care of our cat population. Spring is the best has really started people thinking. BRAVO to you and Spring.

    Posted by ladybelle at Friday, May 16 2014 12:54 PM

    I knew Nicole would try to get out of it.And lie about everything. Does Daniel honestly think she is going to tell
    Eric. ldiablo you are right about the things she chose for Eric. He should have been the one to choose it is his life.
    How long has Kate's gun been missing? What is in the box she opened? Is she going thru Nick's stuff? I wonder how long
    this is going to go on. Just find the killer and get it over with. Hopefully it was Gabi and she will be gone.

    Posted by ladybelle at Friday, May 16 2014 12:57 PM

    ldiablo,good luck with your meeting. Thanks for taking care of all the kitty cats. Spring is best thanks for all the work you do also.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Friday, May 16 2014 02:00 PM

    And the HEAT IS ON!!!

    Gabi did the shot that took his life...........there
    were three (3) pops before he went down in the park...
    I'm sure when he found superman strength to get himself
    up from the deadman....position and started the
    "dead man walking".....he forgot the gun and someone
    else picked it up...........people just love phones....

    So the dead man walks to the pub....knees buckle and
    Julie screams as loud as the girl screams...and it looks
    like he is trying to find someone in that
    he looking for Gabi's that can be the last
    one he see's before he see's the devil's???

    I thought Rafe was there with Jordan when all of that
    took place.............cause before you could blink
    he was on the phone calling for assistance.........

    Gabi did it..............and of course...Kate's gun
    is gone.................did Gabi take it from her
    purse????? Surely Lucas did not do this....

    Wonder what the "hitman" is going to do with the
    queen bee??? She and Wells both give themselves
    away.....acting all guilty and up tight.........

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