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    Days Recap: Greetings And Get Lost!

    Wednesday, April 30 2014
    Nick shows Percy his true colors, Daniel rescues Nicole and Jennifer but there's a shooting...

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    From the park, Kate calls Sami about Gabi's custody agreement. Sami freaks. She had no idea about it. They agree to meet later after Kate probes Nick.

    From the DiMera mansion, EJ calls a man who receives a faxed a photo of those in line at the ferry. Sami arrives and rails at him for keeping the custody agreement from her. She says they need to do something about Nick. EJ tells her to calm down. He'll get William a fair custody deal. Sami goes and EJ receives the photos. He rifles through them and doesn't recognize Percy's face. Johnny comes in and sees the pictures. Why does he have a picture of Santa?

    Kate wanders to the Horton Square where she finds Percy with Nick. "Greetings," Percy says. "Greetings and get lost," Kate snaps. Percy goes and Nick calls Kate rude. Kate doesn't care. He's a second rate Santa and Nick's glorified gopher. If he has to tolerate rudeness for $150K a year so be it. Kate grills him about Gabi's custody agreement but gets nowhere. He snipes that he is taking 30% instead of 19% of all profits from now on and Percy gets a $10K raise because of her smart remark.

    At Theresa's, she spills the beans on Liam Frasier's obsession with Jenn. He's probably the one who drugged Dan. She tells them about meeting Liam and about the picture of Jenn falling out of his wallet. She tried to tell Daniel. They wonder why he did it. Theresa says he was hurt when Jenn dumped him. Eric and Daniel rush to the cabin while Brady calls Hope.

    At the Horton Cabin on Smith Island, Liam holds a gun to Jenn and Nicole's heads and tells Nicole to fess up. Jenn's surprised they know each other. Nicole says she told a lie that could be seen as unethical. Liam snorts and Nicole snarks that he's one to talk! She gets in his face and he points the gun at her head asking where she wants 'it'. Jenn screams. Liam yells, "Think of how it's going to feel when I burn one through your gut." Jenn smashes a vase over Liam's head and when he's out cold Nicole takes his cell but can't find Chyka's document. Liam comes to and they hit him and run into the woods. They hide when they hear him.

    Hope and Ciara arrive at the Brady's pub. Aiden arrives. He has flowers and candy for Giselle. Hope snarks that Giselle's too sophisticated for that. Hope reminds Aiden that Giselle's into Roman. Aiden argues that these are her favorite roses and chocolates and he bought the latest smart watch. Giselle texts Hope. She's not coming. Hope sighs. She receives Brady's call and tells Ciara to stay there. She goes and Ciara offers to make Roman go with Giselle if Aiden gives her the chocolate and watch as payment. He sighs and calls her unusual. They pinky swear on the deal and he agrees not to tell Hope.

    With a search warrant, Hope breaks into Liam's place and finds a listening device and his laptop. Brady and Theresa run in after and she tells them not to touch anything. They find a destroyed picture of Jenn in the bin.

    Eric finds Dan at the square. He has the keys to his father's boat. They rush to the island.

    Sami meets Kate at Club TBD. Kate fills her in on Nick's demands. Sami notices Kate's ring. Kate admits it's a gift from Stefano but they're not getting back together. Kate asks if she solved the little problem with EJ. Sami's confused so Kate spells it out about EJ's tantrum in her office the other day. Sami is clueless about it.

    Nick meets Percy in the park with news about the raise. Percy's ecstatic. Nick says Sami, Kate, Will and Sonny will fall in line and when the time comes they won't know what hit them. Percy thought Nick was letting bygones be bygones. Nick can't forgive what they did to him.

    Eric and Daniel arrive at the cabin. They split up searching for the girls. In the woods, Liam finds the girls. Brandishing his gun, with a whacky smile upon his face he says, "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe." Daniel runs up and grabs the gun. The men fight over it. When Liam lets it go, Nicole grabs it and fires a shot, hitting Dan in the gut.

    Theresa and Brady head back to her place. Brady thinks she's keeping something from him.

    Salem Spoilers for the next Days Of Our Lives:

    Will is in a tizzy over Gabi.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by Chrissi at Wednesday, April 30 2014 11:15 AM

    Good episode!

    Posted by littleguysmom at Wednesday, April 30 2014 11:26 AM

    @Chrissi one of the best episodes I've seen in a long time. Why can't we have more episodes like this all the time. Lololol. Thank you for the recap and now I can't wait for your weekly blog.

    Posted by everlena1973 at Wednesday, April 30 2014 11:26 AM

    littleguysmom, I searched and searched, I could not find anything yet.

    Posted by ladybelle at Wednesday, April 30 2014 11:29 AM

    Nicole wanted Liam dead so he wouldn't tell on her. She
    didn't mind taking the risk of shooting Daniel. Nicole is all for herself. I hope Liam doesn't just run away. They can't let him get away with this. Brady knows Trampy T is lying.
    Sic Nic makes me sick. Maybe Percy will tell somebody something. Kate pays Percy $150,000 dollars a year for probably nothing.

    Posted by ladybelle at Wednesday, April 30 2014 11:30 AM

    Thanks,Chrissi for the recap. Hope you are having a good day!

    Posted by littleguysmom at Wednesday, April 30 2014 11:30 AM

    Everlena use YouTube dool and today's date. That's where I found it. Good luck.

    Posted by everlena1973 at Wednesday, April 30 2014 11:33 AM


    Posted by stjarna at Wednesday, April 30 2014 11:45 AM

    The episode should be called eeny, meeny, miny, moe!
    Liam, the Joker vs Dan, the Batman!!!! There you have it! It is all said!

    love Samantha and Kate - Kami! Just great!

    What else...can't really remember!
    Seriously EJ, didn't get the clue that it is Percy?! He should know about Percy!
    What if Percy saves Liam!

    Posted by toooldtotell at Wednesday, April 30 2014 11:47 AM

    So is Dr. Dan leaving the show? If he is it is sad that the writers did this to Jenn. First they kill Jack, then they hook her up with Dan, then Nicole goes pyshco onher over him they all get thru it then hloe goes pyshco on Jenn, then the whole theresa/will secret, and now they might kill him off?

    Posted by ldiablo at Wednesday, April 30 2014 11:47 AM

    A hardy GREETINGS all my fellow days of our lives soap opera aficionados.
    Stonecold Sammi you are a moron! DumDum Gabbi is not trying to hurt Nu-
    will she is out to get you Sammi. What a broken record her life is. Ha,
    how convenient that trampyT would point a finger at poor Liam. left out
    the part where she supplied the key to his apartment thou? Loco keep your
    eyes on the prize? Make fauxNicole confess her sins before you lose track
    of your thoughts. Oh great strike three and loco is out. Instead of get-
    ting hold of his gun and putting one in his head and one in the chest?
    The good old double tap, no faux is worried about saving her azz and is
    trying to get loco's phone. GABBI NEEDS TO LEAVE NOW! Her stupidity is
    infecting all the woman on this show. What a typoid Mary Gabbi is! Poor
    sicNic looks like he will be suffering from lead poisoning soon. Hey
    buddy you should have stayed in the river and stayed away? My hats off
    to TPTB finally a good show from beginning to end! Now can you keep it
    up or are you a one trick pony? The pint size diva is quite a piece of
    work? Roman is putty in her devious little hands. Aidan has to see there
    is something not right with the mini-me children of the corn? You have
    Loco Liam rasseling with Dr. Marvelous for all their lives but instead
    of ganging up on the nut the girls are cowering? LOL Jenn really you get
    hold of the gun. Anybody that knows you knows you would never shoot any
    one. Poor Liam ends up gut shot(too bad it wasn't a little lower) but
    did the bullet go thru Dr. Dan or just Loco? I have to wait until to-
    morrow to find out? Till then I will be busy with doing my happy dance
    for now!

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