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    Days Recap: It's Too Late For You...

    Monday, April 28 2014
    Jennifer learns the shocking truth about Liam, Nicole goes searching for Jennifer, and Gabi and Will argue about the custody agreement.

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    When Gabi leaves the custody agreement on the sofa at home while getting the baby, Will arrives and sees it. He reads it and when Gabi returns, he accuses her of reducing his visitation to his daughter. Gabi denies wanting to keep him from their daughter so he assumes this is Nick's doing. Gabi denies that. She admits she was shocked when she read the agreement, too, but it's not how the final custody agreement will read. He hopes not. She leaves him with the baby to run errands and he calls EJ to come over.

    From the Kiriakis mansion, EJ makes another call about the surveillance cameras and learns they weren't working the day he and Abby were on Smith Island. He stares at the photo and it occurs to him he has the date wrong. This was taken the second time they were at the cabin. He makes some calls to get a hold of the name of everyone on the ferry that day. He takes Will's call, locks the picture in the desk, and goes.

    In the park, Abby and Nick argue about how Nick made Will and Sonny's life miserable. Abby calls Gabi and Will's custody battle none of his business. Nick gets in her face and Ben rushes him. Abby stops Ben from hitting Nick and asks Nick to go. When he does, Abby yells at Ben for surmising the worst about her argument with her cousin. Ben refuses to apologize for protecting her. He leaves.

    Marlena and Jordan discuss patients at the hospital. Rafe texts Jordan and Marlena comments that Rafe's "quite a guy."

    From the Brady's pub, Rafe tells Nicole she should be honest with Eric about Liam's blackmail. "Honesty is the best policy." Nicole flashes to finding and destroying the evidence and agrees. She goes. Jordan arrives and Rafe dives head first into a discussion about Ben being protective. Jordan admits Ben's acting this way because she told him she was in love with Rafe.

    At Daniel's, Daniel tells Eric he doesn't think Theresa drugged him - someone else is calling the shots. Eric comes up with an idea.

    Liam arrives at the Horton cabin on Smith Island. Jenn's surprised to see him and grins. Why is he there? He needed to talk. She says she has to be on the next ferry, so they can walk and talk. When she attempts to leave, he gets in between her and the door. He asks her not to shut him out so she asks what's wrong. "You know what's wrong," he yells. He thought they were friends. She insists they are but he rants about Daniel being her world and lets it slip he knows about the pills found in Daniel's apartment. Jenn goes pale and asks how he knew about that. He talks cryptically but soon, Jennifer realizes he's behind Daniel's set up. In shock, she asks, "You?" She yells and he starts to cry. He just wanted her to love him. He starts talking cryptically again, this time about his past lovers. She was his last resort. He confesses he sent out the photoshopped photos and posted the nasty posts on the hospital forums. He spills everything to her, saying he did all of this to show her Daniel was the wrong guy for her. She assumes he's there to apologize. She will help him get help. He says it's too late for him. "It's too late for you, too," he says, pulling out a gun.

    At the Horton square, Maggie spots a distracted Nick. She asks what's up. He admits sometimes the people of Salem get to him but everything is going his way. Later, Nicole arrives and the bank teller gives her the photo of Jennifer that Liam left behind at the bank. Nicole worries for Jenn. Nearby, Gabi meets Nick to tell him about Will's reaction to the custody papers. He tells her not to be concerned. They make out and Percy interrupts with business. Nick signs some papers and Percy goes.

    Marlena arrives at Will's. Will hands her a gift - a picture of her and the happy couple from the wedding. She's moved. EJ arrives and Will opens up about the custody agreement. EJ reads the papers and they discuss Nick's part in this.

    Nicole, in a panic, goes to Jenn's. Maggie answers. Nicole demands to know where Jenn is. Maggie hesitates before saying she's at the cabin.

    From Club TBD, Ben thinks to himself that Abby's wrong. Nick's trouble! Abby shows up and wants to talk about him scaring Nick off. Ben thinks what he did was justified.

    At EJ's office, a fax comes through. It's a photo of everyone who was on the ferry. Percy's one of them.

    Salem Spoilers for the next Days Of Our Lives:

    Daniel finds something shocking in his apartment.

    Abby and Ben are into each other.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by ldiablo at Monday, April 28 2014 11:12 AM

    Thanks to TPTB for giving us fifteen minutes of fridays show cause I am
    sure I would not remember it at all? At least it gives me bathroom time.
    Please don't let Jenn revert back to the clueless dimwitted version
    again! She looks so stupid when loco showed up. HELLO STALKER ALERT RADAR
    WHERE ARE YOU? Lil evil Ej thinks he is so smart looking up records of
    who was on the ferry! What if the person that took the pictures was on
    Smith island already? Where has psycho Kristen been hiding at these past
    few months the Horton loveshack maybe. Hmmm I think gentle Ben may have
    shown his hand. I think he may have come to Jordan/? defense with either
    a boyfriend or a husband of hers. He beat him and may have killed him
    so they are on the run? How disgusting nastyGoat is I think he has been
    upgraded to the new and improved nastyWEASEL. WHAT LOCO LIAM IS RES-
    PONSIBLE FOR DRUGGING DR. DAN? I didn't see that coming LOL. Birdwatcher
    sighting? I could have gone without seeing that idiot! Will sicNic the
    nastyweasel be the WHODUNNIT murder mystery we have all been waiting for?
    I sure do hope so. Nobody is save from the vigorous scrutiny of the law
    dogs of Salem PD. Roman please check the contents of Ciara Brady's back
    -pack before eating that donut! Speaking of donuts my blood sugar spiked
    with just looking at the ICE CREAM SANDWICH DONUTS on the left side of
    the screen recipe suggestions. YUMMY AAAGH!

    Posted by CoachJack at Monday, April 28 2014 11:50 AM

    Just got done watching. It was better than I thought it would be. I can't wait until this Liam s/l is OVER. Ugh. I think Jen was onto Liam from the second he said he didn't want her to leave and she was playing like she was his friend to try to defuse the situation. The scenes between them were great, a LOT better than I thought they would be, even though I wish they hadn't gone in this crazy direction with Liam in the first place.

    I don't understand why Daniel won't involve Hope or Roman; he doesn't have to say he thinks it's Theresa (which Hope already knows anyway because Jen told her so the other day), just tell them that SOMEONE is harassing him and putting him and Parker in danger. I anticipate another lecture from Hope to him and Nicole when this is all over. I'm surprised neither he nor Eric thinks this is Chyka getting revenge. It would be a logical conclusion to draw even if it is totally offbase. After all, Chyka broke in before and kidnapped Eric and Nicole and tried to drug them.

    I didn't care for Maggie acting like it's the shock of the century that Nicole and Jen would be friends after treating Nicole like she was family when Daniel was in the hospital after being drugged. However Nicole needs to tell someone SOMETHING and stop wasting time. She should have told Rafe that Daniel and Jen are in danger.

    Glad to see Marlena working and being the Marlena I used to know. I even liked her scenes with EJ and Will today. I wonder if Sami will find the picture of Abby and Percy on the ferry before EJ does, though he could cover saying he wanted to make sure Nick wasn't following them the day he stopped Abby from talking at Smith Island.

    Posted by toooldtotell at Monday, April 28 2014 12:00 PM

    I knew Percy took the photo of EJ and Abby! Wonder how the DiMera will play Nick out over this? He shld let his daddy take care of Nick once and for all.

    Posted by soulsister44 at Monday, April 28 2014 12:02 PM

    nick and liam are crazy they need proffessional help!gabi leave nick alone there should be no custody agreement it:s fine the way it is.even daniel knows thersa did not drug him,why are the writers making jenn look clueless when it comes too looking at someone other then theresa.thersa is not that under handed.

    Posted by napangel at Monday, April 28 2014 12:20 PM

    When will Gabi be leaving the show? Are they going to recast her?

    Posted by everlena1973 at Monday, April 28 2014 01:02 PM

    *********OFF TOPIC***Okay friends, I need some advice....I attend a small church, I have always loved small churches, mainly because of the closeness I feel while doing so. Yesterday, I attended my best friend's church for friends and family day. I really had a wonderful time. Her church is twice the size of mine but the congregation will swallow the few people that attend my church. The huge difference between our churches is for one, her church members seem to be more involved then my church members. What I mean is, the few people that attend my church, don't show up for outside activities, they don't show up for picnics, get together's, or other church programs, like the one I hosted yesterday evening. I am one of the only members of my church who helps out with paying the bills, counting the monies after services, I rent the park for our annual picnic, I do a lot to help my pastor and first lady out. I want to join my firends church because the members stick together and the praise is awsome. Not to say that my church is not look, I just feel that the few members my small church have are not committed to making our church grow. I've been at this church for almost ten years and we still have the same amount of small members. Last summer we as a congregation were supposed to meet up at the church and go through the neighborhood to invite possible members to join our church; the only people who showed up were me, Gabby and our pastor!! I was ticked off, and so was my pastor. The pastor of my friends's church and my pastor are friends. I don't want to hurt my pastor's feelings. What should I do? I feel that my pastor and first lady need me, but I want to be at the church I visited yesterday One more thing, the church I visited, has a wonderful choir, my church has a choir, but no one shows up for rehearsals and no one volunteers to sing on Sundays

    Posted by stjarna at Monday, April 28 2014 01:05 PM

    @Coach Jack-
    OT- read your spoilers for the fanfic- and now can't wait for the continuation. LOL

    Also- I think that Jen and Liam scenes were really really good- it showed that those two actors could have had such great run if only they allowed the whole thing not to move with the speed of light. There was tones of sl with Liam and his troubles- and it would have brought out the old Jen...what a waste...LOL- I'll get over it...but I just don't get the whole concept of Days of the moment. Jordan moving in such slow motion and this going way tooo fast.
    Also- why are they making Dan into this superhero guy- it's too much. Seriously! Hope and Roman are cops and not doing real work... or even Rafe...oh, because it is always illegal in a way and Nicole couldn't really enlist Rafe...whatever.

    Maggie- forget it! Nuisance.
    Rafe and his comment about Gabi that he lost her mind?! Duh!
    EJ- Marlena- Will- loved it too.
    Even Ben and Abi!

    Posted by CoachJack at Monday, April 28 2014 01:28 PM

    OT haha, thanks, if I ever finish this seemingly endless spreadsheet I have to do for work today maybe I'll have a few minutes to continue working on Chapter 12.

    ITA, there was SO much potential for storyline that they missed. Crazy Liam really stole the show today. How much powerful would it have been if Liam and Jen had developed a solid friendship only for her to discover he's the one stabbing her and Daniel in the back??? And what marvelous potential to use Marlena effectively if only the s/l had gone in the direction of Jen realizing sooner what was up and trying to get Liam some help. I have loved Jen's performances the last few days--it seems that old Jen was hiding just below the surface and is finally coming out.

    I really think Hope's energy is wasted if she gives Daniel and Nicole another lecture. I think the two of them are bored and insist on handling dangerous situations themselves that are better handled by the police, and the only way to stop it is to hire them as part time consultants! lol.

    Posted by CoachJack at Monday, April 28 2014 01:30 PM

    Well the first thing to do is to pray and see where your spirit is really being led. I think you also should talk honestly to your pastor about your concerns and explain you value his friendship and don't want to abandon his church.

    Posted by ChiSox1 at Monday, April 28 2014 01:38 PM

    There’s an oar and a gun on Smith Island. Two weapons that can be used on Salem’s most horrific men – Liam and Nick! If only both of them could be there at the same time – two for the price of one! Ha!

    Liam is creepy but Nick is evil, crazy AND creepy. How can Gabi be so dumb? Wise up or you’ll be a bad example for Ari as she grows up!
    lgm: TPTB must have read your comments about Jordan’s glasses – she’s ditched them in the last few episodes.

    I don’t think Liam’s ex-wife looked ANYTHING like Jennifer. Maybe the casting department should have used Jordan’s glasses when they were interviewing for the role! LOLOLOL!!

    Also was the bank, that Nicole visited, located in Salem since she met up with the bank employee in HTS? If so, does that mean that we're to believe that Liam has been living in Salem this whole time and that he wasn't newly transferred to the area when he started working at the hospital.

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