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    Days Recap: Sprang From Your Loins.

    Monday, April 14 2014
    Nicole questions Liam, Eric warns Theresa, Rafe threatens Nick, and Sami's interference causes Gabi to pack her bags...

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    Rafe stops Will and Sonny at the Horton Square. The sexy guitar music starts up and they discuss the wedding. Rafe gives Will a lift home.

    Sami rails to Gabi at her apartment about Gabi lying to her about Nick being there a few nights ago. Gabi says nothing happened because Sami showed up and blew it. They bicker about Nick and rehash throwing him in the river. Sami thinks Nick's blackmailing her. Gabi doesn't think Sami wanted her to have the modelling job out of fear she'd be self-sufficient. Sami rolls her eyes and basically calls Gabi dumb. Sami reminds her of all of Nick's misdeeds and says she's not fit to raise her granddaughter. Rafe and Will arrive. They question Sami and she tells them Gabi had sex with Nick. Rafe goes off on Gabi and when the baby wakes up, she goes to her room. Rafe stomps off and Will admonishes his mother for calling Gabi an unfit mother and pushing Gabi into Nick's arms. Sami wants to fix it but Will thinks she has done enough. Sami goes and Gabi packs and tells Will she and Ari are leaving.

    At Club TBD, Nick tells EJ to put Sami on a leash. EJ says he doesn't control Sami. Nick warns EJ that people can suffer if Sami doesn't leave him alone. Sonny interrupts and Nick hands over the wedding gift. Sonny opens it. It's an engraved crystal with Sonny and Will's names and wedding date. Nick hopes they'll see it as a peace offering and goes. Sonny asks what that was about. EJ says if they don't handle the situation delicately it could blow up in their faces. Nick gets overly confident and messes up so they'll wait until that happens.

    At the Brady's pub, Theresa flashes to giving Liam Daniel's key to his apartment, but keeps quiet. She thinks Daniel brought this on himself and spouts off about Dan and Jenn being "card carrying hypocrites." Eric asks if she's talking about them or herself. She's offended and he says he doesn't like seeing her talk trash about people. If he finds out she was in any way responsible for this, she'll wish she was still in Los Angeles.

    In his hospital room, Daniel tells Nicole how he ended up in the hospital. She remembers seeing Liam outside his apartment but says nothing. Maggie arrives, distressed. Anne brings suspension papers for Dan to sign. Maggie says Daniel didn't do drugs. Anne snarks about him being perfect. "How blessed we are that he sprang from your loins," she tells Maggie. Daniel tells her to get lost. She does and Nicole leaves them to talk. Maggie calls this a set-up and assumes Anne and Theresa likely did this. Pensive, Nicole eavesdrops from outside. Later, a nurse brings Parker in for a big hug from his daddy. Meanwhile, in the community room, Liam says his ex was addicted to pills for years and he didn't know she was stealing his samples. Jenn didn't know. Liam goes on to say she was applying for new credit cards, and taking money from their account while telling him he didn't know how to balance their checkbook. This gets Jenn's attention and she excuses herself. Later, Eric arrives and hugs Nicole. Jenn arrives and they stare at Anne, wondering who did this. Nicole flashes to Liam mentioning that he's a pharmaceutical rep. She asks to borrow Jenn's computer and does a search which brings up something interesting. By the hub, Daniel signs the suspension papers and Anne tells Daniel to have a magical day. Everyone leaves and Anne texts Theresa to get over there, now.

    Back at the pub, Liam and Theresa lock eyes before she receives Anne's text to get back to work. She tells herself she knows nothing.

    Back at the hospital, Nicole goes searching for Liam. Theresa returns and Anne's happy to report Dr. Dan has left the building. She can't help but ask Theresa if she thinks it's a little extreme. Theresa says she didn't do it but is happy it happened.

    Eric and Maggie put Parker down to sleep at Daniel's and take off. Daniel thinks Theresa's responsible and they've underestimated her.

    Nicole goes to Liam at the pub and tries to get information from him. She gets nothing so follows him and asks why he was at Dr. Jonas' apartment.

    Sami arrives at the DiMera mansion. "Will's mad at me," she sulks. EJ asks what she did. She blames Gabi and tells him what happened earlier. They need to do something about Nick.

    Eric tells Maggie at the square that Theresa denied knowing anything about Daniel being drugged. Nearby, Rafe follows Nick and threatens him.

    Salem Spoilers for the next Days Of Our Lives:

    Dan wants to go after Theresa.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by CoachJack at Monday, April 14 2014 11:30 AM

    Good show today, except TOO MUCH ANNE lol. I think that even after Liam is eventually exposed, Anne and Theresa's reign of terror will come to an end. Their gloating about Daniel's suspension is going too far and making too many people angry at them. If Maggie lets Victor in on these developments, there could be real trouble.

    Posted by ladybelle at Monday, April 14 2014 12:55 PM

    Holdin glad you had a good breakfast. I use to get up an go to the WH in the early morning and have breakfast all the
    time. I always enjoyed that. It was so good seeing mom at home. She always seemed to be hateful and like she resented having to take care of mom,but she actually seems happier now. She says I'm going to let her do what she wants she .
    deserves it.

    everlena so glad you got to read and hope you get to do more of it. You are still in your prime and I hope you find someone. It does get a little lonely if you don't have someone when you are older.

    Sami should have beat the crap out of Gabi. If I was Will,
    I would say you're not taking her anywhere. He blames Sami.
    but she is the only one that speaks her mind even though
    she sometimes puts her foot into her mouth. I only hope EJ
    put something in that contract. Daniel is going after Trampy T. But I think Anne,Liam and Trampy T need to pay for
    what they done to people. Nicole wants to help people but when it comes down to doing for herself she backs off.
    But we will see what happens. I will be glad when Liam's ex gets there too.

    Posted by everlena1973 at Monday, April 14 2014 01:06 PM

    ladybelle, thanks for the encouragement. I just got done watching last Friday's episode. It was a shocker that Gabi slapped Sami. Sami don't play that! I can't wait to see what happens next.

    Posted by TonyaR at Monday, April 14 2014 01:35 PM

    Do we really have to go through with these two stalker story lines at the same time? That's essentially what Nick is and then Liam. I'm also quite sick of there always being someone out to get Jenn. I'm about done with this show.

    Posted by ldiablo at Monday, April 14 2014 02:12 PM

    I don't know what was hurt more stonecolds Sami face or her rather
    inflated ego. They should come up with a new word for a meddelsome,
    wornout old battle-axe and over opinionated person. Like before she
    was pimp slapped you can say "oh Sami is just throwing a JULIE". I
    just loved seeing Sami run home to lil evil Ej pouting because she
    didn't get her way again! I am surprised Sami doesn't weigh 80 lbs?
    How can this woman eat anything when she has not one but both feet
    in her mouth at all times! What a moron nastyGoat is threathen lil
    evil Ej that he will spill the beans. Stupid Gabi will go to jail
    along with all the others he is blackmailing too? What a pair of
    baboons sourpuss & trampyT are. Even though they didn't really do
    anything they will be blamed. Kind of a modern day witch hunt burn
    them first ask questions after! I see both sourpuss & trampyT with
    blackeyes and missing teeth until they start squeeling on LiAME.
    The last time so many people were giving someone the stinkeye old
    fat Steffi was shot to death again!

    Posted by littleguysmom at Monday, April 14 2014 02:15 PM

    Didn't they just suspended Dan last fall when they thought he slept with Theresa when she OD until they ran the drug test and it came out clean. How many times are they going to suspended Dan in a year. These story lines are getting ridiculous. Lololol. Not one stalker but two, not one blackmailer but two, when are these story lines going to end wish it was May already. Just getting down right sick of the same thing over and over. The writers could at least give us something to sink our teeth in and give us a nail biting s/l. Give us a murder mystery and let us guess who the murder is. JMO.

    Posted by CoachJack at Monday, April 14 2014 02:52 PM

    That's one thing I don't understand. Okay they can say Daniel had drugs in his system, he has to be suspended blah blah blah, but they can't make a case that he's a habitual drug user when they have a drug test that came out clean from not that long ago. What, after saving Theresa from her OD Daniel suddenly decided drug use seemed like a good idea? Come on people. What I liked though was that there's now a long line of people waiting to send Theresa back to LA. I've never seen Maggie like that or Eric either, those are two that it takes a lot to get angry and you don't want them against you. And if Victor gets wind of someone doing something to Daniel Theresa, Anne AND Liam had better start praying.

    Posted by Stacey 2013 at Monday, April 14 2014 03:10 PM

    I too done with Days of Our Lives only 7 comments now 8 with my comment Too much Anne,Nick, Brady, Liam the list goes on. Ridiculous story lines!!!

    Posted by tubbs2002 at Monday, April 14 2014 03:23 PM

    Okay now there are 3 people who suggest Liam, Nicole, Teresa and Jenn should be suspicious now. Someone better expose him and now or i will quit watching and fast.

    Posted by CoachJack at Monday, April 14 2014 03:26 PM

    Part 11 of my fan fic is up:

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