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    Days Recap: WilSon Wedding.

    Tuesday, April 01 2014
    Will and Sonny are about to be married but there's a hitch...

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    Posted by Butterflyrose34 at Tuesday, April 01 2014 08:48 PM

    It's been awhile since I've posted here actually I think it's my first time on the Days messages boards anyway I am enjoying the Wilson wedding story I think it's so wonderful to watch and I am glad DAYS is doing the story. Love is love and god bless anyone lucky enough to find it.
    On a different note I want to address some comments made by posters about Jordan and her glasses and how she looks so,much better without them and how they hope she doesn't need to wear as much except maybe for reading. as I woman who wears glasses herself I find it mildly offensive that certain posters seem to think that glasses make Jordan ugly or at least less attractive. Jordan is beautiful with or with out her glasses. maybe she wears them as a disguise or maybe just maybe like me she likes her glasses. I find it refreshing to see women on soaps wearing glasses and it irritates me no end when the writers decide to give them a makeover or have them get dressed up for an event and the first thing they do is get rid of the glasses like the glasses make them ugly. Like I said with or without the glasses Jordan is a beautiful woman but you know what she landed Rafe while she was wearing them so they can't be that bad can they?
    I know it may seem like a trivial or weird thing to comment on but it' s how I feel. Have a great day wherever and whoever you are:)

    while she was wearing them so they can't be all that bad can they?

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Tuesday, April 01 2014 08:59 PM

    You can give five people a place to sit and five priests...
    or all cuts of sit.....ask all ten the
    same Bible are going to get 10 TEN
    different answers........................everybody does
    not interpret the scripture the same.

    The Bible has been written and re-written so many times...
    I still read the Holy Bible....the old faded pages one...
    not the new concept..................The Holy one has
    served me well for 77 years.....I won't change....
    God loves EVERYBODY!!!!

    And can always run to your hiding place....
    cause some folk can't stand the truth!!

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Tuesday, April 01 2014 09:06 PM

    Thank you Butterflyrose34.............I think glasses are
    fine................I can never get a pair that I can see bad as my eyesight is now....I can
    still see better than with the $300 I got....everything
    has to be sky high................

    By the way....welcome to our comment
    will find the majority of us are pretty tight....and we
    have a "circle of love hug" that we formed when one of
    our precious posters was really...really ill....We'd
    send her those hugs daily...and you know what....she
    has gotten better.....her mom has gotten better....
    it's all good!! Amazing Grace!!

    Posted by ladybelle at Tuesday, April 01 2014 09:07 PM

    Holdin ,that's what I had for supper spaghetti. I agree with you. We do discuss personal things on here because we are all friends. I just don't and won't argue about religion or
    the Bible. I don't agree,but you won't see me running to no
    hiding place. Maybe you have one.
    Thanks holdin I'm doing quite well tonight.

    Posted by ladybelle at Tuesday, April 01 2014 09:18 PM

    Butterflyrose34, welcome to the board,hope you post often.
    We love getting new friends on the board. As far as the glasses go I like glasses my son wears his.He really looks cute in them and his contacts weren't working too well.
    I wear reading glasses you might as well say most of the time
    because I am always reading papers,books, and the computer.
    Most of the time I just leave them on my nose and watch tv.
    Like I said keep posting. What lovely state are you from?

    Posted by Bumma at Tuesday, April 01 2014 09:18 PM

    I agree Jordan is beautiful with or without her glasses!

    @holdinon - as you stated "We are not bullying anyone....we are stating....don't just come on our board to gripe about a s/l YOU don't approve of...."

    If not bully, then message board police? just saying.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Tuesday, April 01 2014 09:27 PM

    I don't hide from nothing Ladybelle............that was
    for those that don't like the s/l or whatever.......not
    me sugar!!

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Tuesday, April 01 2014 09:32 PM

    No...we are neither police or bully.....we just see a
    new poster come on....and that new poster just wants
    to bitcharue cause of a s/l...............never see
    them during any other s/l.....just whenever one particular
    comes on...................

    So....wait for Chriss's recaps..........she does an
    excellent feel like you are right there!

    Posted by ladybelle at Tuesday, April 01 2014 09:33 PM

    Wasn't meant for me either. Holdin ,so now you are not a bully you're a message board police.

    Posted by ladybelle at Tuesday, April 01 2014 09:38 PM

    Holdin, as far as I know Mom is coming home tomorrow.
    I know the sis will be happy. When she goes over there
    she knows if she has had a bath,if her bed has been changed,
    she knows everything.Maybe now she won't worry so much.

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