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    Days Recap: Hitting One Pothole After Another.

    Monday, March 24 2014
    Brady apologizes to Maggie, John has a talk with Theresa, and Rafe argues with Gabi.

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    At home, Brady wakes up to Theresa trying to call him. He ignores it and sighs. Brady flashes to Maggie telling him he's still behaving like an alcoholic. He finds her downstairs and apologizes. He doesn't want to live his life this way. She has to go but hopes he's sincere.

    Theresa, at work, looks frustratedly at her phone and talks out loud about Brady ignoring her. She decides to do some work. John appears.

    In the square, Jordan comes upon Sheryl and Nick looking at proofs in Club TBD. Sheryl asks Jordan why she's still in town. Nick excuses himself. Sheryl says Rafe must be happy. Jordan asks what she's doing with Nick Fallon. She says they're working together. Jordan asks about Lucas. She says that is going well professionally, and maybe personally. Jordan goes, and Nick returns. He acts interested that they knew each other before.

    Sami joins EJ in the DiMera parlor and they make out. They talk about Kate and Gabi losing their minds last night. Sami clucks about Kate going on a date with Stefano. She gasps and wonders if that's why he needs erectile dysfunction drugs. EJ rushes over to shut the door and stops Sami's ranting about it. She decides she'll ask Kate. EJ wants her to leave it alone. Sami grumbles about Gabi not listening when it comes to Nick Fallon. She wants EJ to talk to her - he got through to Abigail. EJ flashes to sex with Abigail. Sami pleads. He agrees. EJ asks Sami to keep the 'ED thing on the DL' as she leaves.

    At Club TBD, Lucas and Kate discuss Jordan. She insists it's about Rafe getting hurt. Lucas tells her to stop going after Jordan. Ben overhears. Kate says she'll do whatever it takes to find out what she's hiding. Lucas says she needs a new hobby. Sami appears wanting to talk to Kate about where she spent last night. Lucas leaves. Sami tells Kate that Gabi was on a date with Nick. Kate sighs that she should learn from her mistakes. Sami brings up Stefano. "Are you nuts?" Kate said she promised Chad she'd share a meal with his father. Kate wonders why she cares anyway. Sami says, "Because I like you and..." They both stop in shock. Kate finally says, "Sami. Me" They agree they're frenemies. Kate says Gabi is the only one who can bring them trouble. Nearby, Jordan arrives. Ben tells her there was an older woman in there who has it in for her. Sami follows them outside.

    At the Brady pub, Theresa and John discuss Brady. She says they're just having fun. John muses that from what he hears, she's been hitting one pothole after another in Salem. She figures he wants her away from his son. John proposes that she work for Basic Europe. Theresa accuses him of bribing her as Brady arrives. Brady tells John to fix his own life. John leaves. Theresa asks Brady about Maggie. He says they argued but he saw her again this morning. Theresa wants to get drinks. Outside, Kate runs into Nick, who tells her he knows about Sheryl and Jordan being acquaintances. He wonders what she's up to and warns her to leave him and Gabi alone.

    Lucas finds Sheryl and Nick together in the square and asks for a word with her. Nick leaves. Lucas tells her not to meet with Nick ever again. He says Nick's just a chemist and assures her he's very impressed with her.

    At Gabi's apartment, she and Rafe debate about Nick and whether he has changed. She wishes people would just give him a break. Rafe wants to know if they're together. She says she's been spending time with him. "I believe that he's changed." They argue. Rafe says he's experienced and knows Nick hasn't changed. Gabi thinks she knows better. She says if he can't respect her view on Nick, he can go. Rafe leaves. Nick texts that he'll see Gabi soon. EJ arrives. Gabi says Sami must have sent him. EJ tells her to follow her heart where Nick's concerned. She asks, "What's the catch?" He warns her to be safe and take it slowly. Outside, Nick listens as EJ tells her it's all Nick talking so far. "Be careful."

    Rafe runs into Sami in the square. They discuss Gabi and Nick. Sami says she saw Jordan with the guy from Club TBD - it seemed intense.

    In the park, Ben learns from Jordan that Kate was with Rafe before her. He says this isn't good. He grabs her arm when she turns away. Rafe appears and slugs him.

    Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days Of Our Lives:

    Abigail lashes out at EJ.

    Rafe learns the truth about Jordan and Ben’s relationship.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Spring is the best at Monday, March 24 2014 10:31 AM

    Happy Monday all! Glad to see Rafe walk out on Gabi. He warned her about Nick, she won't believe it. It's over!!! Sometimes that's all we can do and I have learned the hard way, throw someone a life preserver and if they refuse to grab it oh well. You will drown with them people! I know. And I have stopped drowning with people who are toxic and psyche vampires. They will drain you dry and move on to the next victim. So I was Very!!! pleased to see Rafe leave and then Gabi acting shocked that he left. Say your peace and leave and live your own life people! That's my story and I'm sticking to it. LOL!!! Sami's hair looks like something that I leave when I'm sick. She is NOT a brunette. It looks hideous. It looked nice last week. Still not sure why Kate dined with Stefano. Hope Sami finds out about EJ. Loose the ED lines NOW. Not interested. Later!!

    Posted by ldiablo at Monday, March 24 2014 11:04 AM

    I don't know but this show is becoming tedious and so boring. I watch
    the show but it isn't keeping me riveted like in the past? The only good
    part of the show was when DumDum Gabi told St. Rafe if he wasn't onboard
    with her and sicNic seeing each other then he should leave. So Rafe left
    and dumDum Gabi was shocked he did? I'm sorry but if everyone you know
    like friends and family including perfect strangers tell you sicNic the
    nastygoat is no good then HE IS NO GOOD! Can't wait until it is this
    dimwits last air date hopefully she takes nastygoat with her.

    Posted by littleguysmom at Monday, March 24 2014 11:06 AM

    Thanks Candi for the update. Sounds like a good show. Won't be able to watch until later. Have a good afternoon.

    Posted by Squeakymayo at Monday, March 24 2014 11:08 AM

    I just wanted to say I watched Legally Blond and Anne from DOOL was one of the characters. Did any one else see that?

    Posted by ldiablo at Monday, March 24 2014 11:19 AM

    @Squeakymayo I did notice and mention it before. Until she got to know
    her she was the same mean and rude bobblehead she is on DOOL? Talk about

    Posted by toooldtotell at Monday, March 24 2014 11:36 AM

    Ok, I am still cracking up........." Ben tells her there was an older woman in there who has it in for her."......
    Olser woman!!! LOL!!!!!

    Posted by BringJackBack at Monday, March 24 2014 12:14 PM

    Rafe was having a bad day. Even though Gabi is his sister, she is being so dumb (nothing unusual). I am glad Rafe left the way he did. Hopefully that will get Gabi to thinking. I am wondering how they are going to write off her character. I really hope they don't kill her off and leave Arianna without a mother. Maybe they will write her off as what EJ was going through with her, traveling for her new modeling job.

    Then Rafe slugged Ben. I don't think Jordan will be happy with that even though Rafe didn't know about him being her brother. He was just reacting to what he saw. I do like Rafe, he is one of my favorites. Glad to see him get some physicial action (hitting someone). That's sounds weird but I want to see some action shots of him doing his police work. We haven't seen that for a while. John needs to get back on the force and have some police work done by Hope, Roman, John and Rafe. Let's see the police station some more.

    I like how Days is mixing it up with characters that don't always get to interact. Like Gabi/EJ, Sheryl/Nick, Sami/Rafe. It is nice to get some different groups together.

    Of course Sami was being her usually nosy self with Jordan. Like her nose isn't in enough already. I also did not like her hair that straight.

    I did like the Kate/Sami exchange. It has been nice for a change to see them working together and now actually telling each other they consider the other one a friend (sort of). What a change from many years ago. It is great to see relationships progress like that.

    Overall a good day I thought. I really want them to get on with the Jordan secret and do a different storyline for her and Rafe then the secret thing.

    Posted by breathtaking at Monday, March 24 2014 01:12 PM

    I knew as soon as Brady walked into the pub she was going to blurt out loud are you trying to bribe me to john, how predictable.

    Posted by breathtaking at Monday, March 24 2014 01:15 PM

    ******************OFF TOPIC*****************

    @EngineerMom please let Complicated Lady's family that I will pray for them as they go through this time of grief.

    Posted by breathtaking at Monday, March 24 2014 01:20 PM

    Rafe is going to kick hisself when he finds out that he punched her brother, he went into over protective mode and the dealing he had with Gabi probably didn't help much.

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