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    Days Recap: Become A Nun?

    Friday, March 21 2014
    Kate dines with Stefano, Maxine brings up marriage to Dan and Jenn, and Liam continues to stalk Jennifer.

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    Sami and EJ are at the Horton Square. She feels like they're celebrating something. EJ flashes to learning Abby's not pregnant. Sami brings up Stefano. She thinks he's up to something. EJ would rather concentrate on her and kisses her.

    Gabi and Nick meet at the Brady's pub. She tells him she lied to Sonny and Will about where she was going. Nick goes on and on about how beautiful she is inside and out and she tells him he makes her feel good about herself. He thinks they belong together like Catherine and Heathcliff or Romeo and Juliet. She reminds him it didn't work out for them. He agrees but thinks they belonged together. He goes to get coffee and EJ and Sami walk in. Sami knows what's up and reads Gabi the riot act. EJ intercepts Nick and takes him outside to threaten him. Nick calls himself smarter than EJ and heads back in. Sami walks out and she rants but EJ says Nick needs to think he's winning.

    Stefano sets up the DiMera mansion for a lovely dinner. Kate arrives and they drink. "Here's to sitting down with you for the last time," she toasts. They get into it about Rafe. He thinks there are two sides to every story and she retorts, "You sent a man to Rafe's hospital room with orders to neuter him with a straight razor. What's the other side to that?" He laughs that he's not threatened by Raphael Hernandez. She felt betrayed by him. What was she supposed to do, become a nun? "Better than being a poutana," he snipes and then tells her to get it all out. She does and says he doesn't know the difference between love and possessions. Stefano tears up and asks if there was a time when she thought he didn't love her. She snorts that it's ancient history and leaves. EJ and Sami arrive and Stefano goes up to bed. Sami notices the wine. It's the only brand Kate would drink.

    Nicole and Eric continue bickering at Daniel's. She tells everyone he's not a priest anymore but you'd never know it. Hope drags Abe aside and asks him to back her up when she says she's leaving for work. "Only if you take me with you," he says. Maxine rolls her eyes and proposes a toast to love. Eric tries to leave and Maxine tells them all nobody's going anywhere! She gripes that some people are acting like spoiled brats and need to get over themselves. They're there to celebrate Dannifer reuniting. She demands to see smiles on everyone's faces... or else. She gets the pizza from the oven and everyone broods. Hope decides to slip out anyway and Aiden follows. He grins and says not to tell Maxine. "She scares me a little bit." Outside, Aiden asks to buy Hope a coffee. It surprises her. Inside, Eric is ready to go. Nicole apologizes for ruining Dan's party. Eric helps Nicole with her sweater and they take off. Everyone laughs about what happened and when Abe goes to start the car, Jenn raves about Maxine and Abe arriving together. Maxine brushes it off and tells the couple she expects to be seated in the front pew. She goes and things are awkward. They busy themselves with cleaning up and then blurt out that they want to marry the other but not now. They have sex.

    Liam lies in bed at his place fantasizing about making love to Jennifer. When she calls out Daniel's name, he crushes her negligee in his hand. He fantasizes Daniel is dead and Jenn has turned to him but says there has to be another way.

    Eric takes Nicole to her room. She apologizes for the evening and he says he was a self-righteous jerk. She admits she didn't think he was serious about no sex before marriage. She doesn't like it but she'll wait. She asks how long... he can't say so she relents. She wants to set a wedding date. He doesn't answer so she apologizes. He says he wants her so has to go.

    Hope and Aiden have coffee at the Horton Square. If she dislikes him so why did she agree to have coffee with him? She's conflicted about him. Aiden wants things to be tolerable between them. She agrees.

    Nick walks Gabi home and kisses her goodnight.

    From the square, Eric calls Father Louis to discuss Nicole. If there's no future for them, he needs to know, now.

    Jenn and Dan kiss goodnight in her house. Liam watches from the patio.

    Salem Spoilers for the next Days Of Our Lives:

    Sami warns Kate about Stefano.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by soulsister44 at Friday, March 21 2014 11:51 AM


    Posted by zuzu61 at Friday, March 21 2014 11:54 AM

    kind of OT..
    Too cute. Esp the "band-aid" commercial video of our cute "Little Johnny twins". />
    Have a great week-end everyone.
    Spring officially started yesterday!! March 20!!!

    Posted by zuzu61 at Friday, March 21 2014 12:02 PM

    Spoiler Question???

    I don't understand?? Will someone pls tell me.. If Kate and Stefano reunited, how does Sami think this would hurt Sami and EJ's relationship??

    Posted by Spring is the best at Friday, March 21 2014 12:25 PM

    Hello all! I kept at it trying to log in at least 6 times!!!! before it would let me post a comment. I did it just to rant! I have been super busy this week, read recaps only, tried to watch yesterdays show and got bored after a whopping 2 minutes. So this is a pure rant post today. I have NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! been more frustrated, disappointed and bored with DOOL as this week. How many stalkers do we have? I am loosing count - Liam, Nick, Theresa, Anne, Stefano, Kate, have I forgotten anyone? Yes, Sami with Abby and Abby with EJ. OMG!!!!! What a lousy show these days, no pun intended. What has happened to our show? No romance, only "dogs in heat", stalkers, threats, drunks, druggies and nothing!!!! positive. Gabby falling for Nick, the murderer, rapist and her telling Sami made Gabby almost kill Nick when he was trying to rape her at the river - I heard that much today. Liam is creepy, too much like real life and actually almost made me vomit today with Jen's negligee and him imagining Daniel dead. Are we going to have yet another "murder" to get rid of someone? And why in the He!@#@!# is Kate having dinner with Stefano and him telling her he loves her, etc. I thought Marlena was his "queen of the night". FF through Brady and T on the contaminated DiMera sofa, I bet it smells pretty bad too. I like Maxine and Abe though. Later. More important things to watch and do. I hope TPTB read this and all of our posts. Either we can be terrified of our characters of vomit at the sight of them. Not my idea of love in the afternoon.

    EVERLENA congrats on your getting back to work and Gabby being an A student. Later!!

    Posted by Spring is the best at Friday, March 21 2014 12:31 PM

    Oh!! and I forgot Nicole basically "stalking" Eric, not telling him he truth and she used to be my fave! I hope he finds out and dumps her BIG!!! time and Daniel too. I agree with everyone that Nicole and Eric are NOT a match. I thought they were but she is a liar and is ruining his life by not telling him the truth. How pathetic. I hope Daniel dumps her as a friend too. Maybe Marlena will find her out. She deserves to be left in the dust. Too bad, I was REALLY! rooting for her. Most everyone on this show needs to "get fixed" so to speak. Hope Sami finds out about EJABBY - the only interesting s/l now. Later!

    Posted by Spring is the best at Friday, March 21 2014 12:41 PM

    woops! Brady getting it on with T on the Kiriakis sofa not the DiMera sofa. I get confused with all the sofas and office desks serving the dogs in heat! LOL!

    Posted by ldiablo at Friday, March 21 2014 01:14 PM

    Spring is best ITA with your rant! I want to comment but the show was a
    snooze fest to me. TPTB or TIIC is better have completely ruined my girl
    Nicole. They have managed to transform her back to the lying, cheating,
    miserable piece of cr*p she used to be overnight? With so many stalkers &
    tramps running around Salem it is a miracle they don't start killing each
    other off. I can or I want to see LiAME and sicNic each trying to choke
    each other to death. The writting is becoming to be pathetic I really
    think my cats Koko and Boots can do better? At least there won't be
    anymore drug problems just catnip addictions!

    Posted by ladybelle at Friday, March 21 2014 01:21 PM

    Spring is the best, Lol with the "dogs in heat". That 's the way all of them seem. Gabi is so dumb,can't wait til she is gone just hope she takes Nick with her. I'm with you there are too many stalkers. Liam made me want to throw up.
    I am disgusted with Nicole Stefano is a jerk and thinks he owns everyone.I hope Kate is not dumb enough to listen to him.
    I think Eric will find out on his own. Marlena is only trying to help her son.

    Zuzu,hope you are doing well. You need to post more often.
    everlena,good luck at work today.
    Oh yes my mom has a slight case of pneumonia again.
    She wasn't feeling too well today. It seems like when she gets better something else comes up. Keep her in your prayers. Holdin,missing you....

    Posted by CoachJack at Friday, March 21 2014 02:23 PM

    Ypu all have pinpointed exactly what the problem is with our show. Everything is about sex, sex, sex. I personally find Eric wanting to wait and to go for romantic walks in the park a very welcome breath of fresh air. Thats also why Im upset that they are ruining Daniel and Nicoles friendship. Notice when sex wasnt in the equation what a wonderful relationship they had! To me that was much better than all, this sex craziness.

    Posted by ceelo at Friday, March 21 2014 02:23 PM

    Spring tell me about it i had to log inten time before i got in.

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