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    Days Recap: Can You Spell Embezzlement?

    Wednesday, February 05 2014
    Nicole and Daniel attempt to fanangle information from Dr. Chyka, JJ pulls one over on Theresa, and EJ and Abby's rendezvous is cut short.

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    As EJ and Abigail have sex in the gym's shower, Sami attempts to open the door. It's locked so she gets Carl, the security guard to open the door. It takes a while and finally when Sami's let in she calls EJ's name. He covers Abby's mouth with his hand and tells Sami he's getting the conditioner out of his hair. He runs the cold water and once he's... presentable he greets Sami and tries to get rid of her. He spots Abby's bra hanging out of the shower. She grabs it before Sami sees it and EJ dresses. Sami talks about not wanting another ultimatum about letting him back in her bed. She starts talking about Nick so EJ shuts her up and she goes. Abby asks how long it's been since he and Sami made love. He tells her this hasn't anything to do with them and goes off to get her dry clothing from a previous modelling shoot since hers are wet. The clothes are ridiculous which makes them share a laugh. He tells her he's sorry and though she should be too, she's not.

    JJ comes upon Theresa at the store. The storekeeper, Kurt, calls her Abigail and he and JJ do some complicated handshake and laugh that Theresa's just been played. Rory saunters in grinning as he greets his brother Kurt and JJ and thinks his brother deserves an Academy Award. They ask if Theresa can spell embezzlement and show her they've captured it all on video. Theresa's jaw drops. She runs out and JJ follows.

    Eric tells Father Timothy at the retreat that he still hasn't made a decision about his future. Eric admits serving as a priest might not be an option. He brings up Kristen drugging him but the test results to confirm this were destroyed. Father Timothy says he did nothing illegal though without proof otherwise it looks like he sinned. He suggests Eric join a Cloister but Eric can't become a monk.

    From the DiMera mansion, Ricardo stands by as Stefano can't get in touch with Dr. Chyka. He tells his goon he's anxious. Ricardo says Chyka was seen last week which concerns Stefano. He wants to ensure Chyka's no longer a liability. Ricardo goes and Theo and Abe arrive. Abe asks if he heard from Kristen. Stefano hasn't but knows she misses Theo. Theo asks if the kids at school are right. Did she do 'bad things'? Stefano talks in circles about Kristen and after Abe and Theo go, Ricardo returns and is told to find Chyka.

    Daniel unintentionally snaps a branch outside Dr. Chyka's cabin. Chyka gets his gun in hand and calls out, "Who is there?" Nicole watches through binoculars, vexed. Daniel spots Chyka and grabs his gun. There's a scramble and the gun goes flying. Nicole runs and grabs it and Daniel hauls Chyka into the cabin to tie him up and question him about working with Kristen DiMera. Nicole wants to shoot the doc but Daniel won't allow it. When Chyka doesn't talk, Nicole starts smacking him around. Chyka starts talking about how hot Nicole looked under her towel. Daniel holds her back from grabbing Chyka. She calls him 'fat face'. Chyka can see they're playing good cop/bad cop and his research on Daniel suggests he wouldn't harm a fly. Nicole would and aims the gun at him. He did his homework on Nicole and knows she'd do anything for "that sexual deviant" priest. He encourages her to pull the trigger but Daniel talks her down. Chyka taunts her. He can tell the priest loves her. If she lets him go, Eric will be hers. Nicole just wants to clear Eric's name. Chyka calls her stupid. Daniel prepares a syringe which has Chyka nervous.

    JJ follows Theresa to the park and gloats. She remains stony-faced and he offers a deal: They both promise to keep the videos private and nobody goes to jail. He says Kurt never put the check in the till and the gift cards she bought can go back on the shelf. He'll make sure Abigail gets the check. Theresa thinks it might be worth it to go to jail. That's how much she hates Jennifer. JJ's exasperated and calls her insane. Abe comes upon them arguing.

    Salem Spoilers for the next Days Of Our Lives:

    Ricardo arrives at Chyka's cabin.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by Chrissi at Wednesday, February 05 2014 11:08 AM

    Holy this was great today. So funny. Hope you all get a chance to watch. There were a lot of great lines. If you miss it I'll try to incorporate them into this week's blog!

    Posted by everlena1973 at Wednesday, February 05 2014 11:13 AM

    Can't wait to see what happens with EJ and Abby, I know that something will happen to where Sami will not catch them in the act! I wanna see a cat fight between Abby and Sami so bad I can taste it! Sami will mop the town with Abby's face!

    Posted by littleguysmom at Wednesday, February 05 2014 11:20 AM

    Thanks Chrissi good show today. I thought Sami wanted to surprise EJ. Now if it was me I wouldn't have announced that I was there, I would have taken my clothes of to get in the shower with EJ and as I rip back the shower curtain and hollered surprise. Abby might have had a heart attack or the janitor would have been cleaning up a mess on the shower floor. Lololol. Would have loved to have seen that.

    Posted by TerriBerri69 at Wednesday, February 05 2014 11:36 AM

    Can't believe how fast Abby went from "once had" to "HOE!" LOL. Sami's gonna hurt her, lol.

    Posted by pommi2 at Wednesday, February 05 2014 11:36 AM

    I haven't been able to keep up with DOOL in awhile. How in the world did Abby and EJ begin to hook up? Last I saw was Brady falling off the ladder. Theresa blackmailing JJ, and Sami, Kate, Gabby "killing" Nick. I did see that Nick is back from Yesterday's episode. But the thing I want to know is Why is EJ cheating on Sami with Abby?

    Posted by everlena1973 at Wednesday, February 05 2014 11:43 AM

    pommi2 I am just in the dark about this EJ and Abby mess as you are! It sickens me to see such nastiness coming from Abby. EJ is just along for the young humpty rump!! TerriBerri69, I cannot wait to see it! I hope Sami $itch slaps Abby with a gun!!

    Posted by CoachJack at Wednesday, February 05 2014 11:43 AM

    Great show today. Hope JJ tells Abe something, wish he would just give him the video or tell him Theresa is blackmailing him but no we have to drag this out even longer. Hope he says something though, this is the third person who has been concerned about Theresa bothering JJ in as many Salem hours. So she cannot get away with this.

    Love Nicole so much, her scenes with Daniel and Chyka were awesome. Laughed when Stefano said he had to tie Chyka up hahahaha. Hes going to end up owing Daniel and Nicole another favor if they get rid of Chyka for him lol

    Posted by pommi2 at Wednesday, February 05 2014 11:51 AM

    @everlena1973- I thought Sami was the love of EJ's life. I never really liked EJ and Sami together, but I have to admit that I do see the chemistry when they are together. I know Alison Sweeny is leaving days, but I think this is a slap in the face to all of the EJami fans that have been wanting EJ and Sami to get together for years. They could of done this in a different way and not with ABBY. I mean yuck!

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Wednesday, February 05 2014 11:56 AM

    It strikes me as strange....everybody wants to blame the bonehead is something so
    dang special. I really took a good look at him today....
    and I saw absolutely NOTHING!! And the princess...flapping
    her feet into the she .."what sami wants sami
    gets"..............yeah....that is her problem..........
    its time she was brought down off her pedestal as well
    as he!!!

    Abby realized today that he was using her....and if any
    of you noticed.............what he gave her to wear out
    of there..........and telling her....he'd like to see
    her in it again.................oh yeah....she's the
    tramp.....give me a break!!!

    I wish she would get strong enough to kick him to
    the curb and take his phallus with him!!!! Let him
    see...he is not all that!!!

    Loved to see her put a hole
    in that creeps head...................he is really a
    pile of sheep crapola...........

    Even liked Dr. Horny today....He looked kinda cute...

    That one called Theresa is quite a nut case....and
    JJ.......he is going to have a heart attack if he
    doesn't calm down..............notice how red his
    face gets when he raises his voice at her or gets

    On another note....the girl that won Biggest Loser...
    was on Entertainment before DOOL came on. She
    was neat!!

    Posted by everlena1973 at Wednesday, February 05 2014 11:59 AM

    I agree with you pommi2. I want to see a knock out drag down cat fight. Like my mother has always told me: "Ain't no ONE man, gone have just one woman". She has always told me that. And the older I get, the more I see she was right!

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