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    Days Recap: He's Fish Food.

    Monday, January 20 2014
    Will offers to lend a shoulder for Abigail, Sami wants to talk things out with EJ, and Brady runs into Chyka.

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    Posted by CoachJack at Monday, January 20 2014 11:59 AM

    I'm glad EJ and Abby stopped for now. I can't stand any more of "OMG I'm a horrible person... I want you... what am I doing???" I'm sure this is not the end. I want to know who was taking those pictures and who hired them. What's up with Gabi seeming to have a crush on EJ too?

    The couple arguing was pretty silly. But had Eric got the power off, it wouldn't have helped because nobody would be able to see to go down there lol. That wall unit Daniel had looked like it was electrical, I had one like that in my last apartment and it went dead like that when the power was out, and controlled both AC and heat. Surprised nobody is smelling gas yet, it should be traveling up through the floors.

    So we will see what happens next with Eric and Nicole once they get out of there. Their scenes were sweet but I kept thinking about how Nicole's neck must hurt from being up against the pole and it was so distracting lol.

    Glad n o random other Salemites showed up at Daniel's door in the middle of this mess. Also glad Daniel called Roman at the end, if he doesn't stay put that police officer that is taking forever to get there might think Chyka came back for him.

    Oh and Brady is an idiot, but so is that busybody who read about Eric and Kristen but not about Brady in the paper lol.

    Posted by CoachJack at Monday, January 20 2014 12:02 PM

    Also why did Chyka throw out all of Eric's other stuff but keep the rosary? lol

    Posted by BringJackBack at Monday, January 20 2014 12:11 PM

    Loved the scenes between Eric and Nichole. They are creating a triangle with Eric/Nichole/Daniel with the spoilers saying Eric is leaving town for a while. This will give Nichole and Daniel a chance to get closer. Then who will she pick? I can't decide who I like her with better.

    I think EJ has some real feelings for Abby but not sure how they are going to play out. I can see EJAMI getting married and before the priest says "you are now husband and wife", the whole thing blowing up. That is usually what happens.

    Wondering if EJ hired the cameraman to blackmail Abby into keeping quiet. Just my take on it.

    Somehow they have to write Gabby out before April or May. Wonder if that means Ari is going too. I hope not, she is so cute!

    Posted by stjarna at Monday, January 20 2014 12:14 PM

    They all have a crush on EJ! LOL... oh, Samantha...grab your man while you still can! I am now in the laughing mood, cos the nightmare of Abigail will not blow by far...

    I guess, Nicole will let Eric go for now to clear his head and then what????

    At least, happy they are out of that basement, and we get Danicole action time-!!!

    Posted by littleguysmom at Monday, January 20 2014 12:15 PM

    @CoachJack I was wondering the same thing and when Chyka threw the phone in the trash why didn't they find Eric's personal Bible cause Chyka threw that in first. Maybe Chyka forgot that the rosary was in his pocket yet. Glad Brady realize that the rosary looked like Eric's. Maybe that will be a clue to Dan where Chyka went to Vegas.

    Posted by nocnie at Monday, January 20 2014 12:20 PM

    Maybe we are getting a Horton/Dimera baby. That would give drama to Abby.

    Posted by ldiablo at Monday, January 20 2014 12:26 PM

    Just when you think it can't get any worst DumDum Brady managed to stick
    not one but both feet in his big mouth. This guy is beyond stupid and is
    in need of a brain transplant! He had a chance to beatdown Dr. Quack and
    strangle him with Erics rosary. Why hasn't Grandpa Vic taken away all his
    money and toys. The title of village idiot is to good for him WHAT A
    LOSER? I would love to see Dr. Quack go thru the checkpoint with all his
    needles and drugs! Eric and Nichol are stuck in the basement while DumDum
    is jetting off to Vegas? I hope the old lady with hot flashes goes out-
    side to play in the snow. They are close by to CHIBURIA so cooling off
    should be no problem! Am I mistaken or does Stonecold Sami look very
    plain Jane lately?

    Posted by ChiSox1 at Monday, January 20 2014 12:30 PM

    bearigan: I totally agree with your hot flashes comment. Never mind the fact that, just two weeks ago, in REAL LIFE the people of Illinois were suffering from wind chills of -45! Yep, I told my husband to turn up the AC during those days!

    I don’t think this is over for EJ and Abby. Boy, for such an innocent little flower, Abby sure can start stuff, huh? Does anyone think that Sami might have hired the camera person? Maybe she got a little suspicious the other day after she saw EJ with his arm around Abby’s shoulder. Now, she might be playing the “I’m sorry” card with EJ just to see if how he will react and if he will “come clean” with her! That would make for some interesting times! If it is Sami, EJ better sleep with one eye open!

    What purpose did it serve to have Brady encounter Chyka at the airport? Just to eat up air time or will it actually help in tracking down the guy?

    Posted by stjarna at Monday, January 20 2014 12:31 PM

    @nocnie- and I hope it is Chad's baby!!!

    Posted by stjarna at Monday, January 20 2014 12:34 PM

    Maybe Brady will be helpful when Danicole start the search

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