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    Tinda Lau Shootout!

    Friday, May 04 2007
    Duck shoots Shawn, Adrienne gets through to Steve and Kate spills to EJ where Philip is.

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    Posted by pepperlady at Friday, May 04 2007 08:21 PM

    I agree, Philip is acting like an inmature 3 yr.old I have a neice that has more brains in her little pinky than he does in he does in his whole frickin body,which ain't much!
    & What's with the Quack? Is he off his rocker or what?
    Hellllloooooooo, I know it's just a soap opera jeazzzzz
    he could of hurt Clair! I can't wait til Bo gets there
    & see's that his son is hurt. Someone is gonna pay.

    Posted by bearrie at Friday, May 04 2007 09:52 PM

    pepperlady: HUH? I don't get that. What does one have to do with the other? Also, how about you get your story straight?
    1- There's nothing wrong with Kate that would prevent her to carry a baby. Austin, Billie & Lucas would be exhibit A.
    2- Vivian STOLE the embryo that came to be Phil because she wanted VICTOR. -It didn't hurt her cause that the enemy in ?? was Kate- Vic and Kate NEVER asked Viv to be their surrogate.
    3- I can't say with 100% certainty but I don't believe Phil's infertility has anything to do with his parents. Lord knows they have no problems reproducing. I'm not really sure why Phil tends to shoot blanks. Maybe it is DNA but again, his parents certainly have no problems in that area.

    Posted by moma at Saturday, May 05 2007 02:25 AM

    Two days in a row for me.... Wow!!!! the updates were spot on; the episodes were fabulous!!! THANKS CHRISSI!!!
    I think Philip shooting "blanks" might have been caused by his first war injury; remember he lost a leg.... This paternity question would not (IMO)couldn't have been answered with 100% accurancy;... or; could it? I don't know very much about genetics so I guess if someone; though I can't imagine who had a hidden agenda I guess Philip could theoretically could still be her dad.
    As usual... can't wait for Monday's show!!!
    THANKS TO SOAPS.COM... I'm even more addicted to this soap than EVER!!!! THANKS CHRISSI...ET....ALL!!!!!!
    SOMEONE SAID IT BEST....Duck=Quack!!!!

    Posted by delotwo at Saturday, May 05 2007 09:03 AM

    I'm sick of Steve and Kayla, and I'm sick of Phillip calling Clair his daughter. He was only with her for a few months before he found out she was Shawns. He knew Bell was in love with Shawn, but he wouldn't leave her alone. He needs to get a life, and leave Bell and Shawn alone. I hate the thought of them bringing back Stefano and Tony AGAIN,Why do they have to go backwards with their story lines? I thought they had NEW writers, Can't they come up with new story lines.

    Posted by destinysnana at Saturday, May 05 2007 11:43 PM

    My question is when will Kate and Phillip get what they deserve? Everyone wants to say that Sami is terrible, she is, but what about the momma and son. Yuk, shouldn't she and Phillip finally get what is due to them?

    Posted by magazinefun at Sunday, May 06 2007 01:10 AM

    In regards to Phillip shooting "blanks", I remember when Belle, Phillip, Shawn, and Mimi went to the hospital to do the In-vitro it came out that Phillip has a low sperm count.

    I enjoyed friday's show. I'm really hoping that they resolve the Shawn/Belle/Claire/Phillip storyline soon. I'm finding it rather boring now. Zzzz.... It's about time Shawn, Belle, and Claire return to Salem.

    IMO, Shawn deserved to get shot in the shoulder. He's very hot-headed and acts stu**d most of the time. He needs a wake up call.

    Posted by moma at Sunday, May 06 2007 03:39 AM

    Hey; that's right... I guess he still could be Claire's dad!!! Wouldn't that be something; especially if Willow loses her baby? I can't see why Kate / Victor would have changed the tests unless they didn't want Belle as a daughternlaw. No... the child belongs to Shawn. When are we going to see that child that Philip does have by Mimi?? I guess that'll come out later too!!

    Posted by christiannmillis at Sunday, May 06 2007 05:02 PM

    This is so stupid Phillip isn't claire's father. Yes he did raise her for the first part of her life., but he walked out on them instead of fighting for his family. What about his other baby? What happened to that child? He had no problem giving that child up. Belle and Shawn deserve to be happy together as a family.

    Posted by mkeychic23 at Sunday, May 06 2007 05:54 PM

    i hate phillip and duck!!!why cant they leave belle shawn and claire alone!!and why did duck shoot shawn?shawn (not phillip)has a kid and wife to support.phillip should never of touch is not even his kid!!!!i dont know about but i wont phillip dead.

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