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    Days of Our Lives - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Days Of Our Lives'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Slipped A Mickey!

    Thursday, May 03 2007
    Gabby drugs Philip, Lucas plays a prank on EJ and Kate, and Sami gets released from the hospital.

    Belle talks to Claire about what they've been through recently and mentions to her daughter that she's been on the run longer than she could walk! Gabby interrupts them to give Belle the GPS for Shawn. She tells Belle that she feels bad for the mess that they're in, but Belle says she knows it's partially her fault for calling home. She admits she's afraid for Claire and asks Gabby to have the pass key to Philip's room so she can search it. Gabby hesitates but Belle tells her that if she does this for her and goes downstairs to stall Philip, she'll wipe the slate clean. "I'll forget that you ever tried to get Shawn into bed." She promises. Gabby thinks her words are harsh but Belle says, "So was hitting on Shawn!" Gabby agrees and hands over the key. Gabby goes off to stall Philip while Belle takes Philip's bag and searches through it. She finds his PDA and switches her cell phone with it so she can spend more time investigating who he has recently spoken with.

    Down at the bar, Philip and Duck bond over beer and old war stories while Shawn tends bar. Duck asks Shawn why he talked trash about Philip when he's a great guy. Philip interjects and admits that Shawn and he used to be really close until Claire's paternity came between them. Duck goes off to the restroom and Phil goes to Shawn to ask him to hand over Claire. Shawn refuses and warns him that once he's asleep, they'll leave the island. Philip goes back to his table as Shawn reaches into his pocket and finds a prescription bottle. "Sweet dreams," he says.

    Duck and Philip laugh and swap stories and Gabby comes down to talk to Shawn. She asks about Philip's kingly attitude and Shawn declares that Philip's family is filthy rich and that they used to be very close. He says, "We're family. Philip is my uncle, but now…" He trails off and tells her he has Duck's sleeping pills and asks her to slip them in his drink. He tells her since Philip is a soldier, he will stay awake until his mission is over. She agrees to help but tells him, "You and Belle are good at asking for handouts, aren't you?!"

    Shawn goes upstairs to his room and surprises Belle, who wasn't expecting anyone. She confesses to ransacking Philip's room and shows him Philip's PDA. She lets on that she has found emails from EJ Wells. Shawn is confused about what EJ would want with them, and they both agree that it can't be good. He wants to talk to Philip about EJ but she tells him that Gabby was a part of their plan. He agrees to try to keep Gabby out of it.

    Downstairs, Gabby tells the men that it's last call, so Duck shuffles off to bed. Gabby tries to lure Philip into sticking around and having one last beer with her. Although he doesn't trust her, he agrees to it. She explains that she made a mistake about him. She apologizes for it as he drinks his drug laced beer. She calls him a war hero and tells him that Duck rescued her from a Vietnamese orphanage. She thinks the way Duck loves her is the way he loves Claire. He tells her, "That's some turn around but I accept your apology." He snidely asks her if she's keeping him there in order to allow Belle to ransack his room, but Shawn comes down at the same time and asks him what his connection is to EJ Wells. Philip laughs and realizes he was right. "I hope you had a good time reading my PDA?" he asks Shawn. Philip admits he doesn't know what EJ wants with them but thinks it must be serious. He offers to charter a private boat to get them back to civilization if in return they give him Claire. Shawn refuses and Philip goes upstairs. Shawn thanks Gabby and tells her that the plan is to leave, as soon as Philip is asleep.

    Philip goes upstairs to say goodnight to Claire but Belle urges him to get out but he takes the baby from her arms and says he just wants to kiss Claire goodnight. Shawn waltzes into the room and takes Claire from Philip. Phil tells Shawn that there will come a time when he won't have to worry about Claire, because she'll be with him. He then appears dizzy and staggers a little. Shawn asks if he tied one too many on but Philip assumes its jet lag. He leaves the room and sits on the floor outside the room. "What the heck is wrong with me," he whispers to nobody

    Back inside the room, Shawn tells Belle that they're out of there. He admits that Gabby gave Philip a tranquilizer. He checks on Philip, who is sprawled out on a chair across the hall, fast asleep. They make a run for it!

    A doctor has checked over Sami, at the hospital and clears her to go home. She and Lucas are happy to hear the news and Lucas promises to back off with the EJ line of questioning. He counts their blessings on her fingers and tells her they're getting hitched this time and nobody will stand in their way. Sami dresses and they prepare to leave. Lucas mentions that they conceived the child because it was meant to be, just like their love. She tells him her meltdowns are not because of him and knows that their love is strong enough to get them through. They kiss and he asks her why she was in a constant state of anxiety about things that didn't matter. She asks him to always remember this moment just in case their future ever gets taken away from them. "And you'll know without any doubt, how much I love you." Lucas calls himself the luckiest guy in the world.

    Kate stands outside the door listening and when she goes to open the door, EJ comes up behind her and holds her to him. "Darling I wouldn't go there if I were you," he tells her with a grin. Kate shows EJ the photo of Sami and EJ in Lexi's car. She tells him that it was taken the same day that John was shot and that he said he was halfway to Mexico. He asks her what she gets out of all of the information. She says guilt, proof they were accomplices and truth. She threatens to blast Sami out of Lucas' life forever but EJ says he can't let her do that. He tells her he has a team of Lawyers that will help him get through anything but admits that although the photo won't prove he shot John Black, it'll turn up the heat on him. He threatens her not to come forth with the photo to Lucas because he has an agenda. "I don't want his surprise for Samantha and Lucas to go down the tubes because of you." He teases. She tells him he doesn't scare her and asks if he expects her to allow Lucas to marry Sami. He tells her that all she'll do if she shows the photo to Lucas is tighten the noose around his neck. He knows it won't help and that he'll simply be forced to protect Sami. Kate listens intently and realizing that she'll only succeed at losing Lucas, she agrees to give him the photo. He asks for her trust and tells her that tomorrow is his special day, not just Lucas and Samantha's! He says it's the only way it'll work out. She hands over the photo and asks what his plan is. EJ says that it'll all be revealed, and hints to her not to forget her handkerchief!

    Just then, Lucas wheels Sami out of her hospital room. EJ tells them that he's happy that Samantha is well enough to go home. Lucas wonders if EJ and Kate are playing with matches again. While Kate and EJ stand there confused as can be, Lucas comments, "It smells like smoke to me!" When EJ asks what he's on about, Lucas smirks and asks, "Don't you mean what the 'blazes' are we talking about?" He and Sami snicker as Lucas removes the fire extinguisher from the wall and aims it at EJ and Kate. As Sami laughs hysterically behind Lucas, he says, "This is for Sami, the baby and me," and he sprays EJ and Kate! EJ and Kate try to hide themselves as Sami and Lucas fill the room with laughter and the dry chemical powder. When he stops, he sees that Kate and EJ are full of white particulate powder. Lucas says, "The lesson of the day is: Those who play with matches usually get burned!" They laugh as they leave the hospital.

    Next On Days Of Our Lives:

    EJ tells Kate, "I want to know where Phillip is. Now, that doesn't sound like such an unreasonable request, does it?"

    Phillip tells Shawn that if they find a way to work out shared custody we can end everything tonight.

    Steve holds on to his sister hard and says, "If there is a Kayla, then maybe I am not one of 'them'."

    Bo tells Kayla that if he has to break in and bust him out himself, he will. Kayla retorts, "You can't do that. They'll arrest you and throw you in jail!" This doesn't appear to bother Bo much!

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    Posted by moma at Thursday, May 03 2007 02:38 AM

    My oh my.... This is a Thursday's show??? Can't wait to see it on the tv; what could possibly top this for a Friday's show!!!!
    So much action!!! two "semi" paybacks in one episode; which to talk about first!!!!
    Way to go Shawn!!!
    It's a shame it was only a fire extinguisher shot!!! I hope he uses real (or somebody does ANYWAY!!)bullets next time!!!!
    Adienne: Go get your brother straightened out!!! Be CAREFUL!!!!
    DIFFERENT NOTE.... Hubby is HOME!!! YAY!!!YAY!!!

    Posted by Bananisen at Thursday, May 03 2007 03:47 AM

    Days is getting better and better for every day that goes and not to mention the summer beacuse then almost all Dimeras are returning, latest news is that Lexie will be returning too!!=) I wonder how she will be now, maybe evil again, that would be fearce!

    Posted by #1 LumiLover <3 at Thursday, May 03 2007 04:06 AM

    today looks sooooo awesome!! really gr8 shows all this week. cant wait to see it and tomorrows should be even better!!!!!

    Posted by Cars at Thursday, May 03 2007 05:20 AM


    Posted by joyful at Thursday, May 03 2007 06:40 AM

    All I could say is Great Show.
    That scene with Lucas spraying Kate and Ej made my
    Can't wait til see it tomorrow.

    Posted by lrr352 at Thursday, May 03 2007 06:56 AM

    This lookl good for the day i can't wait to get home to tsee it...good job Lucas and Shawn

    Posted by dcaminiti at Thursday, May 03 2007 09:26 AM

    i am anxous for lexie to come back. i am thinking that the baby will end up being lucas's after all. i hope so. i love sami and lucus together. i think philip is hot

    Posted by ms_than6 at Thursday, May 03 2007 09:48 AM

    I HATE KATE, yeah like it's one thing hating your son's fiance but it's another thing to keep staying in there business no wonder why ALL her kids especially philip are all scrwed up, and why is it in every story line she has to know everything

    Posted by YR_GH_ATWT_Lover at Thursday, May 03 2007 12:13 PM

    I'm not an avid Days fan but my friend has been trying to get me into it. i don't watch, just read the recaps. it is a great show. very suspense full. Back to the show...

    i am so excited about tomorrow. i hope Shawn and Belle get away from Phillip safely! I can't wait!

    this show is so interesting, but why do the ratings stink? come on people, watch Days! Save days!

    Posted by jolener8 at Thursday, May 03 2007 12:14 PM

    Kate is so irritating. She needs to get her own life. Philip needs to give it up already. Although I do like Sami and Lucas together, I like Sami and EJ better. There's more passion, and EJ is gorgeous.

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