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    Days Recap: Back In The Closet!

    Thursday, December 12 2013
    Sonny eavesdrops and gets an earful, JJ looks for drugs for Theresa, and Eric goes into the hospital.

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    In her bedroom at home, Gabi flashes to Nick's murder and prays her cohorts can help her get through it. In the kitchen, Sonny assures Will he'll find out about the surprise birthday party Sami's planning. They snuggle on the sofa and Will takes off as Gabi comes out.

    In the Horton Square, Kate flashes to warning Jordan away from Rafe. Adrienne stops Sami at the park to apologize for being wrong about Will and calling Sami's family crazy. Sami says it's water under the bridge. Kate walks up. They're off to visit Arianna. Adrienne asks to tag along and they make excuses. Adrienne backs off and goes. Kate calls Adrienne a 'judgemental shrew' and they take off.

    JJ practices guitar at home. Theresa calls. She needs him at her place. He hangs up and mutters, "Bitch." Abigail walks up and questions him. He covers and Abby gushes about how proud of him they are. He goes and Maggie turns up. They discuss how Victor has "reverted to the man he once was" but Mags is staying positive. Abby brings up JJ calling someone a bitch and worries he's not being very social at school. She had Gran to go to for advice. Maggie says Gran's looking out for them. Abby relaxes.

    At Daniel's, he and Eric discuss clearing Eric's name. Eric now believes Daniel isn't helping him out of guilt. Daniel appreciates that and says he'll deteriorate the masking agent and get to the original poison Eric was given. It'll be painful because of the temperature differences between his body and the drugs they'll introduce into his IV.

    Nicole shows up at the Kiriakis mansion for the pre-interview with Brady. He runs upstairs to do a line and returns, high, saying his dad texted about some family research he's been doing in Europe. Nicole's taken aback by how fast Brady talks and how open he is. She records the conversation as Brady says he believes Eric was drugged and can't recall what happened the night of the rape. Kristen's the only one who knows the truth. He chuckles as he recalls hitting his priest brother in the face. Disturbed, Nicole shuts off the recorder and questions him. He doesn't want to wallow. She's proud of how he's handling this. She goes and he drops a vial of coke. "No, no, no," he groans, and calls his dealer for more.

    JJ goes to Theresa's. She orders him to buy some weed for her. He's strapped for cash so she gets some while he deletes the video of him smoking pot. She laughs. She gave her friend in L.A. a copy. He sneers and takes the cash and goes.

    Will ends up at Club TBD where Will realizes Tad has a crush on Gabi. He tries hooking them up but Tad says they're friends.

    Sami and Kate arrive at Sonny's pad. He hides in the closet as they're in with Arianna. Will texts Sonny from Club TBD to ask what's happening. Sonny texts, "Only for you would I go back in the closet!" Will can't believe it. They laugh. Sonny's giddy and thinks they're about to talk about the party. Meanwhile, Adrienne stops by the club. She and Will bond a little as he tells her what Sonny's up to. Sami and Kate eat homemade tamales and assume Sonny made them. They crow about how special he is. Sonny's in shock when he hears Gabi worrying about someone finding out they murdered Nick.

    At the hospital, a nurse injects Eric with the drugs. Nicole arrives. Daniel thanks her for defending him and she sits with Eric while Daniel puzzles about who could have helped Kristen with the drugs.

    JJ meets Bev and Rory at the square and apologizes for calling them losers. He wants to buy weed but this makes Rory feel used. JJ says they're still friends. They give him a tip about a guy who sells at the park as Abby watches.

    Theresa waits for JJ at the hospital, annoyed that he hasn't scored yet.

    From some island, Dr. Chyka tells 'Ms. DiMera' on a call that he's safely ensconced thousands of miles away from Salem where nobody will ever find him.

    JJ waits for his dealer at the park when Brady steps out of the woods.

    Salem Spoilers for the next Days Of Our Lives:

    Nicole tells a lie.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by toooldtotell at Thursday, December 12 2013 11:43 AM

    Y cant theresa go to the park and get her own stuff? jj should go to hope witht his and st up theresa and bust her good!

    ah-oh, now sonny knows about nick. what is going to happen now? I really wish sami was not invilved with this at all. so tired of her being in jail.

    brady on coke, wow he & theresa should hook up.

    Posted by maja at Thursday, December 12 2013 11:43 AM

    On today's episode of "Drugs Of Our Lives"...Brady & Theresa young junkies trying to get their next fix, will these two crazy kids become another heartbreaking statistic? Do I care? NO!! Sick of mopey Brady and useless Theresa.I won't shed a tear if either one of these idiots meet their en, my only hope is they'll take Anne with them.

    Posted by CoachJack at Thursday, December 12 2013 11:53 AM

    Who cares if Theresa's friend in LA has a copy, not that I believe it, who would be friends with her? I was so proud of JJ yesterday and so wish he'd stuck to his guns...I am hoping that he ends up confessing to Abby when she confronts him and not getting into anymore trouble because Theresa scares him.

    Posted by DragonSoap at Thursday, December 12 2013 12:07 PM

    I guess I thought it was "nice" of Adrianne to "apologize". You can't fix all damage with an apology but it's a step in the right direction. I dunno why Kate has to be so nasty sometimes.

    I kinda liked seeing Kate and Stephano together. But that would never work with Sami in the house. I agree. I don't want to see Sami in jail again...that's just getting so old. She's been there so many time...I'm sure they've "left the light on" for her. I really and truly like Sami and EJ together despite their "evil" beginnings.

    Nick ain't dead. No evil person dies in Salem forever...Bwah-Ha-Ha. He's probably just downstream setting up his "lair" to capture Gabby for a few months and blackmail Sami and Kate. I really can't get into Teresa. I would much rather see "Eve" come back. I one remembers Eve. I think all this Nick and Gabbie fiasco is just a "round about" way to get Will and Sonny to become full time parents of Arianna.

    Posted by DragonSoap at Thursday, December 12 2013 12:09 PM

    Maybe too...Nick will wander aimlessly thru Salem not knowing who he is then actually find out he's a Prince of some unknown country....that hasn't been done in a while.

    Posted by zuzu61 at Thursday, December 12 2013 12:31 PM

    Posted by DragonSoap at Thursday, December 12 2013 12:09 PM

    Maybe too...Nick will wander aimlessly thru Salem not knowing who he is then actually find out he's a Prince of some unknown country....that hasn't been done in a while.

    lololol.. Seems Days can't/don't give us any joy and laughter.. It's a good thing the Fans can/do!!
    Yeah.. In his red carpet interview, Greg M. said Dool was just an everyday Mid-Western Town.. This s/l sounds exactly like their other "everyday life" s/l's. hahha

    Posted by zuzu61 at Thursday, December 12 2013 12:34 PM

    toooldtotell,, Haha.. ITA.. The next, perfect DOOL SuperCouple.. Brady and Theresa..

    Good Grief!! Drugs, Drugs, Drugs..

    Posted by lc_g at Thursday, December 12 2013 12:35 PM

    You know, I have watched Days since it started and I have had moments where I couldn't stand a story line, but I now am thinking seriously of just going away.

    Can't stand the Nick, Kate, Sami and Gabi line - Stupid and Sami just got out of jail and the kids with this diamond earring. Great fast forward time.

    Jennifer & Daniel, if she loves him she should have faith, stupid line. She is so judgmental and self-righteous.

    Now here we go again with Theresa and JJ - so boring.

    Tired of it. Only exciting part is Sami and JJ.

    Eric and Brady -- So boring should have finished the story line with Kristin leaving. Eric, being a priest is stupid and unforgiving and Brady of course is back in drugs.

    Posted by zuzu61 at Thursday, December 12 2013 12:37 PM

    maja.. Perfect description of the next SuperCouple..

    ..." mopey Brady and useless Theresa."....

    Posted by tubbs2002 at Thursday, December 12 2013 12:58 PM

    yeah i knew Teresa was faking, she needs to be turned in. JJ needs to tell Daniel what's going on. What a lowlife she is. I cannot stand her. Get rid of her.

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