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    Days Recap: Is He Dead?

    Tuesday, November 26 2013
    Sami, Kate, and Gabi get the shock of their lives while disposing of Nick's body, Brady's tempted by alcohol, and Nicole tries interviewing Eric for work.

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    Posted by ldiablo at Wednesday, November 27 2013 08:06 AM

    LGM I said the same thing myself with the funny little man looking for
    birds? In my original post I said what business does this guy have in the
    park in the middle of the night? I said unless he was there to get rid of
    bodies himself!

    Posted by littleguysmom at Wednesday, November 27 2013 08:08 AM

    @CoachJack ..I hope they have a good show today, we need a good cliffhanger to keep us talking over the weekend, probably won't be very many posters on tomorrow because they will all be enjoying time with family and friends. Maybe tomorrow night we might have a few. Relaxing after their big meal. Let's try to see how high in numbers we can bring up the post by Monday morning. Lololol.

    Posted by littleguysmom at Wednesday, November 27 2013 08:14 AM

    Thanks holdingon I must have missed bearigan post last Friday, I too wish her safe travels. You must be up to take your pill and eat your nanner and cheese. Are you going to watch the show today?

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Wednesday, November 27 2013 08:14 AM

    Hey...before I hit the recliner again....let me say this...
    you guys have been belly aching all week about not having
    anything to talk about Thurs. and Fri...thru the week-end.

    HELLLLLLOOOOOOO!!! Did you notice....hardly left the
    ground yesterday................Waiting for Wed.'s show
    and only 42 comments...................REALLY!!!

    OK.....said my piece............we get what we give...
    you cannot cry foul....if you don't play fair.........
    the comments are not going to type and post by themselves.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Wednesday, November 27 2013 08:21 AM

    I took my meds at 6......went to sleep and awoke at
    10....that is when I ate my nanner and string cheese...

    I can't eat anything for an hr. after taking meds...
    or vice-versa!

    When you bake your turkey...remember what Bearigan
    said....quarter an orange and apple and put in the
    cavity.............makes it moist and delicious!!!!

    Posted by littleguysmom at Wednesday, November 27 2013 08:24 AM

    Holdingon gotcha I'll post anything and everything here on out, even if it's the smallest detail. Lololol.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Wednesday, November 27 2013 08:30 AM

    That is right...........and zuzu should post each and
    every time her rooster crows...............they do
    crow more than once a day!!! What has she been doing
    lately..............always saying she is
    she has been working hard or something.....probably...
    the "or something"...and not so much "working hard"...
    you think!!

    OK...Idiablo and two behave
    now..............and I'll try to get some shut eye
    before the "three stooges" come back on from yesterday...
    That is what you called them...right!!!
    Tally Ho!!! Move it out!!! RAWHIDE!!!!!!!!
    NO...I haven't been in the "spirits".....I don't drink...
    and I thank God for that!!

    Posted by littleguysmom at Wednesday, November 27 2013 08:35 AM

    Holdingon have a good rest until show time. Maybe zuzu grandkids has her tied up again. Lololol.

    Posted by CoachJack at Wednesday, November 27 2013 08:36 AM

    @holdingon: Yes, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and Chanukah tomorrow. My sister puts up a Christmas tree as well, we will be decorating it on Friday. That's always my favorite day of the year, except when I was dating this girl who was so strongly Jewish she insisted we couldn't come. So glad I moved on from THAT relationship lol. Anyway, so excited for the holiday season. THANK YOU G-D FOR BRINGING US ALL SAFELY TO THIS SEASON!!!

    Posted by CoachJack at Wednesday, November 27 2013 08:40 AM

    @LGM and Idiablo, I said the same thing aloud when I watched it. I said, "Who goes bird watching after dark???" LOL

    I hope we have a strong cliffhanger today too. Maybe those of us who are here can do some fan fiction/write the show we want to see or something fun like that.

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