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    Throwing Me To The Wolves.

    Monday, November 18 2013
    Theresa is the focus of an intervention, Gabi meets with Justin, and Sami tells Will about Eric and Kristen.

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    Posted by CoachJack at Monday, November 18 2013 06:17 PM

    @LittleGuysMom I forgot about that til you mentioned it. Wasn't his stage name "Norm De Plume?" Those were the good old days for sure

    Posted by CoachJack at Monday, November 18 2013 06:19 PM

    BTW did anyone else find it odd that Kim/Shane didn't slip up once and call Teresa Jeannie?

    Posted by CoachJack at Monday, November 18 2013 06:21 PM

    "She is just hanging in limbo where Bo is concerned. JMO. "

    YES. She's been relegated to meddling in the train wreck that is Dannifer IMO. I'd like to see boh Hope and Kayla used a bit more effectively.

    Posted by littleguysmom at Monday, November 18 2013 06:31 PM

    CoachJack your right I forgot Tom's stage name. Lololol and he was so cute reading his poetry with the bongo drums beating in the background. Lololol I can still picture him sitting on that stool reading. Good memories.

    Posted by CoachJack at Monday, November 18 2013 06:48 PM

    @LGM Look what I found on Youtube!!! Now THIS was love...

    Posted by littleguysmom at Monday, November 18 2013 07:18 PM

    @CoachJack sorry, just found the video and watched it. Boy did that bring back memories. And they looked so young. I go on YouTube all the time and watch old clips. Now if the writers could write like that today we would have it made.

    Posted by littleguysmom at Monday, November 18 2013 07:24 PM

    Well I'm going to call it a night. Goodnight, sweet dreams, sending healing prayers for all in need, God's great blessings on all, until tomorrow.

    Snuggles and kissy from littleguy.

    Prayers to all that was in the storm Sunday and lost everything let the healing begin.

    Posted by CoachJack at Monday, November 18 2013 07:47 PM

    OT: I was watching Good Wife--does anyone else watch?

    Good night all! And @LGM watching that clip I realized how much is missing nowadays. As much as I'm enjoying the aftermath of Kristen and Brady's non-wedding and the JJ storyline, it's all craziness and violence now and no positive stories about people who are really in love.

    Posted by BringJackBack at Monday, November 18 2013 08:22 PM

    Thank you to everyone who commented on bringing back the old character and the real love stories.

    It was great to see Justin again and this time standing up to what is right.

    I am excited to see what they will do with Rafe and Jordan. Maybe they will play this love story out right. We will see. Rafe is another one of my favorite characters.

    I am not an EJAMI fan and don't see them as a super couple. A super couple doesn't do the things to each other like they have done. It isn't realist. I know it is a soap but they still can put them in somewhat realist situations. The super couples of the past would have never done stuff like that to each other. They worked through real problems and didn't try to hurt each other intentionally.

    What happened to Jack being Jennifer's love of her life? She doesn't mention him very often and we should see more flashbacks of him and her, instead of her pouting over Daniel. The old Jennifer wouldn't have pouted, she would have went out and gotten what she wanted. Must have something to do with being with the wrong man. Jennifer always went after Jack. At first I liked her and Dan and then I saw the clips and story lines with her and Jack and that totally changed my mind. I don't think I watched the show back then. Bring back Matt Ashford!

    The Tom and Alice memories are fun, thanks for those.

    Posted by BringJackBack at Monday, November 18 2013 08:28 PM

    Also, does every wedding have to end up in disaster? Loved Jack and Jen's weddings, both of them. The first was the best but the second was a good follow up. What happened to letting couples be happy for a while and have them face other obstacles besides their significant others lying to them or cheating on them or something to that affect? We want some happen endings you know. If Sami and EJ get married, I am not watching!

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