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    A Fully Grown Psychopath.

    Thursday, November 14 2013
    Roman investigates the accident scene, Will and Sonny enjoy a reunion, and Eric faces Father Matt.

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    At the apartment, Gabi looks at the modeling contract. Meanwhile, Sonny is stunned to see Will come through the door. They kiss. Gabi is thrilled to see him. He goes to look in on Ari. Gabi leaves. Will and Sonny chat and make love. After, they talk about Will being happy. Sonny tells Will that he and Gabi are getting along and she seems really excited about something, but won't tell him what.

    At the rectory, Eric tries to call Nicole. He's about to leave when Father Matt stops him and asks what he's done. Eric confirms he was intimate with Kristen DiMera, but says he was drugged. Father remembers Eric feeling guilty. Eric explains about accusing Nicole without proof. Father warns him the Bishop wants to meet with him tonight - it doesn't look good. Eric wishes he could prove he was drugged. Father warns his vocation is at risk. Eric says he has to find Nicole.

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope tells Victor and Brady that two cars went over the embankment. The license plates show one of them was Kristen DiMera. Brady says he doesn't care if she lives or dies, but needs to know either way. Later, Victor takes a call. He says he heard about the accident, but then adds, "No, I hadn't heard that. How very interesting."

    Roman and an officer rush up to Nicole's car and ask if she's okay. She says she will be, as soon as they tell her that Kristen is gone for good. Over at Kristen's car, there's no sign of her. Nicole rants to Roman about Kristen. The officer tells Roman there's no one in Kristen's car. Hope and Brady arrive at Kristen's car and also realize she's gone. Hope tells Brady there are tracks going into the woods. Roman and Nicole appear. Hope calls out that she found something - a torn piece of fabric from Kristen's wedding dress. Roman orders a search. Nicole tells Brady they fought and she drove off after her - she's not sorry. Brady says he's not either. He apologizes to Nicole, who says she's sorry she was right, for his sake.

    In the DiMera living room, EJ leaves an angry voicemail for Kristen - he's concerned that Sami will find out he knew. Sami appears. They debate about Kristen. EJ wants to get the whole story, but Sami says they know - Eric wouldn't lie. EJ shrugs that Eric seemed to be the aggressor in the video. Sami counters that he was pumped full of drugs. EJ reminds Sami she drugged Austin. Sami protests that she was a kid - Kristen is a fully grown psychopath. EJ gets a call about Kristen's accident. Sami whispers, "Please let her be dead."

    Gabi joins Nick in the square. He asks if she accepted the modeling contract and she says she didn't. Nick says Abby told him Will's in town. Gabi tells him Will surprised them and seems happy. She asks Nick what he wants to do with his life. Nick says he has to figure out what will make him happy - he hopes Gabi makes the right one too and doesn't try to please others. Nick sees a photo of Gabi and Ari on her phone and asks her to text it to him.

    EJ and Sami arrive at the accident scene. Hope tells them that Kristen is facing a lot of charges and appears to have taken off. EJ becomes angry when Sami implies that she'd be better off dead. Brady appears. EJ and Sami leave. Hope and Brady talk about the DiMeras being loyal to each other to the bitter end. Hope and Brady learn the police have found a woman in the woods.

    At the station, Nicole tells Roman she was just trying to stop Kristen, she didn't mean for anyone to get hurt. Victor bursts in and offers Nicole a lawyer. Roman says no charges are being laid and warns Nicole that people who accept help from Victor end up with a knife in their back. Roman steps out. Victor tells Nicole he and Marlena were behind the video at the wedding. Nicole is surprised Marlena would screw up Eric's life. Victor admits Marlena didn't know he was in the video. Victor says it was the only way to show Brady what a monster he was about to marry. He compliments Nicole for running Kristen off the road. "The lying whore is toast."

    At home, EJ and Sami learn that Johnny had a nightmare. EJ goes upstairs while Sami burns a newspaper clipping of Kristen in the fireplace. EJ's cellphone rings. Sami reads a message from Kristen thanking him for keeping her secret.

    Gabi arrives at home and drops her things by the sofa. Sonny appears and notices the modeling contract.

    Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days Of Our Lives:

    Will and Sonny learn about Gabi’s job offer – but she doesn’t tell them a key piece of information.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by everlena1973 at Thursday, November 14 2013 10:39 AM

    Hello all I saw a long spread of spoilers. Sure to be a great month for DAYS. I saw the spoiler 2min video on youtube. I lost of stuff is gonna happen.

    Posted by lokebrja at Thursday, November 14 2013 10:53 AM

    Bye Kristen. Watching you everyday grew tedious. It's time for Nicole and Daniel to find happiness without Brady or Jennifer.
    Looks like Jordan is in witness protection and nosy Kate will end up blowing her cover and putting her life in danger. Or maybe she is Arianna come back to life.

    Posted by Jomar at Thursday, November 14 2013 11:01 AM

    @Idablo I get the show at 12 DST, so I'm going to watch on Soapnet, tonight. Yes 4 min in the beginning and 4 min at the end.
    Where is AMLD???? 👀👀

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Thursday, November 14 2013 11:13 AM

    I saw all of it.................Kristen wasn't in her
    car..................Nicole was taken out by Roman
    and a cop. Brady went to make sure the witch was dead...
    or would get to pay for her evilness.....

    Fr. Matt had talk with Eric....he'll meet with Bishop
    White...probably lose collar.....

    Sure looked a lot like Chandler.....

    Snot drinker was on with his crap.

    Victor trying to be good guy...........NOT accepted!!

    She found out he was lying all the time to her.

    End of show...a woman is found hiding in woods.
    So that will be the cliffhanger............I reckon
    that is when the "walk-on" will show up.

    Eric and Nicole come face to face at police station...

    Sonny finds Gabbi's folder.............

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Thursday, November 14 2013 11:32 AM

    I'm wondering if Jordan is RAFE's wife..with a
    face change....................maybe that is why he
    feels the connection...she knows...but he doesn't...

    The show comes on here at 1pm...........and boy do
    they have a thousand and one commercials...........
    the actual show time...probably 20 minutes if that!

    Funny how the "witch" was able to get out of that
    wreck..............I'm surprised she didn't try
    to do Nicole harm.............probably would have
    had she known Nicole went over bank also. was funny that someone got the tag #...
    only on a soap!!!:))

    Posted by everlena1973 at Thursday, November 14 2013 11:35 AM

    I was thinking the same thing Holding!! I hope so, I get sick and tired of seeing sleazy Kate slaver over Rafe, Kate needs to get back with Stefano or strike up a conversation with Roman and get back with him.

    Posted by toooldtotell at Thursday, November 14 2013 11:38 AM

    I think Kristen should die die die. Oh Gabi, how fast can you get out of Salem? You can take the freak Nick with you too. How can they provce Eric was drugged? Can't Daniel confirm that? Eric should not be mad at Marlena either. Come on now.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Thursday, November 14 2013 11:44 AM

    Victor still has that cotton picking flash drive....
    there has to be something...remember Dr. Horney
    knows Eric was drugged...just not what with....

    Guess that has to go on forever now....he'll be
    discredited....all because of a snake from the

    Hope Marlena gets the respect back...she was
    innocent!! pizza is here....along with the hair
    styler...............will be back in a few.

    Posted by toooldtotell at Thursday, November 14 2013 11:49 AM

    everlena1973 & holding....
    Kate, yes she does NOT belong with Rafe at all. It creeped me out out SO much when they hooked up, puke fest. Very interesting abotu this Jordan person. Do not think it is witness protection, if it was why would she be in such a public place and her profession? Nah, her story I hope is interesting.

    Posted by Dubbs at Thursday, November 14 2013 11:54 AM

    I have a question that perhaps someone can answer for me. I've been watching DAYS off and on since 1988 and I know that Brady has called Marlena mom before so what happened? I know that Izzy B is his mother, but he was raised by Marlena since he was still in diapers and he calls Sami and Eric his sister and brother even though they are cousins. So what happened? It also still baffles me that Sami and Eric don't refer to John as Dad as well as Roman seeing as he was the one who raised them since they were toddlers. If anyone could help me sort this it would be much appreciated.

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