Daily Updates

A murder in the midst!

Thursday, August 31 2006
Sami confronts Lexi, Bonnie dashes over to Mimi's to console her and someone is murdered!

Belle and Philip arrive back at the loft, discussing the wedding. Phil jokes that it's tradition for Sami not to marry!!

They go inside, and Maggie has Claire's mess all over the kitchen! She comments that Claire is a picky eater, and doesn't take after either Phil or Belle! The two look downward and Maggie wonders what's wrong, but they feign exhaustion. Maggie leaves and the two discuss the file.

In the church, John asks Tek what Eve is doing at the church. She's helping Tek find the person who is after Lexi. Eve tells John she is looking forward to working with John, very closely.

In the brides' room, E.J. comforts Sami, asking her to come clean. She refuses, telling him that she didn't come clean with her dad, either and explains what she told him. She's in tears, thinking that she really did make her bed and lie in it, and she tells E.J. that she'll never change. She jokes with E.J. that being thrown in jail was the highlight of her day! The two joke and laugh about the arresting officer and how he looked when he found out who Sami was, and they burst out in a fit of the giggles, when Marlena walks in! Sami looks guilty, and Marlena wants to know what's going on.

Marlena asks to speak to Sami in private, and asks why she cancelled the wedding. She tells her of her reservations. Marlena is proud of her decision. They have a heart to heart about Lucas and Austin. Sami doesn't understand why she's the black sheep, when she had such good role models. Marlena leaves and Sami and E.J. make plans for the rest of the night.

Bonnie dashes over to Mimi's loft to console her daughter, but Mimi is fine! She explains how all three of them think that someone is playing a sick joke on them, and that Claire is Phil's. They discuss theories on who placed the file in Shawn's room, coming up empty. Mimi considers the Brady enemies and Bonnie thinks that maybe the DiMeras have something to do with it!

Marlena walks in on John and Eve talking. She introduces herself as Mrs. John Black! Marlena is shocked when John feigns that he's dating Eve because he saw the way that she was hanging all over Roman! Marlena is upset and confused as John escorts Eve to the door.

When John meets Marlena back at the church, she is jealous that he is already moved on, dating someone. She hopes he is working on a case, and shows him that she still cares by taking him in a passionate kiss! John tells her all about the case, and she agrees to help with the case!

With E.J. in tow, Sami races over to Lexis's house to confront her! She explains about the phone call and Lexi is stunned silent. When she recovers, she admits that while she would like to have stopped the wedding, she had nothing to do with it. When Lexi asks why E.J. is with Sami, he explains that he wouldn't be anywhere else! Sami tells Lexi that E.J. is the only person in town who believes in her, but Lexi implores E.J. to leave Sami before she hurts him! E.J. tells Lexi he is attracted to Samantha as he's used to being in a family that has a flair for the dramatic! (Sami hears the word 'attracted' and can't take her eyes off of E.J.!) E.J. tells Sami he feels in her that he has met a kindred spirit. She's amazed, but they're interrupted by Lexi, who laughs at E.J. for falling for Sami. He tells Lexi they're a lot alike and wonders aloud what Sami was blackmailing Lexi for! Lexi realizes that someone else is making the phone calls to she and Sami and she throws E.J. and Sami out.

Back at their loft, Phil and Belle are still deep in thought about the file. Philip is concerned about someone being 'out there' and after them. The two get romantic and start to kiss, and end up making love on the sofa. Phil asks Belle to the State Fair, with Claire, but Claire has a doctor's appointment to attend to, to adjust her rejection meds.

On the dark and foggy pier, Lexi meets up with Tek, and she discusses what happened with Sami. She fears that Sami doesn't have anything to do with the phone calls.

As Marlena and John leave the church, John finds Detective Eve Michaels, dead!

Next, on Days:

Abe say s to Tek, "So you left the investigation to meet Lexi, didn't you?"

Lexi tells Austin that he's better off without Sami.

Sami wants to know if E.J. has fallen for her.