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    Drill Sergeant Ridgeway.

    Thursday, September 05 2013
    Nicole and Eric get into a heated argument, Eric goes to Daniel for advice, and Jennifer finds out her son was arrested.

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    Posted by allmylovingdays at Friday, September 06 2013 06:22 AM

    LGM the Will that came back from Switzerland's name was Dylan didn't he just recently get arrested for cocaine?

    Morning. what a way to start the day, ratting out the kid

    I liked that actor and was very surprised when he was recast. But then we got this Will and at times Chandler drove me crazy with some of his choices he sold Will coming out to me along with blackmailing EJ and wanting to learn from him some of the best scenes he shared on screen. Hated him having sex with gabs, still smarting over it. I am willing to give the new Will a chance but I know like so many before they can't imagine their characters being recast (Bo, Hope, MarMar-even Roman since so many hate this Roman) but I've seen recast on here that worked. I've seen them on GH(Lucky, Nicholas and now this Lulu) work out and then the actors want to leave, if it is the actors choice I try to give the new actors a chance. I didn't watch Jen Lilley as Maxie but she took the place of an actress that was sick and on prolonged leave, I think the Connie that just died was a recast and I know for a fact that the one that just left did an outstanding job when she had split personalities-could the other one have done as great ??? o idea. On AMC -Janet from another planet was recast. I liked the actress that plays Heather on GH. She plays crazy best, the other Janet was too refined. OLTL had to recast Jessica and I loved both when I tuned in.

    I guess the main question to me right now is on GH - the three who played different characters on OLTL and moved to GH and then all of sudden they pulled the characters due to a lawsuit. I see only the girl working out. I don't like Franco(can't really see the reason for him on the show anymore) & I hate Silas.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Friday, September 06 2013 06:24 AM

    I know a true blue Peter Reckell /Bope fan once asked on the message board if I could ever see them recast EJ. AND I WAS HONEST - NO, I CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE anyone else as EJ but JAMES SCOTT.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Friday, September 06 2013 06:29 AM

    Jenn make us proud today don't bail out JJ. \

    I'm still surprised that Hope acted as if she didn't know of the reason why JJ was expelled. I swear those cuz told each other everything.

    JJ sure doesn't think she is that smart. Glad he will be proven wrong.

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, September 06 2013 06:29 AM

    You are so right AMLDs, characters can be recast and it has been done successfully many times before. I just think we are spoiled fans and when we get used to one they need to be gone maybe for awhile before we can swallow having someone else come along. I know the Dylan kid that was Will for a while I never could get invested in, for some reason did not seem to fit, then Chandler came along and for the most part I am ok with him, but I still am not totally invested in him either. I think IMO anyway the really tough ones to be recast would be EJ, Sami, Nicole and for awhile I even thought it would be for Bo, but he has been away long enough now that I am ready to give it a try. He owned the character but so did Robert (can't think of the last name) when he was on. I am still hoping for some of our other characters to come back even if recast, since I am really not crazy about Cam, Teresa, JJ for sure or Rory, Gabi, nor am I crazy about Sonny even though he has really been pulling it out lately. It seems most are just fillers without any substance at all and I am ready for some characters with substance and storylines. I am begging the writers and Corday to rethink some of their insaneness.

    Posted by ldiablo at Friday, September 06 2013 09:31 AM

    TGIF thank god its friday people. Bearigan you humble me so for you
    I will try and comment on DOOL even thou my black heart isn't into the
    bloody mess. First of all I agree with you 110% on the lovely Sgt.
    Jordan. TPTB have a storyline set up for her background that includes
    Dr. Dan. Not sure how old Dannyboy is but I am not sure if he is old
    enough to father her? I am sure he is horny enough to try! One of my
    main problems with DOOL is the hot and cold writting and the destruction
    of the main characters both female and male? Salem should be renamed to
    Salems lot like the Stephan King book. With pod people taking over the
    town and the evil devil klan of the DiMeras walking around the name just
    fits! Winer JJ makes me so sick and I hope he was put in a cell with a
    big and lonely banjo playing boy named Bubba. Wow I used to remember a
    Jenn that was tough as nails and a investigative reporter and for that
    matter I remembered a Brady Black that had brains WTH happened. It is
    as if TPTB hired the competions writers to totally ruin the storys for
    DOOL. I am watching the Fr. Eric and Nichol story and hope they don't
    try to blame Nichol for his rape/drugging. If that happens I would be
    furious and they couldn't say I AM SORRY enough to my sweet Nichol. This
    poor woman has been through so much and changed for the better. Yes she
    loves Fr. Eric but she also respect the fact that he has made the hard
    decision to be a man of the cloth. Without the boring Fr. Eric the poor
    and needy children of Salems lot would not have a brand new school for
    them to better themselfs. He is so needed which makes it even more sick
    to me what psycho K did to this man.

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, September 06 2013 09:48 AM

    Yes, yes, yes ldiablo. You have a way of saying exactly what I am thinking. I adore Nicole and want her to be strong, have her gray areas but also have her sweet compassionate side. I like how she knows that Eric is forbidden fruit but yet she wants to befriend him because she cares, yet if she does some will have negative things to say about her. I for one am not really caring about Eric being the Padre, but if this is what it has to be then I accept it but think the writers should be chastised for writing the rape storyline. Perhaps, Kristen, JJ and Rory can share a cell. Kristen can then try to teach mouthy JJ a few things here and there. I am not sure anymore who I would like to see Nicole with but I think it is only fair that they come up with something really great for her. Yeah, not sure why Dan thought he knew someone from his past with the same last name as Jordan, but it is not like it is a really odd name. Hopefully she is not another Carly\Daniel spawn. I am hoping she has something to do with Daniel's first wife. Oh wow, what if she has something to do with someone in Daniel's past and Rafes, wouldn't that be something. I think we are all going to have to get together and take a trip to CA with some whoopazz for the writers.

    Posted by littleguysmom at Friday, September 06 2013 09:50 AM

    @amld yes Dylan Patton got arrested for drugs not to long ago. Then we got Chandler. Going to miss Chandler, but like you I'll give the new actor a chance. I'll be home for your playbyplay. I'll just say this the donuts gets mentioned today.

    Ldiablo glad that you are going to post with us again, I know you make alot of us happy on here that you are back. Maybe the writers are eating some of JJ donuts. Lol. Enjoy reading your comments.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Friday, September 06 2013 10:00 AM

    Show is about to start and I read a tweet that has me AMAZED with JENN!!! ME???

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Friday, September 06 2013 10:01 AM

    Brady and Kristen in bed, Brady worried about Sami's trial and Kristen sympathizes says at least she has you and Eric, oh and by the way what did Eric say about us being engaged

    AYE Father Eric and that stupid sex flashback.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Friday, September 06 2013 10:04 AM

    Sami is back in her cell looking at her cards. She says that's my Sydney never going to be an artist I AGREE

    The last card or letter is a note form EJ

    Justin found EJ and said I've been looking for ou, tell me what you've done and tell me now

    Stefano with his girly girl getting a call of course updating him on what is happening in the courthouse he says well well that's interesting

    Teresa is waiting for JJ in park and along comes Abs asked her why is she there and not at work

    AND GUESS WHO heard about JJ from Maxine who was telling Danny that Jenn was called to police station. YUP if it isn't Maggs it is Niki or abs.

    Momma is saying it is over this is the end of the line for you, I don't believe one thing that comes out of your mouth. Every single word since he came home has been a lie.

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