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    Magic? Voodoo?

    Wednesday, September 04 2013
    Sami gets a sweet surprise, Adrienne may have news that could save Sami, and Kate has a warning for Stefano.

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    Posted by Angels3Tina at Wednesday, September 04 2013 11:59 AM

    AMLD... I suspect its from Bev's ex date (forget his name) wants a reveage against JJ.. I think he called the cops.on JJ. ???????

    Posted by Jomar at Wednesday, September 04 2013 12:32 PM

    Show sounds good today can't wait till I watch later tonight. Thanks AMLD for the play by play and even your remarks after the play by plays. Glad the children were finally in a scene. So Adrienne info was the money, interesting. Finally that JJ got caught.

    Posted by zuzu61 at Wednesday, September 04 2013 01:14 PM

    Posted by wash_08 at Wednesday, September 04 2013 11:54 AM

    Same dialogue. Same dialogue. Same dialogue. Daniel, go a step further and start dating Maxine. My goodness, when will it all end? Jenn/Daniel is one of the worst pairing as Kate and Rafe. I think the writers love broken families.
    ITA!!! This s/l is so ridiculously boring it's actually becoming comical..

    Today, I looked like a bobblehead dog you see on the dash of a car. I just shook my head NO, No, No and laughed..
    Someone needs to slam this script down on the desk of the writer and tell them.. 'either give me substance and writing that will actually make the FANS WANT to watch the next day or give me an empty desk for someone who can write.'
    IMO, TPTB could do the same with most ALL the scripts..
    Sorry to be negative, but JMO..

    Posted by zuzu61 at Wednesday, September 04 2013 01:16 PM

    ON a positive note..
    YAAAYYYY!!!!! JOHNNY, SYDNEY & ALI!!!! FINALLY!! I LOOVED seeing the kids!

    Posted by zuzu61 at Wednesday, September 04 2013 01:22 PM

    I was SOO hoping Adrienne's find would be something besides Timaaahh's savings account. Maybe they'll fall for for it.. I hope so!! (LOL... Not sure how to spell Timmy/Timmaayyy??) haha..

    Posted by littleguysmom at Wednesday, September 04 2013 01:26 PM

    @zuz just got home from work and watching days right now. Read amld playbyplay. Best thing I've seen is Sami with the kids and that surprised me because it wasn't mentioned in any of the spoilers that I've read. I'm almost done watching days and I want to see JJ get busted. Hope this story line ends soon. Lololol getting so sick of seeing these teenie boopers all the time. Lol

    Ot.... I'll be back after I watch GH.

    Posted by zuzu61 at Wednesday, September 04 2013 01:30 PM

    Sounds like they may be leading up to Stefano being killed off.. AGAIN!! lol
    Hopefully D/T his age, this will be his final death.. lol

    I must say one thing really REALLY GREAT about the Dr. Dan & Jenn's love life pimping team!! It is the BEST weight loss program I've ever found.. They are SOO freakin Nauseating, it is impossible to eat. hehe

    Posted by zuzu61 at Wednesday, September 04 2013 01:37 PM

    LGM.. I'm watching Days again too. I haven't watched GH yet.

    (someone on The Message Board mentioned Daniel "Grunting" all the time.. hahaha
    I'm trying to pick up on his grunting sounds.. hahaha
    I actually agree with JJ on one thing.. I'm sick of all the moping around too. (dan & Jenn)

    Posted by MommaB15 at Wednesday, September 04 2013 02:08 PM

    Loved the dress Kayla wore in today's episode. Gray, loose & comfy with a layered bottom skirt!....where can I get it??

    Posted by ladybelle at Wednesday, September 04 2013 02:21 PM


    Thanks holdinon,berigan,Spring,ZUZu,AMLD,and Little for all the kind words.Just trying to hang in there.I have an appointment on the 19th to have a transplant evaluaction at MUSC in Charleston.

    I hope Stefano is going to die,it won't be soon enough for me. We need to hurry and get Rafe out of that bed. So Jordan isn't doing enough according to Kate. I am glad they caught JJ he needs taken down a few notches. I'm not sure about the guy who was buying the drugs.It was really good seeing the kids today. I was hoping Adrianne would find the razor. This may get EJ in trouble.

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