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    Days of Our Lives - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Days Of Our Lives'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Stephanie's Makeover

    Friday, April 20 2007
    Gabby and Belle clear the air, Stephanie is back in Salem, and Sami prepares to torch the cabin and EJ!

    On Tinda Lau, Shawn explains to Duck that Gabby and they are going their separate ways when they arrive in Australia. Duck tells him not to be so sure, and confesses that last time Gabby left town, she came back six months after with a bun in the oven! Shawn asks about the baby but Duck doesn't want to talk about it.

    Belle is clear to Gabby that she and Shawn are a couple. Gabby reminds Belle that she told her the opposite recently, but Belle insists that's not true. She says she and Shawn are working out their issues. Gabby clears the air with Belle and tells her, "You think that I am interested in Shawn, still and hate that I’m going on the trip with you." Belle asks for some honesty from Gabby and so Gabby tells her that she can see that Shawn is in love with her and she's not interested in coming between them. Belle asks, "Oh yeah? Then what's with the baby carriage in your closet?" Gabby pauses and says, "So what am I supposed to do now, break down and tell you the sob story about how the death of my child?" Belle apologizes profusely but Gabby doesn’t believe she cares. She's more upset that Belle went through her stuff. Shawn interrupts them and tells her he didn't convince her dad. She thanks him and leaves. He notices that the air is tense and asks what's up. Belle admits they cleaned the air about some things and Shawn promises that it won't be much longer before they're in Australia. She stays behind while he goes to help Gabby with the GPS.

    In the hallway, Gabby is waiting for Shawn and pacing. She tells Shawn that Belle explained that they're a couple and that she's been overstepping her bounds. She says Belle warned her off of him and asks if he feels the same and he doesn't but she leaves without getting his help on the GPS.

    At Chez Rouge, Kayla tells Maggie she could use a double martini because she's nervous about meeting Stephanie after so much time has passed. Maggie smiles and reassures her that her daughter is sweet and she hopes that she can be a good influence on Abby! Once Steph arrives, Kayla can't get over the transformation of her daughter! She's dressed in revealing clothes and looks very sexy. [The role of Stephanie is now being played by Shelley Hennig.] Kayla is surprised to see a tattoo on her daughter's stomach but Steph reminds her that Steve has one or two tats! Kayla tells her daughter that she needs her help. She clues her in about Steve and Stephanie starts to cry and wonders why Kayla didn't tell her about this sooner. She's upset with her mom more than anything and asks, "Why are you telling me now?" Kayla tells her that Steve's not getting any better and it was a last resort to come to her. She talks of father and daughter bonds but Stephanie worries that things will get worse with her being in Salem. Although Kayla has thought of that, she thinks Steph may get through to him. She asks her to convince her dad to go to the police. Abby swings by their table and Steph jumps up while Abby pulls Stephanie into a warm hug. She can't believe her friend's make over, and Steph admits there is a lot that she didn't tell her in her emails!!

    Kayla looks on with one eyebrow cocked and Abby sits down with the two for dinner and complains that Aunt Maggie treats her like she is 12. Steph encourages her to move out and Abby admits she wants to get a place with Chelsea. Steph is surprised that they're still friends but Abby admits that Chels has changed. Kayla excuses herself once she sees Dr Kraft enter the restaurant. The ladies catch up and Stephanie admits she's in love! She tells Abby that the guy is 'edgy'; a bad boy! Steph asks if she got anywhere with Max yet and Abby can't say. She admits Maggie is disapproving of her relationship with Max. Steph tells Abby that it's in her blood, [as her mom would say] to be bad! Abby asks if she's still a virgin. Steph admits she isn't and is happy she didn't wait until marriage! Abby says she'd settle for a kiss, so Steph tells her to make the first move on Max. She says Max must be behaving respectful and tells Abby she has a plan and tells Abby to find someone else to date to throw Maggie off the trail!

    Kayla goes over to Ella Kraft and is shocked to hear that she has been removed from Steve's case. Ella asks Kayla if she knows the reason why. Kayla has no idea and Ella tells her they're bringing in an outside Doctor for Steve.. Ella admits, "Doctor Johnson, I'm very frightened for him." She admits she was making headway with Steve and thinks that someone doesn't like it. She goes on to tell him that Steve has become a hero to the patients and urges Kayla to help him.

    Kayla goes back to the table where Abby and Stephanie are dining. She gets Steph and they leave for the hospital.

    Kate and Philip bang on the door of Lucas' hotel room but Lucas is unconscious inside. Kate asks the room service guy to open the door for them but he can't, so Kate decides to break in! She can't get in and decides to call EJ to find out if Sami is with her. She calls EJ.

    Back at the cabin, EJ holds Sami by the neck and asks her if she's wearing a wire. She swears she's not but he pats her down and rips open her blouse while asking her if she's working for her daddy or Uncle Bo. She tells him it's all her, underneath her clothes and he tells her he should strip her and search every part of her body! Once he sees that she's not wearing a wire, he thinks it must be something else that she's hiding. He goes through her purse and throws everything about. He tells her he knows her and wants to know what her plan is. She says, "I'm here because I want to be. Don't let me regret it." She demands respect but he reminds her that none of the other men in her life have treated her with respect. She says she thought he was different.

    They sit down and he caresses her face and takes a call from Kate, who wants to know if Sami is with him. He puts his finger to his lips as if to tell Sami to keep quiet while he tells Kate that maybe it's about time he told her the truth about he and Sami! Sami takes this as her cue and jumps on EJ and kisses him hard. She doesn't let up until he passes out from the drugged lipstick. Sami holds the cell phone but doesn't speak while Kate calls out her name! Celeste arrives and calls Sami's name. Sami's eyes widen and she closes the cell phone! She tells Celeste that Kate is on to them and Celeste tells her they have to hurry. She reminds her that EJ is a murderer and a DiMera when Sami gets cold feet.

    After some clever convincing, on Celeste's part, Sami tells her partner in crime to get the gasoline! Celeste douses the cabin and EJ in gasoline and almost in tears, Sami tells EJ she didn't want this but he forced her. "I don’t have a choice," she repeats as she stands over EJ and strikes a match.

    Back at The Tower, Lucas lies unconcious as Kate freaks out and tells Philip that she heard someone say Sami's name during the call. She knows that EJ and Sami are together. Philip is annoyed and says, "God, you've been like a broken record about that for what is it? Ten years?!!" He tells her to stop being so destructive before she loses Lucas forever. Kate thinks Lucas is grateful for her meddling but Philip doesn't believe that. She calls Roman to help her get into the hotel room but Roman is in meetings and can't be disturbed. She runs off to Salem PD.

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Steve moans on his bed as Stephanie leans in for a closer look. "Papa? Papa?" she asks.

    Shawn asks Belle, "What do you want me to say?" She says, "Nothing. If you want little miss Tinda Lao, you can have her!"

    Sami holds the match over EJ and says, "I hope you burn in hell."

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    Posted by lrr352 at Friday, April 20 2007 07:22 AM

    Kate need to get her a life and let her kids live there lives. I will be glad when Belle & Shawn will go ahead and get there relationship on the roll and find out the truth about Gabby.

    Posted by joyful at Friday, April 20 2007 07:31 AM

    Shawn needs to wake up and see that Gabby is up to something. He needs to pay more attention to Belle. Gabby what are you after? I hope Belle figures out what she is up to before it's too late. Glad to see Stephanie back and with some attitude. I loved the advice she gave Abby to go for Max and make the first move. Though I do agree with Abby to take it slow with a kiss. Kate has really got to find a life and leave Sami alone. Who tells her how to live her life. She is not a mother who cares but a mother who is obssess with her sons. That's why she can't keep a man because she tries to control everything what a Jezebel!
    All I can say for Sami is SET HIM ABLAZE AND LET IT BURN!

    Posted by SOAPS_ LOVA at Friday, April 20 2007 08:03 AM

    Sami should have drag Kate along with EJ and burn the two of them together that is the only way she can have some piece with Lucas.....

    Posted by dedee at Friday, April 20 2007 08:31 AM

    I thought this new shawn was supose to be smarter like the last one? If he wanted to make a life with Belle and Clair and he was so determind to do it, why is he still on the Island? as soon as Kate and Philip came to the Island he should of took Belle and Clair and left. What's up with sappy Willow still on the show, Get rid of the winning child. I love the Fire between Chelsea and Nick, we need to see more romance with those two. Billy needs to dissapear, she is boring and drab. Steve is awsome the way he sticks up for the patients. we need to see more of John and Marlena.why isn't John back yet, we are waiting for his return. EJ is great, the fire between him and Sammy is awsome. Alison Sweeny {Sammy} is a terrific actress, she makes the show. kate is so boring with her same old replay she is like a broken record, Philip is right aboput that, the writer needs to find a new act for her, have her get kidnapped or something for a while. I have gotten so bored of her repeated garbage obout Sammy that when I watch the show and she is on I go do the dishes or such and if I tape it i actually fast forward her scene. so come on Mr. writer write a new script for her let something mysterious and adventurious happen to kate for once, and i don't mean having her sleep with someone, I don't think there is any men left in Salem for her to do that with. we need to see her in a situation where she is scared, have EJ get mad at her and kidnap her take her to italy or something, create something exciting for her Charactor instead of the same old thing, than have Sammy come to her rescue in the end. what would Kate do if Sammy did become a hero and it was from saving poor kate. That would shut Kate up and her boring rerun"s. Have the real Stay the show is'nt the same without her.

    Posted by Bananisen at Friday, April 20 2007 08:33 AM

    Philip should take his own advice and stop being obsessive with Claire!!!

    Posted by dedee at Friday, April 20 2007 08:37 AM

    That is Abby I am talking about, have her stay on the show, it won't be the same without her. We also need to see more of Bo and Hope and their baby. Bring John Back!

    Posted by #1 LumiLover <3 at Friday, April 20 2007 09:40 AM

    Holy S@#T!!!! even tho I just read about todays, I think I’ll still be on the edge of my seat when I watch it. this is getting soooooooo good!!!!! I agree that kate needs to finally take the not-so-subtle hints and GET A LIFE!! leave LUMI alone for crying out loud. altho, I do have a feeling something’s gonna happen as far as sami and kate working together. either sami’s gonna be in trouble and kate’s gonna help her or visa-versa. all I kno is, things are FINALLY heating up (yes, pun intended) lol

    Posted by moma at Friday, April 20 2007 10:22 AM

    Hey DeeDee you have some good ideas; Sami rescue Kate...that WOULD be PRICELESS!!!! I hope the writers see you posting; they needsome help with that ole "cougar". Rescued by Sami sounds like just the ticket that the writers need to put this GOOD soap back on top!!!
    Gabby is up to no good; I hope that Shawn wakes up before it's not too late. I can't figure out why the writers are making him so gullible. At least Belle has wisened up!!!
    "NuSteph" looks too old; too radical of a change from the previous actress. She's the right age they just made her too grown up.
    Back to Sami/ Celeste; I hope they don't get caught... E.J. needs to get a little payback. Can't wait for Monday's episode... seems like I'm always thinking that!!!!

    Posted by Angels624 at Friday, April 20 2007 10:54 AM

    I am speechless!! I am just so happy my soap is getting back to its old self. Today looks so good. I always read whst happens, but I still go home to watch every night. Reading this just lets me know if the show will require my full attention or not. Today will! I can not wait to see how the EJ/Sami storyline plays out. I agree Kate seriously needs a life, she needs some better storylines. I am so sick of Belle and Shawn. If Belle wants her man then she needs to stop with the high school antics and make it happen. As for Shawn give me a break, that is all I am gonna say. I am soooooooo GLAD Willow is leaving the show. I can not stand her or the actress who plays her. I have not seen the show yet, but from the pictures I like this nuStephanie better already. I could not stand the old one.

    Posted by Cardinals4Life at Friday, April 20 2007 03:17 PM

    finally someone is going to kill ej

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