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    A Teenager With A Pulse.

    Thursday, August 01 2013
    Theresa stalks Daniel, hoping to get to know him better, Eric asks Hope advice on Nicole having feelings for him, and Cameron calls Chad with bad news about his CT scan.

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    In the rectory, Eric tells Nicole the bishop's not happy about Sami's legal issues but he's not transferring him to a new parish. She's glad and apologizes for judging Sami when she was arrested. He'd like to forget it ever happened but she can tell this isn't settled. He agrees. She brings up Brady reuniting with Kristen. They need to break them up! Eric offers to pray instead of interfering. "The heart wants what it wants," he tells her. She should know that.

    Cameron gets a third opinion on Chad's CT scan at the hospital. The doctor suggests to get the patient to a specialist right away. Cameron hyperventilates. Abe passes the doctor on his way out and suggests Cameron sneak out of work to join Chad and Theo at the park. Cam's too busy.

    Abby watches Chad showing Theo magic tricks at the lake. She joins them. The guys go hunting for frogs and later rejoin Abby when Abe shows up to bring Theo to speech therapy. Once they're gone, Abby and Chad chit chat and she brings up Stefano. Chad doesn't want to talk about his father. They make plans to drop by the coffee shop to check on renovations when Cameron calls Chad in for a follow-up.

    At home, JJ talks to Uncle Lucas about his mom not trusting him. They commiserate over their dislike of Daniel and Lucas offers to help JJ visit Will. JJ runs upstairs and Jenn arrives. Lucas tells her she's got problems with JJ. She wonders what her son has done now and assumes Lucas is accusing her of being a rotten mother. Lucas knows she's doing the best she can. Jenn relaxes and says JJ needs to change his behavior. Lucas calls him a teenager with a pulse. He suggests she let him see Will. He leaves and JJ returns. Jenn gives him the okay to see his cousin and he picks her up and hugs her. She's the best! Jenn laughs and gives him his cell phone. She leaves and he calls Rory to ask if he's got 'the stuff'.

    At the hospital, Maxine isn't happy Daniel has been surfing with Parker. Theresa sighs when she sees photos of the doctor, shirtless. Anne drags her to Jenn's office and says she's the bottom of the food chain and needs to get her "skinny ass" down to HR to complete her paperwork or she won't be paid. She leaves and Theresa pops a cigarette in her mouth. Hope catches her. There's no smoking in the building. Hope knows Theresa had a bumpy road before she arrived in Salem and she cares. She'd like to help. Theresa gets sarcastic. Maxine stares at Daniel by the hub. He tells her to let it go. She argues that he and Jenn were great together. Jenn walks by and they clam up. Jenn arrives at her office and Theresa steps out to HR. Jenn thinks Theresa has turned a corner. Hope brings up Daniel but Jenn's tired of defending herself. JJ has to come first. Hope thinks she sounds like Jack. She didn't put up with her walking away from him so why should Daniel? Elsewhere, Theresa finds a nurse to gossip about Daniel with until he walks by heading for lunch. She follows. Meanwhile, Anne barges into Jenn's office searching for Theresa.

    JJ meets Rory at school. He thanks him for the calculator. It got him through Chemistry class. JJ's baffled. Rory whispers to check out the battery compartment. Rory comments that the seller was super sketchy and hands over his cell so JJ can call his teacher to get out of class.

    Hope arrives at the rectory to drop off papers. Eric needs advice about Nicole. "Do you think it's possible she's developed inappropriate feelings for me?" Hope has seen the way Nicole looks at him. Maybe she's struggling with her feelings.

    JJ plays with the vial of cocaine in the park while calling Theresa to come pick it up. She brushes him off saying she's on a date. She hangs up and JJ spins around and bumps into Nicole. He drops the coke.

    Theresa misses a call from Jennifer while she heads into the pub to greet Daniel.

    Chad arrives at the hospital and accuses Cameron of tearing him away from Abigail on purpose. Cameron tells him to stop it. This is serious. They need to discuss his CT scan results.

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    Posted by allmylovingdays at Thursday, August 01 2013 11:23 AM

    Om my gosh I just figured out I'm as clueless as Eric. Or as clueless as I thought Eric was since today his asking Hope her unbiased and observant eye on how Niki is around him. HE Freaking KNEW!!!!!

    I'm hoping two things. Niki see's the drug and decides she has to investigate thus leaving the rectory -she needs to get away from him quick it is so obvious how she feels That it is better she leave for a job and not over broken heart. And if she goes to the Pub and see's the tart,Teresa going after Danny she either pretends she's Danny's woman at the moment or she just tells the girl to back off he's taken

    Posted by Spring is near at Thursday, August 01 2013 11:26 AM

    Hello fellow posters! This has got to be THE dumbest episode yet. It was just getting good too. Jenn should get an Oscar for being the biggest most naive idiot in soapland and I really like her. But between JJ and Theresa, it's sickening how she just falls for everything. Hope Nicole busts JJ for his "coke". And what does using Roy's phone have to do with anything, JJ calling his teacher, etc. Nicole has feelings for Eric and Eric goes to Hope for "counseling". Stupid and a waste of air time. Although I did not like Kristen, I will miss her character. Theresa makes me sick and smoking at that! Are you kidding me? Between JJ and Theresa, this is the best show yet to coach kids on how to commit crimes and self destruct, too depressing to watch, I ff through these scenes, read the recaps. Hoping Sami gets off and Stefano gets caught, but probably not. He never does. More later!

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Thursday, August 01 2013 11:35 AM

    I guess the JJ using Rorys phone is so Jenn doesn't see he called Teresa who JJ thinks his mom hates so it was to keep him and her out of trouble. He is/was hoping that once she got her coke it would be party time for them. Since the coke seems to be bought from someone sketchy you have to wonder. AND THIS HAS ME ROLLING now that I thought of it-what if little Teresa gets sick and Dr Danny has to save her -ya know he has that fetish for his patients lol

    Hi Spring

    Posted by Spring is near at Thursday, August 01 2013 11:55 AM

    AMLD - I kind of thought something similar; what if Theresa becomes Dan's patient, that would be a great way to "get to know him". LOL!!

    Posted by ldiablo at Thursday, August 01 2013 12:03 PM

    Wow I don't believe it but I actually think that I found someone I
    hate more then Anne welcome to Salem Theresa! Right now not to happy
    about Theresa mom dumping her and all her problems on the poor people
    of Salem. It makes sense that T(Theresa) would move back to Salem!
    The Governor of Illinois has passed the legal marijuna law so smoke
    em if you got em! What ever happened to the tough smart investigative
    report I loved because this Jenn is not her. This Jenn is very stupid
    and so boring that I dooze off when she comes on? Dr. Hormone should
    be in bed with T by the end of the week unless horndog number 2 Brady
    see's her first! Hooray no stupid Kristen scenes to ruin my day but
    way too much teen angst. Went thru stupid high school days once before
    don't want to revisit it all over again . Did I say end of the week
    I think Dr. Dan will get busy with T in Brady's pub washroom right
    now. Poor JJ go cry on mommy's shoulder that mean old Dan has wronged
    you again booo hoo.

    Posted by DragonSoap at Thursday, August 01 2013 02:14 PM

    allmylovingdays ... thank you...I somehow missed the Tony part but I remember her falling for John. I guess it still seems a little weird...but you're's Stephano. goodness...y'all are right IF they really want to go "hiking" they could leave the baby with Mom (Gabi) or any other dozen sitters... But alas...if you bring a baby into the world and intend to raise it...that baby takes first priority over everything else. Will had plenty of opportunity to give up responsiblity but chose not to...even fought for his rights...

    I sure wish Brady would get past Kristen.

    Posted by momduke at Thursday, August 01 2013 03:20 PM

    Why is it that Sami's in jail and still has that stupid red ribbon in her hair??? What is that all about???Why, why???

    Posted by littleguysmom at Thursday, August 01 2013 04:01 PM

    Hi everyone just got done watching the show kinda boring to day. The only scene I liked was Theo frog hunting. Glad Chad is at least spending time with him. I hope Nicole steps back and crush that little vial of coke, would deserve JJ right for pushing the harder stuff. Good to see Lucas today. Well got to go finish my dishes.

    @holdingon I hope you are alright, please check in, I'm worried about you.

    Back later, hope there are more posters on the board, zuzu sorry about your cable service, they always want more money for channels we use to receive free.

    Posted by ladybelle at Thursday, August 01 2013 04:42 PM

    Yeah,the show was rather boring today. Why did Eric ask Hope's advice on Nicole's feelings? Let's get this investigation under way on Bernardi. I wonder what they will find at his house. I hope Nicole gets that vial of coke. JJ needs to be busted. Bye Bye Kristin, hope it's sooner than later.

    Posted by ladybelle at Thursday, August 01 2013 04:43 PM

    I'm with you Little,Where is holdingon?

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