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    A Good Sign?

    Monday, July 01 2013
    Sami goes before the Grand Jury, Jenn deals with JJ, and Abby reassures Chad.

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    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, July 02 2013 06:36 AM

    holding -come on even though we don't see Roman daily he is supposedly working at the SPD.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, July 02 2013 06:38 AM

    and Bernardi's decoration to me was heroic but it had nothing to do with him being a great cop but a father and human being who in their right mind wouldn't help a child in need.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Tuesday, July 02 2013 06:39 AM

    not now he isn't....ABE gave him some time out!! He
    cannot be on the job...drinking!! He is like a ghost see don't.....
    there he is..................where...............oh...
    was that him....................He doesn't have a regular
    scheduled part.............just the kids now...its all
    about the kids and one couple!! You know this...I know
    this...we all know this....the writers need writers!!

    Posted by littleguysmom at Tuesday, July 02 2013 06:40 AM

    @holdingon had a hard time trying to get into my internet. but now it seems to be working alright. Ya littleguy is kinda tired walking on his back feet. He falls in the water dish when he gets a drink, he said he will be good if you send him the key to uncuff him. Lololol.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, July 02 2013 06:41 AM

    Well we know that Stefano had cops in his pocket but from what we are hearing he hasn't given this to EJ. as much as everyone loves to blame EJ for everything he isn't his father. WHICH is good and then NOT. EJ doesn't have the power his father had that's why he is trying to take over D.E.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Tuesday, July 02 2013 06:43 AM

    Yep...the decoration left a lot to be desired....
    I was just shocked that the widow made all of those
    loud outbursts....and all the guys in uniform didn't
    come over and stop her......just ole Abe...and all of
    that in front of the child.............he will certainly
    have a great memory!! GHEEZ!

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, July 02 2013 06:46 AM

    That's true we know ROMAN isn't on the force now. BUT how long was he on the force and the commissioner so loyalties just drop like that when you loose the top position? whatever.

    I think he would have a group of people that didn't think he was corrupt and would be there for him. Sami, maybe not so much since she is with a DiMera and most will be thinking she is going to run amok or break laws right and left ((like that wasn't her MO prior to being engaged to EJ)).

    Posted by tariro at Tuesday, July 02 2013 06:46 AM

    Laughed when the special prosecutor said to EJ "I'm sure you would prefer a situation where your family and the Brady family could trample due process " . That's actually one thing the Bradys and the DiMeras have had in common in the last few years, compromising investigations and covering up crimes.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Tuesday, July 02 2013 06:50 AM

    I am so sorry about the "felon" falling in his dish....
    maybe next time he decided to leave his "fragrances"
    on peoples lawns and shrubs...he will remember and give
    it a second think!!!!!!:)) And absolutely NOT...
    will not send the not trust him....he has
    made himself an this old lady....that
    was accused of running around in the machine...which
    was not my machine...since mine is in the shop!! And
    I don't have two (of the same color)..........!!!

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Tuesday, July 02 2013 06:53 AM

    AMLD..I did say BO and JOHN and possibly RAFE would
    back Roman.......but neither of the three are available.

    So..anything he might uncover...most likely wouldn't
    be allowed...because he is off duty...if you will!!
    And they will say it was all compromised!!!

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