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    You're Not Dad.

    Friday, June 21 2013
    JJ plays on Jenn's emotions, Kristen gets Eric into bed, and Nicole gets the shock of her life.

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    Posted by tariro at Saturday, June 22 2013 11:41 AM

    I knew as soon as they introduced a priest on this show that he would of course have to have a sex scandal( he is a soap character after all) but this wasn't the way I was expecting it to go down ,I was sure he would be with Nicole for one thing and that the resulting angst would be related to his being torn between the church and the love of his life but I guess this crazy storyline with Kristen is more to the writers taste. I also think Kristen isn't just doing this to wind up Marlena , its also a way to get at Nicole too as Nikki is now on her list of enemies for daring to comfort Brady in his time of need (though I doubt Kristen knows they slept together),they seem to like giving Kristen some of the more vile and crazy storylines and just like the first one involving Brady , I start out hating it and pretty much ignoring it ,then I get curious as to what will happen next or how Kristen will handle it ,so funny. I'm sorry I can't help hoping this leads to Eric dropping the collar and trying for Nicole. I like her with Brady in terms of chemistry but Nicole has chemistry with everyone and I always found it hard to take either one of them seriously in their past relationships with others (they've had so many and have always claimed it was love and have both married too easily)which makes it even harder to take them seriously together. They just both seem more than a little unstable to me ,at least with Eric ,Nicole finally has a chance at a supercouple pairing especially due to the angst caused by him having to leave the priesthood and the fact that she was his first love back in the day. Also this pairing wouldn't have that "Rebound" air that a lot of her pairings have had in the last few years e.g EJ( really in love with Sami) ,Daniel (really in love with Jen) and now Brady again (trying to get over Kristen),she seems to be the girl guys call when "the one " is not available.

    Posted by tariro at Saturday, June 22 2013 12:22 PM

    Was more than a little bit miffed at EJ and Sami just "talking" about a shower and me not getting to actually see it ,I'm glad she now knows about the video though not sure what ,if anything she can do about it. I'm one of those people who usually love it when Wilson and EJami share a scene but yesterday wasn't one of my favourite scenes between these two couples. At first I was upset with Will for wanting to confess at this particular point in time ,it would after all make Sami look even worse then I thought about it and realized that video is going to be leaked sooner or late by someone so she's going to look bad either way and Sami will have to explain herself and at least this way she won't have to keep Will's part in it secret and this will expose the fact that Bernardi was a dirty cop, but all that and Will's confession still doesn't mean squat if Bernardi's weapon still hasn't been found. It will actually give her a serious motive to want Bernardi gone.

    Posted by zuzu61 at Saturday, June 22 2013 01:15 PM

    Whew!! I finally get a minute to myself..

    'Happy Birthday to You..
    Happy Birthday to You..
    Happy Birthday to littleguysmom...
    Happy Birthday to you!!!'

    I'm sure you enjoyed reading my birthday wish MUCH more than if you heard me singing it.. lol

    *** HAPPY BIRTHDAY littleguysmom ****

    Posted by littleguysmom at Saturday, June 22 2013 01:58 PM

    Hi everyone I'm home had a very nice time today, just home a little while a go.

    @zuzu. THANK - YOU for the birthday song, if you think your bad at singing you should here me sing in the shower, when littleguy sees me heading to the bathroom to shower, he runs and hides. LOLOLOL.

    Posted by littleguysmom at Saturday, June 22 2013 02:07 PM

    @zuzu & holdingon on just want to thank you for sending the humidity up this way its 85 here right now but feels like a 100 had to break down and put my air - conditioner in the window when I got home.

    Posted by tariro at Saturday, June 22 2013 02:09 PM

    Aww happy birthday @littleguysmum!

    Posted by littleguysmom at Saturday, June 22 2013 02:19 PM

    @tariro THANK - YOU just got done reading your posts, glad your internet is backup and running, missed you when you couldn't post. Hope you are having a good afternoon.

    Posted by ceelo at Saturday, June 22 2013 05:46 PM

    now jenn will have something to do .she never have anytime for her kids before it use to be peter now it dr loser.
    now she will take time and look after jj.

    Posted by ceelo at Saturday, June 22 2013 05:48 PM

    I know my girl will save eric from kojack
    the man eater .
    go Nicole beat the hell out of her.

    Posted by zuzu61 at Saturday, June 22 2013 06:31 PM

    Yes ceelo.. Maybe Nicole will give Kristen the rest of the drug that she gave Eric.
    Then Nicole will take Eric home and Kristen will go attack the Man behind the desk at Motel 6. She can grab him and drag him to her room. lol

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