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    Manicuring Rafe To Death.

    Wednesday, June 12 2013
    Both Kate and Sonny have a suggestion as to where Gabi should live, the cops search Rafe's room again, and Bernardi's wife turns up.

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    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, June 12 2013 06:59 PM

    Zuzu I am following you. Trying to get your attention. I just read the craziest tweet.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, June 12 2013 07:13 PM

    Thanks littleguysmom. I didn't watch the show Monday. Was sicker than a dog no TV dark room took sleeping pills trying to dull the pain. So the waiter gave Brady back his phone. I don't think Kristen has a chance to get back with him. It's over. I think she even gets it.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, June 12 2013 07:18 PM

    Ejami2012. Right Kate knows Stefano called on his henchmen to attack. Iso that's why part of me believes she has the knife. I hate her more than I hate Niki. I'm so Anti-guns. So when she was giving it to Sami I was screaming NOOOOOO not with all this kids around. If Ciarra, Theo, Allie, Johnny or Sydney had found it for sure we would have to tar and feather the cow. As it is Sami's future is imperil, even Will is pretty disgusted with grandma Kate.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, June 12 2013 07:22 PM

    I thought I saw the hockey game was on instead of my Chicago fire. What's the score??

    Posted by ladybelle at Wednesday, June 12 2013 09:46 PM

    John needs to go foe a while. I don.t know who took the knife,I thought I saw an arm reach down and get it but I could be mistaken. Kate may have took it just to get Sami in trouble.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Wednesday, June 12 2013 10:02 PM

    WOW!! We are under a "flood and derecho winds" watch!!!
    We sure do not need another one..............thunder
    rolling and heavy duty rain....dang ole gully washers!! looks like this week-end also will be not so
    fun for Dad's day!!

    To everyone on this board that is suffering with their
    own illnesses.....please take note.....prayers and
    thoughts are going up for all of you...every moment
    of any given day!! Keep the faith...hold on to HOPE

    One of my many nieces is suffering from the same
    types you have fibromyalgia
    and most every day in constant pain...along with
    those dreaded headaches where she needs dark rooms...
    quiet alone time....and a commode close by!! She
    has three school aged children....and a husband that
    isn't in the best of health....she isn't even 35.

    I'm sorry so many of you do not care for Rafe...I
    really don't understand how you adore Elvis...and
    hate Rafe.............Love Sami and call Kate a
    "cow" of those "guidelines"
    have certainly been crossed...........Rafe never did
    the things to anyone that Elvis and his family have
    done...............Why is it alright for the ones
    that do not especially care for the Ejami thingy...
    be forced to watch (if we want to see the show)...but...
    oh boy...if the EJAMI show is not playing...then Rafe
    and his family get shot to pieces with all kinds of
    words............chopped down to weird abbreviations!!

    What is so wrong with the Hernandez family? Compare
    them to the shadowed DeMIRA have roses
    vs...thorns..............I don't see them trying to
    have a body part removed....for prove what!!
    Doesn't make sense..............anyway you slice it....
    it does not make sense!!

    And I still hold true to believing the only "strong
    relationship" that couple the sex....and without
    that...they have nothing....and with that alone....they
    have NOTHING!!!

    When people age....they look back and wonder....what
    in the world was that all about!!! You definitely
    CAN LIVE WITHOUT IT!!! Not because you CAN'T....but...
    you just DO NOT WANT TO!!!

    Its been a long day here and we both need our rest....
    so...take care everyone...stay safe and be strong....
    God will take care of you!!

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Wednesday, June 12 2013 10:24 PM

    Oh yeah!! I can't remember who suggested it...but I
    am 100% with you....get Ziva from NCIS....she will
    straighten Kristen out with just one kick....ONE!

    I see she hasn't finished her dirty work in Salem...
    what is she planning now....and what is with Brady
    reaching out to her....WHAT!! Say it ain't so...Joe!!

    So John was brought back to DOOL along with Marlena
    and their entire lifeline on the show has been blown
    away...and now he is MIA....Bo is gone...(cause he
    wanted to leave)....Lucas is on recurring....but oh
    yeah...............I guess the "golden ones" are
    signed for life!! BIG WHOOP!!!

    Posted by littleguysmom at Thursday, June 13 2013 03:19 AM

    Good morning everyone ...I hope everyone made it though the storms and are safe and well. Just wanted to wish everyone to have a great day. I'll be back later.

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, June 13 2013 03:22 AM

    Woohoo to the Blackhawk fans.

    I am wondering if there is going to be direction again for these women and men of Salem. We have Nicole and Kristen pulling hair like a couple of jealous teenagers, crazy. Though Nicole wsa so much fun on both Monday and Tuesday. I just feel like here is Sami and Ej that I thought finally there is a couple going in a good direction, but not so much. One minute she is confessing her dying love to EJ and saying yes to his proposal and the next she is in Rafe's room certain that he will come out of the coma perfectly normal because of her love. Again CRAZY. Then there is Hope with no direction at all and right now not really interested in seeing her at all. Jennifer and Daniel, well there direction is one struggle after another from a psycho. Marlena had the look of evil on her face again, but quite honestly I would have been totally pizzed off a long time ago and walked. A slap was not enough for what John did. I said all long there was still feelings there for Kristen though we never saw anything like that for years and now suddenly they resurfaced to the top of his heart. Oh my gosh are our writers like miserable people wanting company or what since misery loves company. Please help me my friends to see if there is a direction with anyone at all.

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, June 13 2013 03:24 AM

    Then really Sami is in a bathroom and hears a little noise and pulls a gun. What the heck in a hospital no less. I think I am not liking where this is going. Oh and Kate threatening Stefano cause her boy toy. Kate acts as if her and Rafe have been something for a long time when it was only a few romps in the bed.

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