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    Nails In Stefano's Coffin.

    Wednesday, May 22 2013
    Arianna is born, Hope shoots Jansen, and EJ meets with Justin about Stefano's downfall.

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    Posted by littleguysmom at Thursday, May 23 2013 07:54 AM

    Has it been said if Carrie and Austin had their baby yet, she was pregnant before Gaby, I guess out of story line out of mine. There has been no mentioned of their baby that I can recall. Just curious. LOL.

    Posted by ChiSox1 at Thursday, May 23 2013 08:01 AM

    I don’t want to be snipey but what the heck! Why is it that there is only ONE floor at Salem University Hospital? It aggravates me that the Emergency Room patients are brought up in the elevator to the Dr. Dan/Maxine floor where it just so happens is where the ONE patient room is now occupied by Rafe. (I was impressed to see that there was a room for Gabi and that she didn’t have to bunk with her brother!)

    Speaking about Gabi, how does the OB/GYN know about Rafe? I can’t imagine that in a REAL hospital every doctor would know about every patient! So much for HIPAA!

    After his surgery, Maxine said that Will was in Recovery – any Recovery Room that I know of has medical staff all around monitoring the OR patients – they don’t put you in a room all by yourself and close the door! God forbid if something went wrong – no one would know! Yikes, I’m never going to check into Salem U!

    amld: In case you missed it, Lucas was with Sami when they opened the door to Will’s room and saw Sonny at his bedside.
    When Will’s surgery was done, I had to laugh at Dr. Dan pulling off his mask and having the confused, constipated look on his face! He would never be able to fill the shoes of Ben Casey! (Oops, I’m dating myself there!)

    Sorry for the rant. I just wish they could make this more true to life!

    Posted by ChiSox1 at Thursday, May 23 2013 08:05 AM

    littleguysmom: I think Johnny refers to Stefano as Nonno. Is that what you were thinking?

    Posted by littleguysmom at Thursday, May 23 2013 08:20 AM

    @ChiSox1, thanks I knew it was something close to Nana but I couldn't get the word out LOL.

    Posted by littleguysmom at Thursday, May 23 2013 08:50 AM

    Way off topic ...

    I've been sitting here for a couple of hours. I kept see this robin going back and forth to my shrub under my bay window. So I went to see what she was doing, about a little over a foot from my window is a nest with three baby robins in it no wonder my kitties want to sit in the window LOL.

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, May 23 2013 09:22 AM

    ChiSox1, I was laughing my butt off at your comment and was trying to be discreet, but doctor sits at my desk and he looked up at me like maybe I was losing my mind or something sitting here laughing at the screen. Great comments today. I cannot wait until tonight to start catching up. Reading the recaps and the comments makes me believe we had some good writing going on this week so far and hope we have a great cliffhanger on Friday.

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, May 23 2013 09:32 AM

    Speaking of Ben Casey ChiSox1, you may have dated yourself but I am going to have to date myself also, cause I remember him being a hunky doctor back in the day.

    Posted by condesabays at Thursday, May 23 2013 10:03 AM

    LOL I had a Ben Casey shirt I wore to school.......

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Thursday, May 23 2013 10:04 AM

    SHOW TIME!! and it starts out perfect for me.

    Sonny at Will's beside and he told him have exciting news for you the baby is here and i might be biased but she is beautiful looks just like you. AND Sami and Lucas are listening in on this......Sonny's says you have to wake up so you can meet her

    Hope and MarMar hahahahahah seriously oh my are they going to talk about John or the mess that Hope.

    OH. John at hospital and EJ and him are talking?? EJ wants to talk to John about something....his sister...but that isn't why John came he was looking for MarMar? or maybe he was goign to go visit Will?? let rewind.

    JAMES SCOTTS gorgeous face and body just stopped me cold in my tracks and I just drooled instead :P

    Posted by ChiSox1 at Thursday, May 23 2013 10:05 AM

    bearigan: LOLOL!! As a kid, Dr. Zorba would scare me

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