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    Not The Boss Of Me.

    Monday, May 06 2013
    Daniel lectures Anne, Victor tells Marlena to give up, and someone breaks into Jenn's.

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    Posted by allmylovingdays at Monday, May 06 2013 11:45 AM

    Kristen on phone with Stefano, she is luckynBrady knocks before entering she was telling daddy don't count on Eric and too bad she couldn't control her temper cause maybe he would've come. Stefano says why worry when said wedding isn't even going to happy. She said but I would have loved all of her family to hear why and what is going to occur

    Posted by SassieAnn at Monday, May 06 2013 11:47 AM

    I hope I get this right. John is being a pig-headed jerk because Marlena didn't tell him about Brady and Kristen. And she didn't do anything to break them up. I'd like to know just what did John expect Marlana to do? What could either of them actually do about it? Tell Brady, we don't like this and expect you to do what we tell you to do? GIVE ME A BREAK! Besides the fact, John was "giving Kristen the benefit of the dobut" and playing nice to her and all the while she was digging at Marlena every scene she got. John would not/did not believe Marlena when she did try to warn him. And Brady??? Come on, he is grown man. What kid is going to do what Mommy and Daddy tell them and not just dig their heels in deeper. It was going to take John seeing for him self about almost Step-Mommie and poor widdle Brady going at it. EEEEEEUUUUUUWWWWW! And John slinks around with his smirk and jerk attiitude telling everyone to "back off." And she can call Stuffano Daddy till the cows come home, she is not a DeMara. She is Kristan BLAKE. Maybe history has been rewritten to fit this particular story line, and Stuffie adopted her, but she and her brother, Peter, are still Blakes.
    I just read today's episode and it looks like she purposely baited Eric to get him not to come to the wedding. Now all she has to do is tell Brady, his family doesn't support them and he only needs/has her. For Brady to be this big CEO, he sure is one dumb bunny.
    And Eric going around with him moon-face over Nicole. Years ago, I like Nicole with Eric, but not now. I have too much respect for his commitment to is faith. I'm hoping Vargas is some kind of deep, deep under cover guy and he can be a good guy in the end. He and Nicole have some chemistry.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Monday, May 06 2013 11:48 AM

    Victor said MarMar pushed Brady into that vipers arms

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Monday, May 06 2013 11:53 AM

    HI ,SassieAnn, she did bait him but I don't think she set out to do this, sometimes her hatred and revenge just makes her forget all else

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Monday, May 06 2013 11:56 AM

    Anne talking trash to Maxine about Jennifer. Why, you know darn well that Maxine is one of hpjennys biggest supporters. But it segwayed to us seeing JJ touching the mushy picture of his mom with Daniel and looking at his dads photo too in Horton house.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Monday, May 06 2013 12:00 PM

    I am starting to Agree with people tap hat say John and Kristen just want to end up in bed together damn the consequences

    Stefano saying we need to live in present, EJ says trite but things that are trite are usually true. Watch you arrogance EJ. Watch it. You are being too cocky and sure of yourself thinking you can say things do things that poppi won't start to put two and two together

    Posted by ldiablo at Monday, May 06 2013 12:16 PM

    Poor poor me Kristen, always about you. I thought Father Eric was
    going to rip his white collar off and start to beat her with it.
    Kristen is so good at bringing out the worst in people. Seems
    like she is starting to lay down the reasons why she is doing
    what she is ready to do to Brady. It is all Marlena's fault keep
    telling yourself that special K when they ship you off to the
    closes nuthouse. I like Dannifer but if they think that showing
    them on every episode is what people want well the writers are
    wrong. They have just been in back to back storylines and it is
    time for someone else to drive the bus. John Black you are as
    big as an a$$ as Brady is stupid. I am so sick of the both of
    you. Just go away and take all the other people that have worn
    out their welcome in Salem. Why is Anne still there other then
    comedic relief. She is after all a pawn or minion she is not a
    strong character able to cause trouble on her own. Good things
    happen to good people so when is Abe going to be given more of
    a role on DOOL?

    Posted by condesabays at Monday, May 06 2013 02:23 PM

    Yes, there are two sets of prints on the gun (and possibly the store owner's also) but still, the gun is registered in Kate's name.............

    Posted by sissy101 at Monday, May 06 2013 02:37 PM

    I can't believe that Days has put Lucas on a %^*+ recurring status!! He's one of the best actors on that program. He even knows how to wash his face and shave.....when is Daniel going to find the pun intended.

    Posted by littleguysmom at Monday, May 06 2013 02:50 PM

    Just watch the show I'm with allmylovingdays the show was kinda boring. The only part I liked was with Anne, Jen and Dan, I lol when Dan told Anne he talked to Chloe last night and she told him all about Anne helping her.the look on Anne's face was priceless lol.

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