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    Crush Nick Fallon Like A Bug.

    Thursday, March 21 2013
    Sami tries talking Will into letting Stefano help get rid of Nick, Jenn and Daniel make love, and Nicole meets a sexy stranger.

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    Posted by huskergirl at Thursday, March 21 2013 11:14 PM

    Good for Jenn and Daniel for Finally getting together! So Jenn called Chloe a tramp in front of Parker! The kid is 2! Does anyone really think he'll remember? And BTW...Chloe has used that kid to get Daniel back. She doesn't care about her child...She just wants to get his dad in bed.

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, March 22 2013 04:14 AM

    I just loved Thursday’s show. I will start with Nicole, loved her comments to Nancy especially about the squatters redecorating. It was just too funny watching her eat the banana and the banter between her and Nancy. It seems no one is able to get through to Chloe, maybe its all that hair, even her mother who is trying to tell her to back off, but yet the next minute she is telling her something to make her wishful. Then there is Nicole taking her sweater off and not seeing Vargas, until she walked over to the desk. I bet she tasted leather for quite some time after running her mouth to Eric about the prisoner. The more I think about it the more I think Nicole and Vargas could have some interesting storylines. Typical Nicole lusting, but at least she has fought her feelings for Eric. Let’s see how Eric takes this when Nicole and Vargas become friends.

    As for what Jennifer said to Chloe, I did not think she was screaming but I believe she had every right to defend herself against Chloe. Chloe wants to play the innocent victim and get things started and then blame the downfall on someone else. IMO the way she is chasing Daniel around makes her look and act like a tramp, so if the shoes fit wear them. Chloe has used that child so much already and to act like she should win the Mommy of the year award, me thinks not. I am not convinced that Chloe didn’t blackmail Stephanie and her friend and Caroline to say they switched the test results. There were many people involved in that so I still think Parker could be Phillips. I was glad that Kristen told Daniel the truth, maybe now he will realize Chloe is a troublemaker and if she really cared for Daniel she would take a step back. I really would like to see Chloe stay around if she could be the character she was in the beginning, a little bit of good and a little bit of badness, but with her friends her own age (Phillip, Shawn, Chelsea, Mimi, Belle).

    Ok, so Gabi knows Will would never sign off his rights and she now knows Nick is blackmailing she should run as fast as she could. I also was happy Will told Sonny he did want to talk to Gabi. Just cannot wait for Nick to spot Vargas. I want Will to stand up for himself and if need be then let Sami and Ej help him out. I know Will has it in him to be stronger than what he is now.

    As for Jennifer and Daniel, I so loved it when they did not rush into the sex thing and how Daniel wanted it to be special I was falling in love at the end of the show watching the two of them. I feel they have Chemistry just as Sami and EJ and they can get through the struggles and make it fun for us to watch. I don’t remember her just immediately dumping Daniel when Jack came back. What I remember is she struggled with her love for both them and then it was Daniel and Jack that decided she date both, Daniel decided it was not working and graciously walked away, then Jack told Jennifer he did not want to get remarried but they could take their time and the next thing we all knew they had remarried, so I guess after everything Jennifer went through with Jack for years, I don’t see the problem with her being happy. It was not like her and Daniel met on the street and started dating right then. Plus they did not rush back into the relationship as soon as Jack died.

    I wish for a good storyline for Hope but I am not sure hooking her up with someone would be the way to go. I think she could offer up a lot too, but she is in the background mostly anymore.

    Have a fantabulous day all.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Friday, March 22 2013 05:28 AM

    I knew you would love the whole episode yesterday bearigan.

    Vargas is an enigma but they can continue showing him without a shirt either putting it on or taking it off because we are enjoying the scenery.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Friday, March 22 2013 06:00 AM

    Can't wait to see Nick and Sonny today. Ok, it isn't a catfight but someone at least punches Nick!

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, March 22 2013 06:49 AM

    Oh yeah allmylovingdays I loved it from beginning to end starting with Nicole. I just love Nicole and it doesn't matter what they throw at her she will shine, plus she just makes me laugh. Vargas was pretty good to look at. We had Gabi guestioning Nick, We had us some Ej and Sami, and golly they are just too cute this go around. We had some Sonny and Will, Chloe and Nancy, yeah could have done without that but they are part of the storyline, and then some Jennifer and Daniel which I thought was so romantic as was the little kiss Sami gave Ej and she finally admits love now.

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, March 22 2013 06:54 AM

    Ok, I could have also done with Brady proposing to Kristen, but I was glad she ran into Daniel. I do think she care more for Brady than she lets on and we all know Brady well he just falls in love. Wasn't that long ago he was to be married to Madison, and she was killed the same night as jack. Brady just needs a woman by his side IMO.

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, March 22 2013 07:16 AM

    That should have been done without Brady proposing to Kristen

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, March 22 2013 07:39 AM

    Allmylovingdays, how do you see the move into the Mansion by Sami and Ej playing out with Kristen. We all know Sami and Kristen cannot stand each other and then we will have Brady and Ej who really cannot stand each other. This should be very interesting. I think the next couple of weeks should be pretty good. Still not sure what to think about Cameron and not really sure if I want to think anything since he really does nothing for me. I hope if they are going to make it that he had something sneaky to do with Nicole's baby or has dealings with the Dimera's it comes out soon. I think we deserve to know what he is up too and I wonder if Vargas will have anything to do with that.

    Posted by Bradygirl at Friday, March 22 2013 07:40 AM

    I finally caught up. Chloe is being so pathetic. She needs to stop chasing Daniel, he does not love her. Even Nancy can see it now. I do think that Daniel is Parker's father, they had a paternity test done and although we did not see Philip, it was insinuated that he was there and he knew Parker was not his son.
    I loved the interaction with Nicole and Nancy. I did not realize they actually knew each other and didnt like each other? I really hope Nicole does not get involved with this the best they can do for her? Come on...
    Gabi better question Will and find out why he gave up custody rights. Also, EJ and Sonny and Chad all know about what Gabi did to Melanie. Why dont they discuss that and what they could possibly do to use that against Nick & Gabi?? What is going on here is ridiculous. I cant wait for Nick to see Vargas..I hope his world comes crashing down around him!

    Posted by Bradygirl at Friday, March 22 2013 07:45 AM

    Sami Brady is out of control? First, why does she want to get into a debt with Stefano?? If you ask Stefano for something you are going to have to do something for him at some point. Why would she want to put herself let alone put Will in a situation like that??? Once again, she is being impuslive and not thinking about the future. I loved the scenes with her and Lucas in the evidence room. It remided me of old times! They were so cute together. I'm completely bored of her and EJ and cant wait for EJ to mess up so she can dump him again.

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