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    That Cow.

    Friday, March 15 2013
    John asks for a truce, Nicole worries, Nick and Gabi marry, and Vargas is released.

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    Posted by ceelo at Sunday, March 17 2013 07:40 AM

    Happy Housewife Chicago . agree with you right now i cannot watch the show ..i like nick and gabbi and my nicole.
    but the will and sonny has goen to long and i am one fan who has enough .that why i am taking a brake from days..

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Sunday, March 17 2013 12:50 PM

    One of the reasons I stopped posting last fall was I knew that I was going to have nothing kind or good to say about this soap and I decided rather than be so negative I just would be silent.

    Funny right after I read a great article about Hate-watching and I wished I had shared it..but it goes along these lines another article recently posted

    Hate-watching” is a not a properly descriptive term: “Hate-watching,” when truly practiced, is a joyful experience. If one truly dislikes a show — finds it boring or offensive — one does not watch at all. Watching, one does not feel a rush of bitchy glee at the ridiculous heights the show scales, the incidental lunacy it achieves. Hate-watching is what happens when you turn into your most judgmental self and start pointing and laughing, but without feeling a twinge of guilt or shame that your time could be better spent. The object of your derision is not unworthy, it’s not just some god-awful TV show — it is a god-awful TV show with pretensions and the ability to surprise you, even if it is only with new lows. Hate-watching a show is not the same as loving it, but, as ever, hate and love bear a passing resemblance: They are the feelings reserved for that which you are most passionate about.

    and then we have two scoops

    favorite thing in the two scoops is how we all felt about Daniel/Chloe/Annie and Jennifer

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Sunday, March 17 2013 01:19 PM

    There were days & weeks that I didn't watch this soap. I gave it up even for lent last year and OH LORD was I upset that I missed some of the beginning of what I expected to be ‘finally EJAMI time, so glad that people post clips of it on youtube. During September through most of December I tuned in to GH and a bit of Y&R. GH sort of grabbed my attention but like this soap, when they did something that was beyond the pale in my heart or changed a storyline totally from a cherished memory they lost this viewer. The only way they can seriously get me back full time is if Stephen Nichols is hired back as Stefan Cassidine with Laura.

    I am back watching Days even on the days when boring boring surfer dude & his lady love take up too much of the hour and while I have to hold my comments on gabs and her hubby. I think Blake Berris is doing a wonderful job making us hate his character.

    Will right now I want to slap the sense the greyness the schemer back into him that he showed us last spring when he had the forged Alice letter and he thought he owned the world.

    I like Wilson. I was as surprised as the next that Will told Sonny about him shooting EJ. Sonny needs to tell Will about Gabs. Chad needs to be part of this story. I can’t wait for Will to find out and then for Chad, Will and Sami to hear the name of the baby. I want them to be shocked and hate it just as much as I do. I liked an irish combination along with gabs latino roots.

    Not sure if Brady heard Kristen. It seems he did, especially when he didn't want Marlena going into the coffee shop when John was talking alone to Kristen. THAT WAS STRANGE.
    Is Caroline’s medicine not working?
    During the ring exchange the show interchanged it with Vargas –he slipped on a ring. What does this mean? Anything?

    Am I delighted with EJAMI -HELL YES!!!!! I love the constant handsy stuff, the closeness the talking to each other about what is going on -Sami is not only being trying to save Will but she worried about EJ and going back to live with evil pops. EJ's delight and seeing and hearing her fierceness for him -not only turned him on but he knows he is cherished. Sami knows beyond a doubt she is and has been the one and only.

    I think I've watched her confession and the next scenes when they talked about it not being black and white and how she knows he has stepped into himself and is a better man and maybe that's because he wasn't with her - and then EJ says, I did that for you, in hopes of you --LE SIGH`]/i] I have watched that over and over again because it was exactly what we knew and said for years about them. AND no matter how many times I have watched it I still hold my breath thinking poor EJ hearing this until Sami says ‘maybe there was a smart part of me holding back for not telling you, because I knew if I did I would be throwing you away.’

    And don’t get me started on the scheming in bed –their chemistry just is off the charts. Even Friday just watching them just talking in HTS –in a way it would have been a delight for not only the naysayers on the Brady side but Stefano if only they just happened to be walking by. They would see a couple so very much into each other and so very much in love.

    Am I scared of EJAMI moving into the mansion. YES I am. It is going to be crowded. But I am hoping we get to see the kids more and I am expecting to have some campy laughs just like EJ did when he came in to say hello to Stefano and there he found Brady, Kristen and Stefano holding hands

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Sunday, March 17 2013 01:51 PM

    I think I found the original Hate Watching article

    “Hate-Watching” is NOT the same as a guilty pleasure. You wouldn’t tune in every week to hate-watch a really “bad” reality show — that’s a guilty pleasure.

    Last fall the Hate Watching ended up indifference and I couldn't even sit and read the recaps. I read the LBS article and and didn't expect much. I thought they were lying to me. Did you all read the SOD dated March 11th? Alison Sweeney and James Scotts most revealing interview ever!! I read that article and even the actors said they were teased just as much as we were and they at times even now get a script and think OH NO NOT AGAIN and they asked and the executive producer or writer states WAIT WAIT read the next script and you will like it, so here I am like the actors thinking OH HELLNO and then the next episode all is right back in my EJAMI world

    Posted by mylinda5 at Sunday, March 17 2013 02:55 PM

    not like nick time for nick to go he to much sorry nick but good by .

    Posted by makesmehappy at Sunday, March 17 2013 03:28 PM

    @Allmylovingdays- you have been so greatly missed! I would check this place and hope for your comments ever since EJami came back into each other's orbits...
    Like you, there are scenes I have rewatched so many times, I lost count! The interview with Ali and James as well as the FL chat has given me so much hope for the future of those two characters, characters as a couple that make me so very happy. I can't picture one without the other.
    Happy for all EJami fans.

    Posted by tariro at Monday, March 18 2013 01:23 AM

    @allmylovingdays s always your post felt as if it was written specifically for me especially the "hate watching " part. I can never "hate watch' for long;I've learnt to give up on something if I don't like the direction its takenlike with Young and the Restless last year and thats what got me watching Days again ,Y and R upset me and I needed to watch something else until it got better again so I started watching "Days" and though Y and R is better than last year I haven't gone back because I'm honestly enjoying DOOL more!

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Monday, March 18 2013 05:18 AM

    I will try to post daily again. I am still pinching myself that this isn't all a dream.

    Posted by bearigan at Monday, March 18 2013 05:18 AM

    Thank you holding for your comment, so true. There will always be those that have hatefulness or jealousy or what ever in them, raging like a fire and they like attention and when we give it to them it fuels their fire and they continue to make hurtful comments not only on this board but in everyday life. So sometimes just better to not even give them the acknowledgement they seek and try to realize they have a sickness.

    As for our show, I think right now I am so disappointed in the huge character change of John Black. Doc has always been the love of his life or at least for a really long time and now he acts like he cannot even stand to be in the same room, unless of course she is hugging Roman. I understand if he is trying to protect her but at least clue her in, he does not need to be mean about it.

    Loving Ejami right now for a lot of reasons.

    The wedding well really quick.

    Posted by bearigan at Monday, March 18 2013 05:22 AM

    --------SPOILER----------, the spoiler addict has been at it again and it sounds like a couple of good weeks coming. So if I have to deal with Kristen and Chloe's shannigans from time to time during the week, I will but I for one am enjoying all most all of our show right now and looking forward to what the next day brings.

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