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    The DiMera House Of Horrors.

    Thursday, March 07 2013
    Kristen moves into the mansion, Brady and Victor have an argument, and Nancy arrives in Salem.

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    Posted by sleecats at Friday, March 08 2013 05:23 AM

    Hello everyone,

    I m still have a little cold, now is the coughing, after the stuffed up, with the weather very cold and then get very warm the next day.... a lots to be done before moving with children to join hubby at la reunion islands in July . The selling of the appartment, call for the moving company to organize to ship all our furniture s and belong from France to la reunion.... ! wish me luck.

    Talk about the episode, When I watched Kristen took of the cloth on Stephano's Portrait , I saw a bizard expression on Kristen's face , is like she was afraid to see Stephano's face that make me wonder maybe is not really Kristen, could it be E.J.'s Mom(I forgot her name) or her other triplets, for a moment I thought it could be them. I was happy not seeing the Nick's face and Gabby's baby drama on today. Ciara is so sweet when she was talking to Father Eric and Poor Nicole but I m glad she is trying see that her ways were not good and that would like to change and become a better person unlike her Chloe who she saw being the desperate destructive to hold on someone who dont want her and hurting everyone in the process. I just hope they will write a happy ending for Nicole, her heart is at the right place and dont listen to Chloe , she is just being bitter because your are not helping her scheming . Like Chloe said she got her Miracle Child which is using to Daniel , Nicole deserve to have her Baby more than Chloe . I hope Chloe listen to what her mother said "is one thing to get rid of your competition but another to thing make some one love you." stop living in her delusional world.

    Posted by Bradygirl at Friday, March 08 2013 08:41 AM

    Hello friends. My kids dont have school, but here I am at work even though it's like a blizzard out there today. I was a little behind so I caught up yesterday. I like the theory that Nick stabbed himself, but he was stabbed in the back. I dont think anyone can stab themselves in the back, but I like the thought that he was up to something. I was mad when I thought Nicole admitted to Eric that she loved him and it was just a daydream...that drove me CRAZY! How long are they going to hold off on this??
    I cant believe Brady is moving into the mansion. Something awful is going to happen to him living in that insane asylum.
    Chloe and Ann were acting like 15 year olds spying on Dan & Jen. Oh and Nancy, I was excited to have her come back, but not if she is going to help Chloe be more delusional than she already is. Leave it alone already.
    I didnt like the Sami & EJ bed scenes, there was something creepy about them talking about Nick while getting it on. Or maybe it's just me....

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, March 08 2013 09:11 AM

    Oh my goodness Bradygirl, where are you at that you are getting a blizzard. It was here in good Ol Michigan Tuesday. A lot of accidents. You would think with it being March and soon the daffodils will be popping up we would have some warmer weather and less snow, but not appearing that way. Be careful when driving home.

    Posted by girlinthewind at Friday, March 08 2013 09:15 AM

    Hey posting peeps. My speculation on Nick's stabbing is based on flashbacks they have shown, you see the guy behind him, talking about snitches and what looks like him stabbing him. I think it was a plan they may have hatched together to help Nick and the other guy get out early, but it backfired and the other guy got the extra three years and is going to make him pay. JMO

    I love Brady, but if they make him any more pathetic I do no know what I will do! Bleh

    I wish Will would talk to Gabi, she doesn't know what Nick has done and I think she might get a backbone just one time and not agree with what Nick is doing especially when it comes down to the homophobia. Nobody has spoken to her about it, and in fact they are keeping it on the down low from just about everybody even Kate. Something's up, wonder what?

    Posted by Bradygirl at Friday, March 08 2013 09:17 AM

    I'm in MASS. I guess it's not really a blizzard but it's piling up fast, it should be! We just keep getting hit before any of it can melt. I need the sun and green grass and trees and flowers! I need Horton Town Square where it's kind of outside but not. There's no snow there

    Posted by Bradygirl at Friday, March 08 2013 09:20 AM

    girlinthewind I was wondering the same thing about why nobody is saying anything to Gabi or anyone else? It's because nobody knows Will shot EJ. She does not know about it, does she? He would have to go to her and say Nick was blackmailing him and she would want to know what he was holding over his head. Besides Gabi has never shown any backbone in the past. Even when she wanted to get rid of Melanie, she was never in charge.

    Posted by girlinthewind at Friday, March 08 2013 09:25 AM

    Bradygirl, you have a good point although every now and then Gabi gives Nick a look like she's not sure, if some how we capitolize on that little nagging doubt she has it might help. The other thing that really gets me, Will has a secret he can be black mailed for, Gabi does too, none of the people that know the facts seem to want to intervene and say well if you do this to Will, we will do this to Gabi, end game. Resolved! One can hope!

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, March 08 2013 09:57 AM

    Girlinthewind, remember when Gabi and Nick first got together and Nick found out that Will was gay, he started talking down about gays and Gabi defended Will and thought Nick was wrong, and if I remember she said something to him like should people feel the same way about Hispanics and he stopped discussing it with her, but Nick's homophobia is eating him alive. I wonder if the other inmate was gay and Nick snitched him out to the other inmates or something. So many possibilites. I know what you mean Bradygirl, finally have a bit of sunshine today but it was a long time coming. I am so ready for winter to be gone.

    Posted by girlinthewind at Friday, March 08 2013 10:10 AM

    Bearigan -- so many possibilities, so many ways it could go, all I know is I want Nick put in his place. THAT IS NOT YOUR BABY Nick, you got that! I have a feeling come 15 March when his roomate from prison comes to town things are going to crumble around the uppity master of his world Nick and I for one am looking forward to it. Did you see the way that prisoners eyes lit up when Hope and Eric said where their ministry was located? Hee hee!

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, March 08 2013 10:18 AM

    Perhaps Nick will feel the prongs from the pitchfork girlinthewind and once he has been taken care of maybe then there would be a couple more feel it right in their behinds, like Chloe and Kristen. Especially Chloe, since this is all so childish and then her grown Mama getting involved in the games as well. Oh my gosh, just too crazy.

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