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    Get A Dog.

    Wednesday, March 06 2013
    Will and Nick go toe-to-toe, Nicole has it out with Chloe, and EJ and Sami plot.

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    Posted by Happy Housewife Chicago at Wednesday, March 06 2013 07:39 PM



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    I have not attacked any one of you personally, yet you have me. So - to those that this applies - enjoy!

    "There's a name for you ladies, but it isn't used in high society...outside of a kennel."

    Posted by wash_08 at Wednesday, March 06 2013 08:02 PM

    I'd rather be called the b word for what you are referring to rather than the b word for bigot. But I forgive you because I receive forgiveness every day. May God heal your heart and open your eyes to love all his creations.

    Posted by tariro at Wednesday, March 06 2013 10:53 PM

    @wash 08 Sami did tell EJ she loved him it was part of the confession the night they got back together just after they made love so that should be youtube videos from around the 4th or 5th of february 2013, it was actually a very cute scene when she said " I love you " and he just looked shocked then she said "thats not what I meant to say" and he looked disappointed ,then she said " of course I do love you but what I should be saying now is that I trust you" which I took to mean that the love has always been there in the past but not trust! There have been other times she has admitted in the past like when she had just come back from the Safe house and he married to Nicole ,she told him there was a part of her that would always love him but the recent confession is much better!

    Posted by little bear at Thursday, March 07 2013 12:13 AM

    Hello everyone

    I would like to suggest that people try not to get themselves overly upset by Happy Housewife Chicago and her opinions, i am positive that she is not alone in what she believes. While i agree in part with her, the Bible is actually quite clear on the fact that homosexuality is a sin, i don't think she expressed her opinions in a particularly nice way, and i could certainly do without having to read people expressing their opinions in that manner. However i never let it bother me when people believe something different than me, if you want to be truly openminded and tolerant of others then you need to accept the fact that every person is never going to think the same as you, you don't have to think they are right, in fact you can be positive they are wrong, you just have to accept that they are free to think whatever they wish. So i hope people will move on from letting her upset them and get back to discussing the show as that's the only reason i come to this board, to talk about one of my favourite soap operas.

    Happy Housewife Chicago - perhaps you could try to be a little more considerate in the way you word things when expressing your opinions, if you don't wish to that's absolutely your choice, and i will simply skip your comments in the future as i do with other posters i don't wish to read

    My deepest apologies but i can't remember who asked me why i would want to see Sonny killed off when i posted my ideal ending to the whole Gabi/Will baby drama . . . the answer is super simple, i find him dull and extremely one-dimensional and i could easily live without the Sonny character!! I just feel like he is a token gay character and has not been fleshed out, i actually think Nick is much more multi-dimensional right now. So for me losing Sonny would not be much of a loss at all!! But for you and other Sonny fans, perhaps EJ and Sami get him to fake his death in order to take down Nick and Sonny and Will could work together to find and rescue Gabi and the baby.

    Posted by little bear at Thursday, March 07 2013 12:21 AM

    Anyway more about the show . . .

    1. I truly don't feel like Will deserves to be a part of his child's life right now, his attitude is quite poor and he still isn't really willing to step up and make his own decisions. I am really so disappointed in this character right now!! I know the writers want me to feel sorry for Will but really i just do not at all!! I have not enjoyed his character one teeny little bit since this whole pregnancy story began!! In fact i never liked Will after the first set of twins stopped playing him, i only began to like him once he really got himself a little bit of spunk and started to stand up for himself but now he is straight back to a boring indecisive wimp!! How stupid has be been to let Nick push him around all of this time, and then to be so SUPER gullible as to let Nick convince him the reason he wanted Will to sign away his rights was because of Sami, really Will should have inherited more from his parents and grandmother Kate and be able to tell when someone is up to no good!! I still don't want Nick raising the baby but right now i don't think Will deserves to be a daddy to that precious little baby! Once he shows me he is willing to put his child at the top of the list and do whatever it takes to be there for his kid . . . in true soapy style of course . . . then i will start to want to see him be a part of his daughter's life!

    Posted by little bear at Thursday, March 07 2013 12:27 AM

    2. As much as i do not like the Nick character i do however think he is a fabulous soap opera character!! He is self-centred, self-righteous, crazy, with a warped view of reality, he goes after what he wants without a single consideration of who he is hurting in the process, and he is quite multi-dimensional, all in all i am very pleased with this character even though i don't like him!! I think the one thing this storyline is lacking though is Nick having a worthy and well-matched opponent. So far all he has had to deal with is Will and Gabi, both of whom are quite weak and easily manipulated, now we are just starting to see him have to take on stronger characters like EJ and Sami, i am dying to have Kate involved, what i would really love to see is EJ, Sami, Kate and Stefano all working together to take down that pesky Nick!! I don't think i am really interested in seeing Stefano come back and cause drama for EJ and Sami, so it would be great to have him on board with them helping Will remain a part of his child's life, and of course Kate will not stand for anyone messing with her family, plus i LOVE Kate and Sami scenes, and it would be great to see them working together because for once they are totally on the same page!! So i can't wait to see how Nick reacts once these major 'baddies' really come at him!!

    Posted by little bear at Thursday, March 07 2013 12:32 AM

    3. I have to say i pretty much have as little respect for Gabi right now as i do for Will!! While i do believe this is in keeping with the original Gabi character, i am tired of seeing her so naive and gullible!! I never felt like the whole stalker/Andrew lie was in keeping with who Gabi had been portrayed to be, but i sure do miss seeing a Gabi with some gumption!! I really don't think she deserves this baby right now either!! She has not once stood up for herself and exerted her rights as the child's mother to tell Nick to back off and not stop Will from being in his daughter's life! So, while i do not want to see her lose custody of her child, i totally hope that this silly blind faith she has put in her murdering fiancee completely backfires on her and she ends up getting kidnapped by crazy Nick and is forced to see just who she was willing to let raise her baby!! Then hopefully after all of this blows up in their faces Will and Gabi will finally grow up and learn to stand up for themselves and make their own decisions so they can be good soapy parents for their little girl!

    Posted by little bear at Thursday, March 07 2013 12:46 AM

    4. Chloe's current craziness really does not bother me! I know a lot of you seem quite upset with her silly game playing and even want to see her lose custody of Parker, but i don't really see what she's doing that is any different than any other soap opera character!! Of course if she was a real person i would totally not at all like what she is currently doing . . . but this is a soap opera and so lots of mothers behave in the exact same way!! Now i do not at all like the Chloe character, and never really have liked her, but i have no problem with her going after Daniel!! I don't know why she's want Daniel but she does and since Jennifer and Daniel are SO boring to me, i really don't care if she messes up their relationship! I really did not like her using Abby's dead father as a weapon though! I thought that was low!! But other than that Chloe can be as stupid as she wishes if she thinks it'll get her her guy!!

    Posted by little bear at Thursday, March 07 2013 12:54 AM

    5. On to Daniel and Jennifer, these two are SO boring to me!! I think before they had this whole Chloe and Parker drama they really should have consolidated the relationship so that viewers were invested in them as a couple and really wanted to see them overcome any obstacle. Now i am sure some are totally into the Jennifer and Daniel pairing, but for me i am so not at all into them anymore, so i just didn't care that Nicole was trying to break them up, and i just don't care that now Chloe is trying to break them up. Plus it is so hard to like anything about Daniel, sorry to any Daniel fans out there, but there is just not much of anything to like about him!! He is so stupid and gullible and so boring!! And right now with Jennifer's attitude to Chloe and not wanting Daniel to have any contact with her, i mean i get Jennifer is frustrated with Chloe's games, but really she wants to eventually be step-mommy to Parker so assumably she cares about the kid, and yet she apparently wants to make life hard for the kiddie by driving a wedge between his parents, so i am totally not hoping things work out for Jennifer!!

    Posted by little bear at Thursday, March 07 2013 01:03 AM

    6. Really enjoying Sami and EJ!! I was getting a bit concerned that the writers were attempting to water down these two awesome baddies and make them into semi-goodies!! What fun would EJ and Sami be if they were goody-two-shoes like Marlena?! I want to see my favourite bad couple at their bad best!! I want to see them cause drama throughout Salem!! I want to see them cause some misery to their enemies!! Now i don't want to see them go so far as to actually kill Nick, but i am totally on board with them taking this obnoxious, self-righteous jerky-jerk down!! I am also dying for some great family scenes with them! We haven't had any in a little while, and i can't wait to see how the new Sydney interacts with her mommy and daddy! I also hope Allie is involved because i think the twins that play her are actually pretty good, we just hardly ever get to see them!

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