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    Get A Dog.

    Wednesday, March 06 2013
    Will and Nick go toe-to-toe, Nicole has it out with Chloe, and EJ and Sami plot.

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    Posted by Rommy at Wednesday, March 06 2013 05:00 PM

    In defense of Happy Housewife Chicago, she is simply stating her opinion about the show which is not against board guidelines and does not deserve a ban. However, attacking a poster, calling her names, is against board guidelines and does deserve a ban. You may disagree with Happy Housewife Chicago's comments, but she has a right to express them just as everyone else on this board.

    Posted by wash_08 at Wednesday, March 06 2013 05:16 PM

    Yes it's fine to have an opinion. About the show! that Chicago person is spewing hatred that's falling outside the boundaries about the show. The chapter James says, if you offend in one of the laws you offend in them all. In other words your hate is on the same level, if not worse than any sin. God is love. 1John says, "how can you say you hate your brother whom you see and say that you love God that you don't see? Anyway enough about bigotry. How can Rafe just blow off what Gabi did to Melanie? Would the wriers's please reveal this!

    Posted by wash_08 at Wednesday, March 06 2013 05:18 PM

    What is Sami going to do with Nick's phone?

    Posted by domesticmom at Wednesday, March 06 2013 05:19 PM

    agreed happyhousewife needs to go! Nick is a sicko, he is nothing but trouble and he will soon snap!
    Love EJami those two are going to be up to no good but well worth it in the end. Cant stand Chloe she is no good I hope Daniel wakes up soon and sees what she is really like and takes custody of that cutie Parker:)

    Posted by domesticmom at Wednesday, March 06 2013 05:23 PM

    gaby was the one to want to go to the clinic! gaby didn't protect herself EITHER!
    Will was protecting his mom when he shot EJ and if EJ didn't press charges when he found out NICK the NUT has no business using that against hin. Nick is a snake and trouble
    get your facts straight before you post!!!!

    Posted by domesticmom at Wednesday, March 06 2013 05:29 PM

    going after someone is not right, but what Chloe did was so worng in so many ways!!! she taunted Abigail with the the one thing that would get to her and that was Jack and Chloe did it for her own purpose!!!! don't understand why you dont see this? maybe where you live it shows a different show!!!!!!

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Wednesday, March 06 2013 05:31 PM

    Rommy, the issue we all have with that poster is that she attacked and judged and entire group of human beings, not Will. I do not see how that does not violate the guidelines. I will even go as far as to say that I will bet we have or have had posters on here that are gay, so that is her attacking posters. NOT cool! And she didn't even say that the act was sinful, she called gay people disgusting! and unfit to be parents, I mean really, why would we tolerate that kind of irresponsible's just plain mean, and rude!

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Wednesday, March 06 2013 05:33 PM

    I am not saying that it's right, but as a human being with feelings and impulses, I would have jumped Chloe too, and like Cameron asked, she would have been MISSING TEETH!

    Posted by wash_08 at Wednesday, March 06 2013 05:40 PM

    Has Sami ever said I love you to EJ?

    Posted by ladybelle at Wednesday, March 06 2013 05:59 PM

    EngineerMom you explained it so well.I have a relative who is gay and is one of the best people in the world.I did not appreciate her using the word Homo.Like Engineermom said the remark wasn't made about Will it was about gay people.Boy am I peeeed.

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