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    The DiMera Solution.

    Tuesday, March 05 2013
    Kristen gives EJ advice, Sami wants something, and Will confronts Nick.

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    Posted by ladybelle at Tuesday, March 05 2013 08:21 PM

    Happy Housewife Chicago: Murder which Nick committed is a sin.And you may be rotting in hell with some of the sinners which is not being gay.Nothing in the commandments about that. JuicyEJ is right you should be banned. Tell em Engineer Mom

    Posted by ladybelle at Tuesday, March 05 2013 08:31 PM

    I think Nickause is a nutcase he is only doing this because Will is gay and he was hurt in prison.Old Sami wants a mafia hit on him .That's about all EJ's good for taking care of someone.Kristin really is not looking too good.I heard she was going to be on Y&R some but then I heard she wasn't.

    Posted by Senior Mom at Wednesday, March 06 2013 12:50 AM

    This board is not for comments like Happy Housewife made. She really needs to be banned. Now to the show. If Kate does become pregnant a good story line would be to Let Nichol and Rafe become a couple. Kate can go away for a visit someplace and Nichol could fake a pregnancy like she did before. Kate could give them the baby. Rafe would have his child and Nichol would have the baby she always wanted. A happy ending for all.

    Posted by bearigan at Wednesday, March 06 2013 03:43 AM

    I just want to put my two cents worth in while we are on the subject of sinning. There is no where in the Bible that God says I am allowing some of you to judge and not others. One of the Ten Commandments is love thy neighbour, which means we are to love everyone. I know that is hard to do when we think someone has wronged us in some way or hurt someone we loved, molested a child or something, done something really evil like terrorist, but no matter what they too are still God’s children and he loves them the same as anyone else. He does tell us to hate the sin but not the sinner. A sin is a sins is a sin and like others have said no one on this earth is exempt from sinning. With that being said, perhaps Will and Sonny are committing a sin, but isn’t murder a sin, which is what Nick committed, Gabi played a part in Jack’s death since she was the one that hired Andrew and he was lighting something underground to set of the blast. What makes Nick think his parenting skills would be so much better than Wills and actually they both have Horton blood in them, so to do what he is doing to Will a family member is just way too much. IMO Nick is being very hateful right now and he doesn’t have Gabi and the baby’s best interest at heart otherwise he would think before he strikes. I do have to say I absolutely loved it when EJ sit quietly back and then had a word with Nick and got right in his face and told him he was even more stupid than he thought. I actually rooted for EJ that time. Like others have said for Will to blame this on his Mother is wrong, he does need to get some balls and stand up to Nick and Sonny was right on when he explained to Will it is Nicks anger towards gays. I’m thinking Nick was raped in prison and he wants to take his revenge out on Will, but the convict will be released soon. Also, why had the phone that Sami nabbed not been mentioned. And Gabi when Kate came to see her, wow. Nick has experienced very little of Kate’s wrath so far, but he had better watch his back when she hears what he is doing to Will cause we all know how Kate plays.

    Kate and Rafe, just not feeling it, there is absolutely zero chemistry. This is not the first time the cougar has come out in Kate. She did the boink boink with Daniel when he and Chelsea were dating, she has done EJ so I guess Rafe is just another name in the black book.

    Still catching up so more maybe later or tomorrow.

    Posted by Spring is near at Wednesday, March 06 2013 06:41 AM

    Good day fellow posters, I guess I need to vent also. ITA agree Happy Housewife Chicago should be banned. I come on here to post and my jaw dropped and I had to read her post twice to realize I wasn't hullicinating. "Homos" her words, have not heard that in years and don't want to hear it here. The only drama I want on here is mostly from DOOL! And if "Happy" is happy housewife Chicago, I'd hate to see what "unhappy" would be. Live and let live. We all have our comments, opinions and some are funny but were always referring to the CHARACTERS, not the actual person or persons as you Happy refer to when saying "Homos" and if I wanted to go to Church, I would go to Church. I hope you are banned also. Don't want to hear this. And yes, think about if one of your kids turns out to be gay, would you hate him/her? We need to love each other for our individuality and who are you to judge?

    Posted by Spring is near at Wednesday, March 06 2013 06:56 AM

    Just wanted to add, IMHO, what goes on behind closed doors with two consenting ADULTS is their business. On a soap or otherwise. I have all kinds of friends, gay and straight and I do not love any of them more or less for their sexuality. Quite frankly, I don't want to know what it is, but it's their business. Seems to me a lot of straight people have made a mess of things especially for kids and I am sure some gays have to, but where the is love, there is love. My gay friends rescue animals, like I do have hearts of gold. Some of my straight friends do to. So what's the difference. As long as they are happy and like I said are ADULTS, who cares? I hope they're all happy!

    Posted by Sweets478 at Wednesday, March 06 2013 07:05 AM

    Good morning all!! I am a long time reader and have never posted. I live for the Tuesday spoilers and love reading everyone’s opinion. Having said that I had to register after reading what Happy Housewife Chicago had to say. I too think that this user should be banned. I have never read such hate form anyone on this blog. We all don’t have to agree with what one another is doing be respectful of their choices. But this goes to show that there are very small minded people in the world and Happy Housewife Chicago is a great example of this. I think that it is awful what is happening to Will and I really feel for him. I love EJ and Sami together and I don’t want her with anyone else. Great chemistry and I love their lovemaking scene yesterday. I loved it even more when she asked him to take care of Nick and the way that he kissed her after was so hot. Having her okay to handle things the DiMera way was all that he needed because that was his concern when he was talking to Kristen. Have a great day guys! I think that I will continue to post.

    Posted by Spring is near at Wednesday, March 06 2013 07:28 AM

    Sweets478, Welcome! We are really a very friendly group here, looking out for each, even praying when necessary and if that's what you feel like doing. Sometimes, we just have fun, sometimes it's real therapy for us in real life. I too have never heard the vile as from Happy Housewife, but have already expressed my opinion. Hope you continue to post!

    Posted by Jamgirl1 at Wednesday, March 06 2013 07:32 AM

    Where 'There is a WILL; 'There is always a WAY...

    Sleepcat, apart from my Mom I make the best Jamaican Rum cake. I can bake with my eyes closed.
    I agree, the shop cakes doesn't float one's boat. My mom never let me leave Ja without a bag of bulla. Plusthe carrot juice in a pack that you can just add water.... taste quite authentic.

    Posted by napangel at Wednesday, March 06 2013 07:53 AM

    Ok....Happy Housewife, I agree with several others, You should be BANNED! That said, I feel EJ was way too calm when Will was being bullied into signing papers. Although this may be part of the "new" EJ! Maybe his plan is to not show his hand at all. I am confindent he already has a plan and all he wanted or needed was to hear Sami ask!! GAME ON NICK!!! Also, the cell phone Sami picked up and was so sly about, who did that belong to?? I think someone else posted maybe the "notary" guy is one of Stefano's men and Nick does not realize it! I think the writers need to have Jenn let her hair down and be the "single" girl for a while and maybe Dan will wake up! As far as Kate and Rafe go, more power to them!! The cougars of Salem are leaving poor Hope out of the game...maybe she will get drunk and hook up with CHAD!!!!!!! Just kidding.

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