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    Ratting Yourself Out.

    Friday, March 01 2013
    Gabi picks out a name for her baby, Nick wants Will to sign away rights to his daughter, and Jenn takes a break from Daniel.

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    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Friday, March 01 2013 06:49 PM

    Well girls & guys: This ole gal will have made the
    one yr. survivor goal come daughter is
    so excited...she is fixing me a special dinner tomorrow
    to celebrate having her mom still around!!!

    Its been a rough year and I don't remember one going
    by so fast before...but here it is...March 1, 2013....
    Last March 1...this ole lady was full of vigor and
    laughter....not so much this time!!

    Thanks to all that have been concerned about me during
    the past year...its nice knowing that even strangers
    care!! Thanks..many times over!!!

    Posted by forc2breckonwit at Saturday, March 02 2013 04:54 AM

    OMG!!!! I'm sorry but to see the look on ALL their faces as Nick just laids out how it's going to be with Gabi's baby was priceless. I know full well things will not trn out exactly the way Nick thinks, but it's great to watch it. Sami was at a loss. Poor Will can't catch a break. I said before. His parents did him no favors with this cover-up. I have to say the storyline is getting good. I can't wait to see how this goes down right up to when the baby is born.

    Posted by Spring is near at Saturday, March 02 2013 09:12 AM

    Happy Saturday all! Well, I guess a few of us have made it through yet another government prophecy of doomsday, the latest and greatest, sequester, now a noun, used to be just a verb! LMAO! Had to say that. HOLDING, I am glad you made it through this past year. Good to have you back posting. To all new and former, posters, it's great to read you posts as well. Where to begin - again! Kristen and Brady, well, thank God for fast forward. Marlena should slap John when he returns. Jenn should dump Daniel - YESTERDAY! BEARIGAN - yes I heard Nick snort! Must of run out of his Valentine's day kleenex. He could use his Heart across the ??(@_#(*, but let's not go there. Could not take it again. 'Can't wait to see this play out. And yes, the look on everyone's faces when Nick was telling THEM what was going to happen was classic. Don't like Nancy, never did, she's just another Julie, except with red hair, mouthy, ignorant and another busy body. I can't stand one busy body, Julie, yet Nancy who is coming back. Hope everyone finds out about Gabi. I am so sick of these damsels in distress who portray themselves as victims, when in fact they are the perps. Sounds like real life uh! Nicole and Eric, not. Eric does nothing for me and Nicole would be better paired with Rafe, always said it. Chloe is downright ugly! Inside and out (her character I mean). Daniel is a total idiot, let's see who is dumber, Daniel or Brady - I think Daniel especially since he claims to be a doctor, although doctors can lack common sense and be the best surgeons in the world. Abby and her virginity. Who cares? And when she walked in on Cameron in the doctor's lock room, do the male AND female doctors share the same locker room and Cameron in his "boxer" shorts, you see more skin on the t.v. commercials than he was showing. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease! Happy Saturday all.

    Posted by ROSY2009 at Saturday, March 02 2013 12:42 PM

    I've only been watching DAYS for the last 6 months so I don't know alot of the earlier stories,but I sure am enjoying this soap. I see why they won for Best Writing. I know alot of peole don't like Nick and what he is doing to Will, but I feel Nick wants his own family with Gabby and after seeing how destructive Sami can be, he is worried and all he wants is to protect Gabi. And Daniel is a wimp.

    Posted by ROSY2009 at Saturday, March 02 2013 12:44 PM

    I also think Will will sign those papers, but Nick's problem's won't end because that prison mate is coming to town.

    Posted by sleecats at Saturday, March 02 2013 01:24 PM

    Did you all see the way Nick play with Will's emotion and he knew exactly the things to say because in the End Will agree some of what Nick's said is right. Will's always feel Sami is to be blame for Sami 's behavior and Will dont want his daughter to go through what he he went through and also Nick bugg Will's conversation .... see how he talk everyone , after he went to prison that he is better person that all. I dont how much I cant stand this arrogant Nick... , It dont concern you Sonny

    Posted by sleecats at Saturday, March 02 2013 02:19 PM

    Did you see how Will was going to Call on Nick' s bluff, I rather turn myself in than to give my up rights to you.Dont listen to Nick !Will, You really think this Pyscho Nick is going to give your Daughter a Stable life. He is going to harm your little girls. Please dont sign away your sweet baby girl to this Pyscho. you will regret it for the rest of your life.

    Posted by JorJayMom17 at Saturday, March 02 2013 03:40 PM

    So I just caught up with days and while the week was fairly slow, I was waiting to see Friday. Omg, I was screaming at the tv the whole time, lol. I hate Nick so much, please writers, get him off this show! He's not even a character I love to hate, I just despise him and his character and I could care less how they write him off. First off, I'm tired of how Sami gets this bad rap, and how Will is so judgmental towards her. Last I checked he respected his father, who was just as bad as Sami and Kate, who was actually worse. Will is really annoying with his mommy issues. Sami is screwed up, but if Kate can get forgiveness why can't Sami??? For Will to blame Sami for the reason Nick is doing this is just crazy!!! Is Will really that stupid? He was trying to manipulate him into not being in his daughter life via him and Gabi could provide stability, now that the plan is out the window and he's playing dirty, the only thing Will could think, this is because mom??? Like seriously I'm going to need Will to grow up and be a man! He's being really annoying blaming Sami for everything and giving his psycho cousin the benefit of a doubt! Gabi is annoying too. Now she is a frightened fragile girl?? The same one who plotted and schemed with another psycho and almost got her best friend killed. Now we're suppose to believe she is scared and having nightmares about Sami??? Why is she so scared? She lied about the paternity for months while Sami was trying to be there for her, of course Sami would be upset with her, who wouldn't? The whole Sami almost killed the baby is a joke! Did they not here the other factors that led for her to be in the hospital? And something that drive me crazy, why didn't anyone want to call an actual lawyer??? I'm sorry but if some crazy is blackmailing you, call a lawyer, try to get legal advice instead of trying to negotiate with said crazy! I'm just beyond frustrated with this sl, I need this to be resolved! Dannifer needs to just break up already, who cares? They have put this couple through so much just to get viewers on board with they're love story, but it isn't working. Between the return of Jack, Nicole and now Chole. You can't invest in a couple who hasn't been together long enough to only be split apart by random people. Bristen, please end this already! When is she leaving? I heard she's going back to B&B. so what was the point in her coming back? What a waste of a sl! I rather had seen her come back as Susan. I would have loved to see EJ interact with his mother, another missed opportunity. I'm also over Nicole and the forbidden fruit sl. Seriously, how long do we have to be forced to watch her fighting her feelings in a monologue and fight with Eric in the church office? But I did enjoy Eric's scenes with the junkie, I think he did good with those scenes. Abby and Cameron is more boring than watching paint dry. I didn't think it was possible, but Abby is actually more dull than her mother.

    Posted by joliemaman at Saturday, March 02 2013 11:50 PM

    I hate what Nick is doing but on the other hand, Sami threatened to take the baby away from Gabby and not even give her visitation. Really??? Gabby did some stupid things but so has Will. Both have moved on and are good kids now Sami needs to stay out of it!!! Nick is creeping me out but I hate to Sami take that baby from her momma.

    Posted by breathtaking at Sunday, March 03 2013 01:27 AM

    correct me if i am wrong, didn't gabi tell will what she did before they had sex the second time?

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