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    Ratting Yourself Out.

    Friday, March 01 2013
    Gabi picks out a name for her baby, Nick wants Will to sign away rights to his daughter, and Jenn takes a break from Daniel.

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    Posted by bettyobrian2005 at Friday, March 01 2013 02:06 PM

    i want slap nick's face, i mean it. will see his own daughter,i hope someone prisoner could attack or kill on nick someday. gabi could lose her baby and horton will support on will get his daughter back. will's mom take care of will's baby for will. i hope so will win get his daughter back. betty obrian

    Posted by sleecats at Friday, March 01 2013 02:28 PM

    Bashfungirl, I think Chad told Sonny about what Gabby did last summer and Justin is Gabby's lawyer and Sonny cant say anything or else Chad goes to Jail et since Chad is Sonny's business Partner. so now that Nick is threatening Will, I wonder if Sonny will tell Will the true about what Gabby did last summer?

    Posted by ladybelle at Friday, March 01 2013 03:35 PM

    Will,don't sign those papers.Nick is a lunatic don't let him get by with this.One of the people in that room needs to do something.Rafe needs to know whats going on.I think he knows Nick is a nut case. Sonny help Will,please!!!

    Posted by little bear at Friday, March 01 2013 05:14 PM

    Hello everyone

    The Engineer Mom and makesmehappy thank you SO much for the birthday wishes!! You two are so sweet!!

    It has been a LONG time since i have posted, as i've been super busy so i may touch on some things that happened a couple of weeks ago in my comments.

    1. I thought the EJ and Sami reunion was super nice, i think it was good to see Sami honestly assessing herself and her actions and decisions, and i think if EJ had of wanted to make her squirm for a while because she made him squirm then i would have felt he didn't really love her, when we love someone and they honestly apologise and try to make right what they have done then we forgive, so for EJ to immediately forgive her and for them to come together as a couple right away i thought was exactly the right thing for them. I hope we get to see these two really develop their relationship, i think we need a prolonged time with no relationship dramas for them, lets see them focus on some other things, i mean with everything going on with Will and his daughter there is plenty to keep them busy without having something happen to break them up already! Throughout all this Will drama i am really enjoying seeing EJ and Sami acting as a team, i actually think when they are not out to destroy one another they make an awesome team! EJ has really been there for Sami and her family during all this Will stuff, supporting Sami and her son, calming Sami down and comforting her, i think we have seen both characters grow since they got together, i know some are going to say Sami has been acting immaturely lately, screaming and ranting at Gabi about the baby, but i think this time Sami is worked up, not because she is being self-centred but because Will is her son, and the most important person in her life (along with Johnny, Allie and Sydney) and she is so concerned that he is going to miss out on having his most important person, his unborn daughter, in his life. I think it is great to see the old crazy Sami but this time with a slightly different, and more mature focus!! I just have to say how much i adore the boys who play Johnny and the new twins playing Sydney!! Oh my goodness . . . i could not have loved their first scene any more than i did!! It was awesome to see them totally snub Nicole, not even really knowing who she was, and looking at her like she was some creepy lady, and telling Nicole she was squeezing her too tight!! Totally awesome!! Although it was a tad silly to have Sydney not really even know Nicole in february when at christmas time she was sending Nicole a video message and calling her mommy Nicole! Anyway i am not at all complaining because i LOVED it!! Despite all of this i would still really like to see Sami's kids aged, i think it would add an interesting dimension to EJ and Sami as a couple to have them really have to deal with their kids and the impact their past decisions have had on them. I would like to see Johnny/Allie age to around 15, along with Ciara and Theo and some new kids, and have Sydney around 10. But until then i am going to enjoy spunky Johnny and the new Sydney!!

    Posted by little bear at Friday, March 01 2013 05:23 PM

    2. Although i definitely don't want to see Nick playing daddy to Will and Gabi's daughter i find it hard to feel too sorry for Will!! He started all of this because he would rather have thrown his own child away to keep a man than stand up and own his actions. I don't care that he's youngish and in love for the first time and blah, blah, blah, he knows what it was like to learn as a small child that the man you thought was your daddy was not and yet he was prepared to put his own child through that. He has also seen in his mother what damage can be done to a child if they feel unwanted by their parents, and yet he was happy for his kid to grow up knowing it's dad didn't want it because it was inconvenient. I really lost respect for Will for not coming clean from the beginning about being the father of Gabi's baby. So although i do not want to see him cut out of his child's life i am actually happy to see him suffer a little first!! Then since he has shown a little bit lately that he wants to stand up and be a part of his child's life, he can step up and be a wonderful daddy to his little girl!! But only once he learns to stand up for himself!! Unfortunately i am starting to feel like all the progress Will made in growing spunk and blackmailing EJ etc, has dwindled away and we are left with the boring Will that was driving me crazy for so long!! Then we have Gabi and Nick who are so self-righteous!! Nick is a convicted murderer, and Gabi was indirectly responsible for the deaths of those in the explosion because she was the one who started the whole Andrew thing! That being said i actually think this weak Gabi allowing Nick to dictate things for her and her child is more true to the original character than the Gabi who hired her own stalker!! I think as the youngest in her family, and kind of abandoned by everyone, the mother seems pretty absent and Rafe never cared about her, she is also the weakest personality, the others have all stood up for themselves and what they believe, so i can see Gabi allowing Nick to control her if it means she has someone who loves her! And as much as i do not like Nick i think he is an awesome soap character!! He is actually quite multi-dimensional, he has reasons for doing what he is doing, he's not just evil for the sake of it. And i actually think he's delusional brain believes he is doing what is the best interest of Gabi and Will's daughter! I am really enjoying seeing how all of this turns out!!

    Posted by little bear at Friday, March 01 2013 05:30 PM

    3. I really just absolutely couldn't care less about Daniel and Jennifer!! Sorry to those who like them as a couple but they are just unbelievably boring and pointless and i just don't think they have even a teeny tiny spark of chemistry anymore!I have said from the beginning that i just wasn't feeling anything between them this time, I liked them before Jack returned but i think Jennifer returned to Jack because he was the true love of her life and i think Daniel knows that and so i just don't feel they quite work as a couple anymore. Plus Daniel is so stupid and annoying so i'd rather he just left altogether!! I don't really care if Chloe plays him or if Jennifer whines at him one more time about never talking to the mother of his child again, he just drives me crazy and i would be thrilled to pieces if he just left!!!!! Then there's Jennifer who is almost as close to driving me crazy as Daniel is!! I've always been neutral to her character, but i did always like that she was spunky and independent and determined to get what she wanted, but now she's so whiny!! I supported her through all the Nicole stuff because Nicole was just being plain evil and cruel, but this time around with Chloe to me Jennifer is just coming off as self-centered. I get that she is annoyed that Daniel keeps falling for Chloe's games but really if she wants to be Parker's step-mommy and says she cares about him then why is she trying to make Daniel never talk to Parker's mommy?! That is not what's best for the little guy!! She should be reminding Daniel to always be cautious while with Chloe but encouraging them to co-parent. And on to Chloe, i have to say i much preferred Chloe when she was ghoul girl. Now she is just another crazy lady just like everyone else in Salem! She went from being an individual to just the same as everyone else and that's boring!! That being said i don't think Chloe is a bad mother, she is only doing what every other soap opera mother does and uses her child to get the man she wants. And i can kind of see things from her point of view, she really messed things up and she wants to try and give Parker the family she thinks he deserves, especially since she never got to grow up with her parents. However i would love for it to be revealed that she doesn't really want Daniel and just wants to punish him for not being there to support her when she was suffering from depression and for throwing Parker away without even requesting a non-tampered with paternity test! I know it won't happen but it would be fun to see Chloe grow a backbone and be a strong character for a change!! However i am DYING with anticipation of seeing the return of the always awesome Nancy Wesley!! Now all we need is Craig and Joy and then the whole Wesley family will be in town and i am positive they would shake things up in Salem!!

    Posted by little bear at Friday, March 01 2013 05:37 PM

    4. Rafe is as always an idiot!! My goodness, as much as i loved this character when he first arrived in 'Salem' at the safehouse with Sami he just gets more and more annoying with each passing second!! I totally did not get why he kept walking around Salem for weeks telling everyone with ears that he has finally seen who Sami really is!! What's with that?! Sami is standing up for her child and trying to make sure he is not excluded from his child's life, what exactly is wrong with that?! If Sami wasn't supporting Will then everyone would be all over her for being self centred!! The fact that in the past Sami has kept paternity secrets is not relevant right now, she is just being a mother to Will and looking out for him. When Rafe first met her she was lying about Sydney because she thought that was best for Syd, Rafe has also supported Sami in her quest to take the kids from EJ, and supported her when she shot EJ in the head, so i really don't get why now he has decided that Sami can be a horrible person!! He must be unbelievably slow!! I also think Rafe just wants to try and get Sami and Will out of the way, so he can move on to getting Nick out of the way so he can play at being daddy to Gabi's daughter!! The guy is unbelievably over-interested in other people's babies!! If Gabi lost the baby i bet he would dump her immediately and then be wanting Sami back so he can play at being daddy to her kiddies again!! I know i have already said it a million times but i really want the writers to fill in Rafe's past, including something to do with Emily being pregnant when she died because i think that would completely make his character more believable, right now he just comes across as a crazy baby obsessed weirdo!! At least to me that's how he seems!! And this thing with Kate is highly amusing to me!! What a weird mis-matched couple!! But i could totally get on board with them because i really don't see who else in Salem is available for Rafe or a good match for him! I know some like him with Nicole but i just don't see it! For a while, a couple of years ago back when Rafe was trying to steal the evidence Nicole had that Sami was the one who shot EJ, i thought there was something there, but now i just don't see it, plus i think it would make Rafe look so cold to be with Nicole after everything she did the woman he supposedly loved at one time! I know Sami also hates Kate but they haven't really had any drama in years so i don't feel the same way with those two. Anyway i would really like to see Rafe with his own story because so far he has always seemed like just a part of other people's dramas, mainly Sami, so i would like to see a story just focus on him, hopefully on his past, as it is BEYOND time to actually flesh out this character and add some multi-dimensionality to him!!

    Posted by little bear at Friday, March 01 2013 05:45 PM

    5. I don't really find it odd at all that Nicole has moved on to Eric, i don't think she ever loved Daniel he was just another guy who was there for her and took care of her and who she mistakenly believed loved her and she loved him. I have to say as amazing an actress i think AZ is i have found Nicole a pretty boring character for a couple of years now!! All we have seen Nicole do is obsess over babies and i am just totally sick of it!! I would love to see her have a story that has absolutely NOTHING to do with a baby, hers or someone elses!! As much as i never like stories where someone miscarries, i think it was right on for the writers to have Nicole lose EJ's baby, i just don't think that there is any potential story there with Nicole and EJ and the baby would have just been an unnecessary tie to him that would have required certain things to happen that i just think don't need to be there, as in having to have Nicole and EJ bond over certain moments in their child's life. It is time to have Nicole move forward, into a new relationship, so that she can find her soapy happiness, and i really want to see her and Eric get back together!! I loved them together the first time and i think that's why i never really came to love the Nicole character because of the way she dumped Eric who truly loved her. Anyway my main problem with the Eric/Nicole relationship is not that delusional Nicole thought she was in love with Daniel a short while ago, nor is it the fact that Eric is a priest, as i am sure the writers can do in a backstory about how he came to choose that profession and how it had something to do with having his heart broken by Nicole, and to be honest what kind of longterm story is Eric going to have on the show as a priest, he will just be hanging around on the fringes of everything without ever really getting his own storyline, anyways as i was saying my main problem with the Eric and Nicole story is that they have taken so long to do anything with these two as a couple that things have gotten boring! I don't want to see couples jump straight into bed together but i need to see something happening, a spark, a look, an anything, but something to show that there is something there between them. As much as i was waiting for something to happen between them this thing with the attempts on Eric's life just felt forced!! There was really no need for something like that, especially at this early stage in their 'relationship'. So i am looking forward to seeing Eric and Nicole reconnect properly and i hope they get together because i would love how much it would annoy Sami to have her twin brother with her enemy, plus if i have to endure anything to do with Sydney and Nicole i would rather there be a legitimate reason, such as Nicole being her aunt!!

    Posted by little bear at Friday, March 01 2013 05:55 PM

    6. Oh my goodness i have to say as of this last week i think the Brady and Kristen storyline is my favourite on the show right now!! The attraction for me in the Brady/Kristen relationship is definitely Kristen!! Brady is kind of a boring character, as he's been written since his last return he is kind of shallow, no real depth to him, he just jumps in and out of love!! I actually think he would have made a good match with Taylor! As much as i hated the whole EJ and Taylor nightmare i think her character could have been fine if matched with the right person and i think she would have meshed well with Brady, plus it would have driven Nicole crazy!! But Kristen is just so totally awesome!! She is insane and yet kind of sane, she is just so unpredictable and so much fun to watch that i just adore her!! I really think she has developed some very real and deep feelings for Brady and i think she is starting to be honest with him. When she was talking to him about some of the things that happened to her during her absence from Salem i think she was being honest, and i think she really desperately wants to have someone who loves her! I am totally enjoying seeing her become more multi-dimensional and not just the crazy lunatic villain!! I am really hoping that Brady is able to change her and that she can go back to being the old Kristen, although definitely keeping all of the Kristen spunkiness!! I would really love to see the drama it causes across the board with both Brady and Sami involved with Dimeras, and i would really love to see Kristen pregnant as i think she and Brady would make awesome soapy parents. One of the other main reasons i love Kristen is that she's caused Marlena lots of pain! Marlena just drives me crazy and so i am enjoying seeing her character brought down a peg or two!! I really had no problem with John reacting the way he did to her keeping secrets from him, Kristen used to be a really nice person, so it wasn't a stretch to believe she could have changed, and John did really love her at one point so i thought it was fair to give Kristen the benefit of the doubt. Marlena was happy to complain to him constantly about Kristen until she found out Kristen was with Brady and not a threat to John then she wanted to keep it all quiet, if she really believed Kristen was insane why was she so willing to sacrifice John's son for her own happiness?! Marlena is getting what she deserves and i love Kristen for giving it to her!! So for Brady and Kristen to remain a couple, and for Kristen to really go back to her true self, when John and Marlena do get back together Kristen will always be a little thorn in Marlena's side, especially if Brady and Kristen do have kids!!

    Posted by little bear at Friday, March 01 2013 05:59 PM

    Well i am all done for now so sending . . .

    `*.¸.*´ ?
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)?
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

    . . . to all my posting pals!

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